Hey, how you doin? ^^ So, this is my ZaDr story I've been thinkin about lately.
Zim has been in earth for two years, and both Zim and Dib have turned through the years a bit emo. Dib is a bit more emo than Zim, but through this story he becomes a emokid too. c:
Sorry for my bad grammar and misspelling at some point.

Warning: Contains

- Mild language

- Mild yaoi

- ZaDr - Emos

Enjoy! .. I guess.

-Zim's POV-

Another useless morning in school. What are we gonna do here anyway? We just sit still in cold classroom while teacher keeps repeating 'doom, doom, doom, doom, doom, doom...' It's still quite weird that our teacher at the moment is the same one we had 2 years ago. Yes, You know it, Ms. Bitters. I wonder why she's always so depressing and... Bitter, I guess. I look at the clock. It's about 5 minutes to the freedom. For some reason, everything doesn't feel like always. Something is different, i just cant get it into my mind what.
'Doom, doom, doom, doom, doom, doom, doom- Get out of my sight', our teacher hissed at us.
I went to my locker to put my books back to my locker, and went out side.
I was stunned. Everything was so cold all of sudden, the ground was a bit slippery and it had this small dust-like layer on it. On the ceiling there was some dagger-shaped sticks that dripped this acid called water. Everything was whiter and the sky was grey. What the hell is going on?!

There I stood, as other kids went home, i didnt take a single step out of our school shelter. Dib came out of the door.
'Zim, why are you still here?' He wondered.
'What is this sorcery? Everything has changed since morning! What are those... THING attached to the ceiling? Why are they dripping water? Are they sources of that poison?' I yelled
'Oh, It sure is colder out side. Seems like winter is coming, finally. I haven't seen snow in years. Those things on the ceiling are called icicles , and they are dripping water maybe because they are melting.'He said
'Winter is the time of year when earth gets really cold.' Dib explained
I nodded for the sign of unterstood, and headed my way to home. Dib came along.

After I walked a while, I started shivering. I felt like my skin was gonna sever.
Dib took his jacket off, and offered it to me.
'Aren't you gonna get cold?' I asked, but he shaked his head.
I putted his jacket on, and it was HUGE. But it sure was warm, and so very soft.

-Dib's POV-

I walked Zim back to home, while he wore my jacket. I got to admit that i was a bit cold, but i tried not to shiver. He kept asking me if i was cold, but i answered negatively in all his questions.

When we arrived Zim's house, i stood with him on his doorstep, as he gave me my jacket back. Zim instantly started getting shivers from the cold air, and reflex-likely he grabbed his doorknob, but then stopped, looked at me and asked
'would you like to come in?'
I shaked my head, but in my mind i just kept screaming 'What are you doing!? Dont say no! You could spend more time with him!', but it was one of those moments when you just say no to your mind.

I saw that Zim was seriously getting cold, and I just didnt think what I were doing so I closed my eyes, came slowly closer to him, and hugged the green disguised alien.
It felt so wrong to hug ZIM, but yet... still so right. I had really mixed feelings at the moment.. I despised Zim with all my heart.. but still, this feel.. like i had wated for this so long. Everything went quiet at the second i wrapped my arms aroung the small guy. I couldnt feel the ground under my feet, all the sounds around muted, all i felt was Zim's shivering and small struggling...
and then i stopped feeling that too. He wasn't struggling anymore, heactually hugged me back.
I have no idea how long this lasted, but it felt like hours.. but still not enough.

I released him from my hold, instead of my eyes he looked at his shoes.
'please zim, look at me.' i asked.
And like a lightning, you flew inside your house. There was a complete silence, i just standed there on Zim's outstairs. I leaned my back to his outdoor, and looked at the sky. 'what the hell did i just do?..' i asked myself, and slided down to the ground to sit.

I stayed there for a while, asking myself questions 'Why did i do it? How am i gonna be able to talk to him again? Is he gonna think i like him? Do i like him?' I cant hug Zim like that... He not gay for sure, so I guess he's propably thinkin now that I am gay. And I dunno, maybe I am.

Then something broke the silence, a very familiar sound.
'Hey, big head. Sooooo... you gonna leave or what?'
'Um, yeah. Im on my way..'

I took my way to home. As I entered my house, I went to my room.
I sat down in front of my desktop, and pushed my head onto my hands, like they were a pillow on my desktop.
'Oh my god.. is this really what i think it is.. I mean I did feel nervous around Zim couple weeks before this, but I thought it would go away. I was, once again, so wrong. I'm not good handling these kind of things!' I thought.

I had a mirror on my wall, that showed me completely from head to toe, it was a pretty tall mirror.
I took a look at myself, tried to look for something that Zim could fall in love with. I find completely nothing in and on me that he could like. Of course, it was just a friendhug... to him.

I returned my desktop, it had a notebook on it. I took a pencil and continued my small hobby, writing poems. I could never tell about it to Zim, he would think I'm extremely girly.
I wonder what he's doing...

WOW. Now, wasnt that a boring beginning.
I swear, it'll get better. ^^'''
Well, I guess beginnings are always kinda boring.

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