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Chapter 1: Forced Return

Ten years ago, Hiccup Horrendous Haddock III was banished from Berk for aiding Dragons, and was sent to Dragon Island to live the rest of his life in banishment:


Ten Years Ago:

"Hey buddy, I ain't gonna hurt you." Said Hiccup as he attempted to sooth the Monstrous Nightmare, standing before him.

"Hiccup, stop, get away from that creature!" said a worried Stoic

"No, I need you all to see this." said Hiccup as he glanced at the Nightmare, who was eyeing him suspiciously.

"I'm not one of them." Said Hiccup as he threw his helmet of his head and onto the ground.

The entire village gasped as Hiccup climbed on the Dragon and said, "They are not what we think they are, they are intelligent creatures, capable of emotion, not the bloodthirsty monsters that we see."

Stoic was silent throughout the display, as well as Astrid, Snotlout, the twins, Ruffnut and Tuffnut, and Fishleggs.

"I shall speak to the elders about this." said Stoic as he walked away towards the elders.

An hour later, Hiccup was called to the Grand Hall.


"Dad, you can't, after all I showed you, the stunt in the ring, you banish me, your own son!" said a dumbfounded Hiccup, tears in his eyes.

Then Stoic said the most heartbreaking thing he has ever said to Hiccup, "I have no son."

Hiccup was shocked, then sad, then furious. He ran out of the Hall, ignoring the shouts of Stoic and ran to the edge of Berk. The entire village watched as he leaped off the cliff with no hesitation. Astrid screamed, the twins were shocked, Fishleggs almost fainted, and even Snotlout's eyes rounded into the size of dinner plates. But then Hiccup re-emerged from the cliff side, unharmed, but riding the offspring of Lightning and Death itself, he was riding a Night Fury. The village was shocked, and then Hiccup made his goodbye speech:


After his angry speech, Hiccup flew away on Toothless, with tears in his eyes, and villagers angry, surprised, and sad.


Stoic was, of course, betrayed, and refused to acknowledge Hiccup as his son, Snotlout was anointed heir of the Hairy Hooligans, Fishleggs, being Hiccup's closest friend, was saddened and was never the same, studying Dragons more vigorously, eventually turning himself into a true Dragon Encyclopedia, and he also became even more violent, slaying Dragons in one hit. Astrid seemed unfazed, like Snotlout, however inside she couldn't forget Hiccup (the flight with Hiccup never happened), and eventually feelings started to develop, from anger to love, then guilt. Her Dragon killing status has also lessened, she barely passed the initiation, and left with a broken arm, six broken ribs, and a Nightmare head on the Arena floor. Ten years later though, the Dragon raids have gotten worse, and instead of livestock, people have been taken, so Stoic and the elders have decided to call a meeting to decide the fate of the village, and how to save it.

The Grand Hall was filled with the voices of numerous Vikings, all speaking together at once, until Stoic silenced them.

"SILENCE!" he shouted, quieting everyone down, "Now as you all know, the Dragon raids have gotten worse."

This sentence caused everyone in the room to look at each other grimly, especially Stoic, as his best friend Gobber was also taken on one of the raids, depressing him greatly.

"Now, there have been many attempts to stop the raids, but all have failed, which leaves us with only one option." The village listened in on Stoic's great plan, "We must bring…Hiccup back to Berk."

The following uproar is too complicated to write down, but in short, villagers shouted in protest, anger and betrayal, Snotlout was choking on his mead, the twins were wide eyed, and Fishleggs and Astrid were on the edge of their seats.

"Now I know what you are all thinking, but Hiccup is the only one who can stop the raids, he has this…way, with the beasts, and is the only one who has that 'way'." Stoic said, clear discomfort in his voice, "I'll be looking for volunteers to enter Hellheim's gate to find Hiccup."

Everyone was silent, until…

"I volunteer." Shouted Astrid, surprising everyone, including Stoic.

"Alright, Astrid Hofferson is volunteer number 1, and by Berk law (I made this up) she may pick whomever she chooses to go with her." Said Stoic.

"I pick, Snotlout Jorgenson, Ruffnut and Tuffnut Thorston, and Fishleggs Ingerman." Said Asrid.

"The volunteers have been chosen to go on this quest, may Odin be with you. You leave in the morning." Said Stoic, dismissing the meeting

"Way to go Strid' you just sent us on a suicide mission." Said Tuffnut, but she ignored him, as she was finally able to see Hiccup again.


Berk Dock, Next day

Astrid POV.

