Epilogue: Across The Universe

"Gummy-boo can I have this?"

Gumball looks up from across his desk (paperwork all day errday for this guy). He raises an eyebrow. "You do know that's a wedding ring?"

Marshall Lee is sprawled over a high-backed chair. He likes how this plain band looks on his pinky finger. "It's 'bout to be my pimp ring, yo."

"Whatever." Gumball pushes his shoe off the desk. "Don't you have other things to do besides distract me? Which never works, by the way."

It's not that Marshall Lee doesn't have other things to do. It's just that nothing is of interest these days and he's just soo bored.

"What's with the ring anyway? You found your other half?" Not that Marshall Lee plans on giving it back or anything. "I won't judge if it's Hunter Prince, mm that's some fine man-meat—"

Gumball throws an inkstone and misses. "When I find her, I won't let you know."

"I'll see you in hell," Marshall Lee threatens because who would do that to their #1 bro? Then again wouldn't it be ironic if Pretty Pink Princeling had a quickie midnight wedding to some totally fly rocker babe.

Gumball's office is spacious, immaculate, windowed from ceiling to floor. Not so immaculate when Ice Queen suddenly crashes in through the windows and the spaciousness is covered by ice and debris.

"My papers!" Gumball bats snow flurries away.

"My pimp ring!" Marshall Lee exclaims because it rolled away during the commotion.

"My prince!" Ice Queen takes Gumball by the arm. On her neck is a black-and-white paper cutout of a clerical collar. "We are so ready to marry!"

Fionna and Cake have excellent response time; they barrel through the double doors in seconds yelling about sweet justice.

"You two!" Ice Queen says. "How are you always in the way!"

"Ice Queen you tweeted about this like ten minutes ago," Fionna rolls her eyes.

"Seriously, woman," Cake reads out from her phone. "LOL got my clergy license, gonna go marry my dream hunk now~ #BubbaGumball #endlesslove"

"You follow Ice Queen?" Marshall Lee looks up for a moment because he's on the floor searching for my preciousss.

"She follows back."

"I really do."

"Unhand me!" Gumball exclaims, reminding them that he's still on the verge of getting kidnapped and maybe even felt up.

"Right," Fionna pulls out her sword. "I'll mess you up, Ice Queen!"

Ice Queen rolls her eyes. "No you can't. I'm a woman of Grod now."

Cake shakes her head. "First of all… you can't be your own wedding cleric."


"And B, clergy can't marry."

"Yeah-huh!" Ice Queen repeats. Then her face falls. "But the internet ordained me… only $19.95 no refunds…" She stomps. "Lump it, I just wanna get married!"

Gumball pales. "Not like this."

"Shh. No tears," Ice Queen caresses his cheek with an expression that can only be rapeface and she's about to fly off to the sunset with the prince in tow but Fionna won't have none of that.

"ROAR," the adventuress leaps forth, brandishing her sword.

"ROAR INFINITY," Ice Queen starts blasting magic bolts everywhere and it's a shitshow of blades swinging and ice shattering all over in Gumball's precious study—


Marshall Lee is quick enough to dodge the chandelier – actually just that whole chunk of ceiling in general—that falls right into the spot he used to be. Dust billows and it's rubble on rubble in this joint. Fionna and Ice Queen are startled enough for a ceasefire. Then the smoke clears.

"Look at this mess!" Fionna shouts.

"Stop getting in the way!" Ice Queen shouts back. Her blue face is flushed and Marshall Lee finds that unusual. "Let me be happy you jerk!"

Marshall Lee feels that rare twinge of guilt. She's no longer everything to him but even if Ice Queen is a sad, sorry shell of what used to be Simone, Marshall Lee will never let her get her ass kicked in front of him. He channels nonviolence advocacy before the kicks and the bolts fly again.

"Hold up!" Marshall Lee takes Ice Queen by the elbow and leads her aside. She's surprised; her hands cease glowing. "So you know you can't make a guy marry you, right?"

