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Goodbyes and Hellos


Memories, happy and sad are all precious, so I hope that they are precious to you too. That was the place where everything started, and where I first met you. This was the place where our temporary romance became a real one. Where a Wise Girl like me met a Seaweed Brain like you. This is our story.


BRING! That bell signaled that senior year at Goode High was over and it was officially the start of summer break.

"Hey Annabeth!" someone called.

"Hey Piper, what's up?" I asked.

Piper was one of my best friends. She has these really cool eyes that change colour, so every time you blink it's a different colour. She has brown hair but it's styled a bit strange, it kind of looks like a couple of two year olds attacked her with a pair of safety scissors.

"So what are you doing for summer break?" she asked.

"I'm planning on visiting Thalia in the hospital." I replied.

Thalia has been my best friend since I was seven. A few years ago she was part of an accident that left her in a coma. Her mom died when she was little and her father remarried this lady who I swear hates my guts. The only reason why she has been in the hospital for so long is because her dad still thinks that she'll make it, and him being super rich helps with the hospital bills.

"Hey babe, what's up?" my boyfriend asked.

"Hey Percy, walk me to my car." I asked. "Bye Piper!"


"Okay Percy they're gone you can drop the act now." I told him.

"Good." he replied.

"Remind me again why we're pretending to go out?" I asked.

"Hey Chase I need to talk to you."

"What do you want Jackson, you know we both can't stand each other so make it quick."

He was running his fingers through his hair, which is what he does when he's nervous. "Look I need you to be my fake girlfriend."

"WHAT! Why me?" I questioned his odd request.

"Because according to Silena, we're the "King and Queen" of Goode… Plus that new girl, Rachel is hitting on me and it's awkward!" Percy explained.

I looked into his green eyes and searched for anything but truth. There was none, so I decided to believe him.

"What's in it for me?"

"Well you won't have guys asking you out every day, unless you like it!" he wiggled his eyebrows.

"Don't push it Jackson."

"Plus it's only during school hours, after that we can go back to hating each other."

I thought about it for a while before I answered, "Fine, Percy Jackson I'll be your fake girlfriend but this is only going to be temporary."

"Because you have a secret crush on me." he said while wiggling his eyebrows.

"First of all I don't have a crush on you, second, stop wiggling your eyebrows! It's creepy… And third, in case you hadn't noticed, high school is over so our little temporary romance is over. I don't need you in my life anymore, so bye Jackson." I told him as I went to my car and drove away.


"Bye dad, I'll miss you!" I said as I got out of the car.

"Bye sweetie, and contact me if anything happens okay?" he kissed my cheek.

As of today I'm back at the bottom of the food chain, starting my freshman year at Olympia University. I love this school. It has one of the best architect courses in New York, but the one thing that I don't get is their dorm system. Instead of people of the same gender living together, it's a guy and a girl in one dorm. Personally, I think it's stupid.

"Excuse me, I'm here to pick up my timetable and dorm key." I asked the lady at the desk. "My name is Annabeth Chase."

"Okay sweetie, just give me a sec." she replied.

"Annabeth!" I heard someone call before they tackled me in a hug.

"Piper!" I said while returning the hug.

Before I could continue talking, the lady called my name.

"Annabeth Chase? Welcome to Olympia University. My name is Hestia. Here you go, this is your timetable, you will be in room six on the third floor." Hestia announced.

Piper grabbed my schedule. "Annabeth I missed you lots, but let me see your schedule first."

I chuckled. "First of all Piper, I was with you pretty much the whole summer! And second, if you're going to take my schedule, at least let me look at it too."

Chase, Annabeth

Room 306

English- Mr. Apollo

Math- Mrs. Dobbs

Chemistry- Mr. Hermes

Architecture- Mrs. Athena

"Cool, we have 3 classes together! I have politics with mom- I mean Aphrodite!" Piper said. "Anyways where's your dorm?"

Piper would never tell you this, but she has always had a knack for convincing people and getting people on her side, so she could be a really good leader someday.

"306, you?" I said.

"110, I think it is pretty close-ish," Piper replied. "Anyways let's head to our rooms. I wonder who my roommate is? Maybe he's really good looking!"

"Don't hold your breath Piper." I laughed.

We made our way to the dorms and said our temporary goodbyes. Since I have most of my classes with her I would be seeing her a lot. I got to my room and started unpacking, since we have one week before classes start I opened a bottle of water and decided to start decorating my room.

"Hey can you let me in, Hestia gave you both keys and forgot about me," a voice called out while knocking on the door.

I opened my door and did a spit take all over the owner of the voice. I knew the voice was familiar, but come on! The fates must hate me…

"What are you doing here Jackson? This is my room!" I scowled at him.

"Good to see you too Chase." he wiped the water of his face. "Looks like we are going to be roommates for the next four years."

[A/N] The story was supposed to be a high school fic, that's why the university is so much like a high school.

The rooming has to do with the cabins back in Camp Half Blood.

Trivia: Guess who Piper's roommate is.

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