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Chapter 7

The next morning Melody woke up quite early and was still extremely tired. Katelyn asked her how long she had been up yesterday, to which Melody shrugged and said: "I went to bed after the last guest left." She was excited about breakfast and was already looking forward to it when she was getting dressed.

After a little "pep talk" from the captain, Jim walked back to the castle with Daniel, looking at the ground while Danny spoke.

"This is the most fascinating thing I have ever done! They look exactly like us! It's like we never left the planet! And did you see them dancing yesterday? They were so much like us, weren't they? Apart from the stuck up part. I was smiling the whole evening and didn't get one smile back. But I wasn't the only one smiling the entire evening. The princess was pretty stunning, wasn't she?"

Jim's head snapped up. "You saw her too?"

"Well, she was pretty hard to miss!", he laughed. "Her dress looked good on her too...pretty revealing too..."

Jim raised his eyebrows at him. "You have no idea, my friend.", he replied, remembering Melody in her nightgown...

"Why? Did I miss something?", Daniel asked him.

"Nope. Nothing much.", Jim answered, grinning cheekily and thinking back to how close they had been yesterday...

"Oh my God, tell me! Did you see her change or something?!", Danny cried.

Jim grinned and shook his head, determined to keep his mouth shut.

"You did, didn't you?! You saw the princess-"

"Ssshh!", Jim hissed. "Keep it down, mate!" He jerked his head towards the guards all around the entrance they were heading to and Danny fell silent, but continued to smirk at Jim.

As soon as Jim entered the kitchen he saw the chef and the servants scurrying around, preparing breakfast. He grinned at all the fuss they were making. His breakfast was usually a plum or two, if he even had breakfast at all and that was it. 'That's royalty for you!', he thought.

Melody had showered, combed her hair dry and gotten dressed and was now heading downstairs. She took her seat and said Good Morning to her parents.

Ariel couldn't help but notice in what a good mood she seemed to be and wondered if maybe she had fallen for one of the men at the ball yesterday...

Jim was helping to prepare the food, when suddenly he heard the chef curse: "By all means, they forgot the napkins! Hawkins, get them out there!"

He grabbed the trey with the water and the napkins and exited the kitchen. The servants were already on their way back and looked at him with raised eyebrows while Jim ignored them. He pushed open the dining room doors.

"Good Morning, your majesties, I hope you slept well, don't mind me, just bringing the napkins!", he declared, grinning and set the trey down on the table.

Melody's heart beat a bit faster when he stood only about a meter away and she felt warm and cold at the same time. However, a cold shudder went through her body when she noticed he wasn't taking one look at her. Why was he ignoring her? It made her sad and her smile faded when he exited the room again.

She ate her breakfast up. Jim did not reappear after that. After she was done, she stood up and asked if she could be excused. Her mother nodded and smiled.

Melody hid in the hallway and waited until both her parents had gone off to take care of their duties. When she saw them leave, she got out of her hiding place and snuck to the kitchen. She looked inside, but it was empty. She squinted her eyes, trying to see in the corners...


Melody jumped and flung around, only to see Jim standing there, grinning down at her.

"Looking for me, Melody?"

She opened her mouth, but no words came out. He had called her Melody for the first time...

"What's the matter? Should I call you your majesty after all? Or did I startle you? You're not going to faint again, are you?", he asked, still smirking.

Melody snapped out of it and giggled. "No, I'm not. My heart just stopped for a second."

He chuckled at her. "Soooo, I reckon you were looking for me? How sweet of you."

She blushed just a tiny bit and hoped he wouldn't notice. "I just wanted to ask why you didn't talk to me earlier..." The moment she had said it, the moment she realized how silly it sounded.

He looked puzzled. "Well, I could hardly start a conversation with you in front of your parents while you're eating..."

"Why not?", she asked him.

"Oh, come on, I think you know the answer to that!", he said and chuckled.

She did. But she hated it and she didn't want to say out aloud.

Jim looked at the girl in front of him. If he looked into her eyes for longer than three seconds, he was sure he would get lost in them forever. She certainly was a rare beauty and looked ravishing once again, with her long black hair and light blue dress...

Suddenly they heard footsteps at the end of the hallway, coming closer. Jim grabbed Melody's hand and pulled her away silently. There were hardly any doors at this particular part and the footsteps would turn around and the corner soon. As soon as Jim spotted the next door, he pulled it open and they hid inside. It was a broom cupboard.

They stood silent for a few minutes, until they heard the person pass them. After a few more seconds, when the footsteps were out of earshot, Melody started giggling. It was quite a tight space and Jim was pushed up against her. He tried to back up, when suddenly he trod on something and one of the broom's came tumbling down on his head.

"Ow! Damn!"

Melody could hardly stop giggling, until she had tears in her eyes. He pushed open the door and practically fell out onto the floor. By then, Melody was laughing so hard she had to join him, falling to her knees, holding her stomach.

He joined in and they both sat there laughing for a while, until Jim got up and pulled her to her feet. "I should be working, you know.."

"Oh, come on, we're not eating or anything, the cook had nothing to do! No dishes to wash, no stupid treys to carry, no blades to polish...", she cried and then tugged at his arm. "Come on, Jim, have some fun with me!"

"You remind me very much of a little girl I used to know on my home pla- homeland."

"Oh, shush!", she said, chuckling at his comparing her with children. "Let's go to the beach!"

"The beach?"

"Yes, the beach. Don't tell my parents though, I'm actually not allowed there, it's my punishment."

"Punishment? Punishment for what?"

"For misbehaving on one of the balls."

"You? Misbehaving on a ball? It looked like you loved balls yesterday..."

"Well, in that case you don't know me at all, Jim Hawkins.", she said and smirked. "I hate those stupid festivals! It's just people lying to each other the whole evening, dancing until their feet are sore and drinking until they can halfway stand the people around them."

Jim stared at the princess. She wasn't like he thought she would be, not in the least. In a good way, that is. "So that's what that was on your face."

"What do you mean?", she asked, looking puzzled.

"Behind the pretty smile...I thought I saw something more. Like you were sad or upset..."

She frowned. "How could you possibly have seen that?"

He shrugged. "I don't know, I suppose I'm just a good observer..."

Melody smiled weakly, she didn't know why. She grabbed his hand. "Come on then, let's go!", she cried and pulled him along through the hallway, feeling strangely happy.

They sneaked out through the back door and through the garden. They went around the castle a bit, to make sure they weren't spotted. As soon as Melody felt the sand under her feet, she kicked off her stupid tight shoes and ran through the sand barefoot, laughing. She kicked up the sand and it rained down on her as she spun around to look at Jim.

For Jim, that very moment went in slow motion. Her long hair flew through the air as the sand fell from above and she laughed, looking straight into his eyes. He had never experienced anything like it before.

She walked towards him, smiling. "Will you go into the water with me?", she asked him.

He smiled. "I see why your parents picked this punishment now." Then he picked her up, ran into the water and threw her in. She squealed and resurfaced after only two seconds. She swooped out of the water gracefully, throwing back her long wet hair and gasping, her eyes closed. It was an overwhelming scene.

"My parents would be furious!", she cried and then laughed a little. Jim joined in and soon the two were both swimming and diving and splashing each other.

Jim watched Melody and soon realized what a connection she shared with the ocean. Especially when she was underwater, she looked as though she were where she was meant to be.

When their fingers were as wrinkly as they could get, Melody finally started running back to shore. Jim followed her and they ran away from the waves for a while. He watched as the princess giggled and ran alongside the crashing waves, kicking up the water every once in a while.