Ice Queen fumes. "What's a gal gotta do to be happy around here!"

If he lets her brood she'll keep up her own rant.

"Marshall I got heart problems," she suddenly grabs his shoulders. "Every day, man, I got this heartache and it's beggin' for some lovin'."

Poor broad, she has preteen-girl struggles.

"Stealing is wrong," he reminds her thought it's not like she'll remember. "Even people."

"You wouldn't understand, Mister Gets-Around!" Ice Queen snaps. "I'm always pining soo much and I don't even know what for, it makes me nuts. If I can just stea— marry my prince I'll have… I'll have…"



Marshall Lee can sympathize with her, in a way. There's something incomplete about life as he knows it and he's never really sure why.

"You just can't catch a break, can you?" he tells Ice Queen.

"Tell me about it."

On a sad note, she'll never realize she deserves more than this decrepit state.

"You're alright, Simone."

"Do you wanna marry me?" Ice Queen asks hopefully and Marshall Lee snorts. "Eh. Worth a shot."

"Hey so are we fighting or what?" Fionna calls out.

"We'll call it a draw!" Ice Queen declares though Cake mutters about she totes beat yo ass.

They turn to leave but then Gumball shouts with commanding passion. It's almost sexy.


Everyone turns around, eyebrows raised, surprised and expectant.

Gumball says "Clean my office."

Marshall Lee sticks around just long enough to find the ring.


Marshall Lee gets so insufferably bored sometimes.

He was into backpacking like ten years ago; maybe he'll take that up again. He could go find himself or the meaning of life or something like that. Anything to be amused. Marshall Lee packs and never leaves. Why is he on his man-period lately anyway – one day he's chill and the next day nothing matters, all the music he makes is heavy on feels.

Oh Grod could he be having… an existentialist crisis?

He congratulates himself with Cool. I'm deep.

Fionna and Cake barge into his living room one day. Damn heroines.

"Boy get off that couch," Cake orders.

"We're worried about you Marshall Lee," Fionna says. "Nobody's seen you in like a month!"

"I feel sicky," he doesn't budge.

"Adventure will fix you!"

"Psh." Marshall Lee beckons Fionna closer. "You know what will?"

"What?" says the fourteen-year-old still wearing a rabbit hat and a skirt too short for her newfound junk in the trunk. Who knows, he might just find that attractive one of these days.

Cake covers his mouth before he can say something perverse.

"Shame on yo sedentary lifestyle, man," she chastises.

"Go away," Marshall Lee digs himself into the cushions.

"Dimension Witch says she found a new dimension," Fionna whispers as if whispering makes things sound more appealing. "We're gonna go check it out."

"Cool. Bye."

"Come with us."


"And after that we're gonna find the Enchiridion again," Cake is whispering now too.

"And Magic Man's been giving out pee drinks so we'll go catch him too."

"And after that who knows!"

"Iiiit's adventure time!"

The heroines bump fists over Marshall Lee's head and he stretches lazily on the couch. No he doesn't feel like trekking across random dimensions. "Well it's my naptime and just so you know I sleep in the nude. Sooo…"

That's all Fionna and Cake need to hear to go out the door talking about too much pastiness in one room and how they'll go blind and they'll come back when he's not such a bum.

"You gotta do you," Marshall Lee tells Schwabl as he passes by (there was a time when he was gonna call the dog Wienerschnitzel). Marshall Lee takes up his bass; music is the only thing he'll never tire of, even if the friends and the babes and the materials come and go.

But at some point Marshall Lee finds himself picking up the phone and dialing Cake. His pimp ring could be good for slapping around some bad guys like a sir. It's strange for him to be attached to some random piece of jewelry but wouldn't it be cool if he found another one like it. He even wears it on his ring finger sometimes. For bachelor laughs.

"Yo Cake. So which quest are you on right now?"

It's Adventure Time.



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