Finally, Hiccup can come back! After ten long years of waiting, he can come home. We boarded the ship and set off for Hellheim's Gate. A few years ago, Stoic found out that only Dragons could reach Dragon Island, so, strapped onto the deck of our ship was a Terrible Terror to serve as our guide. As we entered the foggy embrace of Hellheim's gate, everyone started to worry and get paranoid.

"H-hey Ruff?" asked Snotlout

"Yeah?" replied Ruffnut.

"Do-do you think this is gonna work?" asked Snotlout shakily

"What will work?" Said Ruffnut.

"I mean, finding Hiccup, I mean, he could be dead, or lost, or both. And we could also die." Said Snotlout, fear in his voice.

"Truthfully, I have no idea." Replied Ruffnut as the ship jerked to the side.

"You guys be careful, if we don't follow the Terror then we die." Said Fishleggs as he jerked the rudder depending on where the Terror's head turned.

"Ok, just saying is if this doesn't work, we crash into a rock and get stranded, surrounded by man-eating Dragons." Said Snotlout, making Fishleggs groan

"Since when were you the paranoid one?" asked Tuffnut chuckling.

"Will you guys please shut up- whoa!" I shouted as the boat hit the sand of Dragon Island, "Well, looks like we made it."

Everyone got off the boat and looked around at the massive mountain that was Dragon Island.

"Wow guys, Dragon Island. We, are the 1st Vikings to ever set foot on Dragon Island." said Fishleggs as he looked upon the massive mountain that made up Dragon Island.

"Focus Fish, we're here to find Hiccup, not gawk at the rocks!" I said, and as if on cue a primal roar pierced the air, causing the whole gang to move together, back to back, facing all directions.

"W-w-what was that?" asked Snotlout as another roar pierced the air.

"YOU, WHAT ARE YOU DOING HERE?!" screeched a raspy, yet young voice

"W-WHO ARE YOU!" shouted Tuffnut, getting scared, and raising his weapon.

"Mnarhg, intruders!" shouted the voice "KIIILL!"

"Wait, we gotta approach this guy calmly, or he could lash out." I said

"Well what do you expect us to do?" asked Ruffnut

"Watch." I said calmly, "Hey guy."

"*Snort, who are you? You…you, not from here. From out there?" he asked, a rock flying into the ocean.

"Yes we are from 'there', I'm Astrid, this is Snotlout, Ruffnut, Tuffnut and Fishleggs, we're Vikings from Berk." I said, he snarled at the word Viking, but I kept my cool,

"Vi-vikings, me no like Vikings." Said the voice

"No no, we're good Vikings, so what's your name?" I asked

"Grrr, can't…remember…name." shouted the voice, struggling to reply, "But named self Blaze."

"Ok, Blaze, are there more like you?" I shouted, afraid of more "Blazes"

"I can't believe you're talking with a savage Astrid." Said Snotlout

"Shh, quiet!" I snapped

"Nnng, no, Blaze only one here, aside from… fire-breathers." Said Blaze

Fire-breathers? I thought, He must mean Dragons.

"Why don't you come here where we can see you." Asked Astrid

"Grr, you want to hurt Blaze, Blaze not stupid, you like other fire-breathers want hurt Blaze, but you won't get me, heeheehee." Laughed Blaze

"I promise, we won't hurt you." I said, attempting to calm Blaze down.

"Pfft, yeah right, you and your shinnies want to hurt Blaze." Said Blaze

"Guys, put down your weapons." I ordered and everyone put down their weapons except for Snotlout.

"Snotlout put down your weapon." I ordered

"No way, if that savage gets the drop on me I won't be able to defend myself." Whined Snotlout

"Snotlout!" shouted everyone in unison, and the outnumbered Snotlout put down his weapons, grumbling.

"Ok, the shinnies are down, now show yourself!" I shouted, and slowly, but surely, a figure creped out from behind a rock and I was shocked…no… I don't think there is an appropriate word for what I felt.

It was a man about 23 years old, he had a torn bright-green tunic, and multiple scars, running all over his body, the most prominent being the one across face, from the left cheek to the right, and the one on the right side of his face, running from his forehead to his chin, blinding one eye. He was crouched and on four legs glaring at us, but what caught me was his mop of red hair and green eyes that reflected all his primal looks, but this was no ordinary savage, this was…

"H-Hiccup?" I said, making everyone look at me, and Hiccup to snarl.

Well, it seems that Hiccup has gone…eh…Bonkers, so to say o_0. Will he come back to Berk, will he regain his sanity, and what about his relation to Astrid, stay tuned for another chapter, good and bad reviews are accepted.