Ah, he's crying.

Even when everybody had left, you're still here, crying for that man who's no longer here.

Why? I'm here now, right next to you. Look at me. Be mad. Anything. Please stop crying.

"How can you understand you traitor!"

That what you told me. Of course I do feel something's changed. Somehow, I feel empty and aimless inside. It's ridiculous, right? When my world was already empty, broken, destroyed when you left it.

If you still want to cry. I don't mind lending you my shoulder, Misaki.

I hate it. I hate that man. Does things as he like. Go on dying regardless of the feelings of people who he left behind. He is dead now Misaki. Don't keep hanging on something no longer exist.

Why am I here? Does the bond between us still exist? How irony. I should go, because our bond was destroyed, long ago… isn't it?

"Saru…It feels like my world was destroyed…"

You finally said something to me. Now you can understand how I felt that time.




Like being sucked into a black hole.

I didn't exist in everybody's world.

I didn't exist in your world.

And you didn't exist in mine.

Getting out of the black hole was impossible. There's no way to move on. Everyday I feel like a living dead.

"I should stop crying now. Mikoto-san wouldn't want me to be like this." Saying that as you wipe your tears. You are still crying, but you try your best to clean yourself up. Though in vain, from what I can see.

Why? How can you still be so straight? And not distorted like me? How can your smile, soaked with tears, still be so bright?

"I should move on. Mikoto-san wouldn't want me or anyone to stuck depressed for too long. Ha ha… Yes, for HOMRA… Yes, Mikoto-san, for you, I'll live."