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This day in this prison.. i mean school, is like any other that will come.

Zim wakes from Dib's apartment, they go to school, Dib ditches _always_ the last lesson and goes home to sleep, Zim gets beaten up by the bully on the way home, Zim comes home, Dib always wonders what Zim has been doing, Dib goes to work, and the morning comes...

And the next day is completely the same.

Even months...
This shit goes on.

Slowly Zim starts to get fed up in this treatment.
The treatment the bully serves to him.

''Im gonna treat you like this, cause i want to help you.''

''This will make you straight.''

Slowly Dib has been suspecting something weird going on.
Unlike usual, today Zim goes home before Dib.
He tells Zim that he have to stay in detention.
What a lie.

He keeps sneaking from safe distance behind Zim, so he would see...

... Those brutal things.

The bully throws Zim on the wall of the building that they usually meet behind.

He punches Zim.
So many times.

And Dib just stands there, behind a corner, staring.

'Why doesn't Zim do anything?!' he thinks

Because he wants this.
He lets the bully do this from his own will.

'ARE YOU STILL GAY?!' The bully yells.

The green man lets out a small cough.

He yells again


'YOU'RE DISGUSTING!' He spits as he leaves.

Or at least he tries to leave, but Dib blocks his way.


Dib grabs the bully's hoodie.

-Lol moar silence-

The bully laughs.

'Hehe, cause he wants to.
That little shit is gay, you know?
If i were you, i'd stay away from him.
Homosexuality is contagious.'
He says as he laughs the best laughs of his life.

The anger boiles in Dib's like chili.
He has this furious look on his face, as he punches the bully in the gut.
He falls down facing the sky, and Dib steps on his ribs.


Earlier the bully was only humoured about Dib's anger,
but now that he's laying on the ground,
Dib's combat boot on his ribs pressing him down,
the amusement has turned terribly fast
in to

Zim looks with dizzy eyes at Dib.
He's barely concious.

'Dib.. Don't. This hyuuman just wants to help.'

It's so sad in Dib's opinion, that Zim is THIS naiive.

'Zim.. Define help.
Does it feel good when this... MOTHERFUCKER hits you?
What does it change?
You were just his toy.'

Zim stares at Dib with watery eyes.
Is it true?
After a while he realizes that it is.

'AAAAAGHH! How... could i...' he sobs, as covers his face with his hands.

Zim lifts his shoe off from the bully's ribs..

... and stomps the bully's face with it.

Not enough hard to make any visible injury, but enough to hurt and keep him down.

'Now... listen carefully motherfucker...' he says under his breath calmly

He lifts his shoe from the bully's face.

'YOU..!' he says as he kicks him on the stomach
'DO NOT..!' he kicks again
'MESS..!' again
and there comes the last kick.

He leave's the bully lay on the ground, and takes Zim on piggyback hold, and carries him home.

Near Dib's house, Zim mumbles..

'Hey Diblet..?'
'... with the man i love?'
'Huh? Clear up a little.'
'Does Dib love Zim?'

He keeps silent.

Finally, at home.
It's a bit difficult to open door, while Zim is on his back, but he manages to do it.

The couch.
Dib throws Zim on it, and sits next to him.
Zim puts his legs on Dib's lap as he lays down on the couch.

'Dib...' Zim lets out.
'You didn't answer Zim's question. I demand you to-' he raises his voice

Dib jumps on Zim, and kisses him passionately.

Zim tries to break free from the kiss, but cant.
And soon, he doesn't even want to stop.
He wants more.

After a while, Dib breaks the kiss.

'Do you now, finally, understand that i love you?' Dib says while laying on top of Zim.

Zim just lays under Dib, staring at him with a blushed face.

'I love you.
I've always loved you.
I may say that i hate you,
but that just hurts me more than you.
It hurts to hide love.
And i cant keep hiding it anymore.
I love you, Zim.' He confesses

Ever... and i do mean, ever, Dib, or anyone, has seen this happy face on Zim's face.
It's not laughing.
It's not smiling that shows your teeth.

It's a small, happy smile.
He starts tearing.

'I waited for that for so long..' he says with a soft voice.

'I love you, Dib Membrane.
With all my heart.'
He ends his sentence.


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