Love Denied

Ch. 1

'DAMMIT!' Kagome screamed at the top of her lungs staring at packed earth. Standing at the bottom of the Bone Eater's Well, she couldn't stop the frustrated tears that slid down her face. The jewel sat purified in her pocket, but since it had become whole, the well had closed. Her brother, her grandfather, and her mother were all separated from her. Never had she felt so alone…

InuYasha spent more and more time with Kikyo, absolutely furious that Kagome refused to wish her alive again. She had long ago given up having the hanyou's love, but she refused to wish the clay creature life again. Partly because she felt that once dead, you should probably stay dead, and also she was scared. What would happen to her if she wished Kikyo alive? What would happen to their shared soul?

Sango and Miroku had left after Naraku's defeat. Even though they visited on occasion, they were now expecting their first child and didn't travel much anymore. Once Miroku's curse was lifted and Sango had laid her brother to rest, they had joined another slayer village and were soon married. Kagome was happy for them since they felt like family anyways, but that left her as a burden to poor old Kaede. Granted, she was good with her bow and her miko powers now, so she could hunt and offer protection, but she still felt as if she was putting the old woman out.

Even Shippo was gone, although not far. In the four years she had been here, