So I was thinking about putting this up here in fanfiction before I regret writing this down.

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It was bright. The sky reflected bright hue, intertwined harmoniously of light red and blue.

Alone in that vast colour, two shadows cast. They were kissing. Just the light touch of love and fulfillment when one could.

"Go back." – One said.

"Not without you." – The other smiled back.

They were looking at each other. Just looking into each other's eyes and appreciating this fleeting moment together. Pain tightened their chests as they knew one of them could return no more, as they knew their part was coming.

"Live. For me too." – One smiled and put their forehead touched.

"It can't be helped then." – The later forced a smile again.

The sky was blue, painted with red hue as the night draw close. Two person stood. But one of them was dead. The other's eyes slowly opened, looked as if they would have burst into tears any moment, but they did not.

"For you then" – Thought as the living one hesitantly letting go of the dead body.

"I'll live."

The idea jumped to me before class, so I didn't have time to write it down. (1st row student here)

I was planning on making both of them dead. But when I tried to write it down, the word didn't come out.

What's the name for that space between life and death? You know, it's like the bridge that you have to pass when you die, with your dead family members and relatives calling and waving on the other side?

Genre: you tell me.

Name & summary: I'm not good with them. You tell me.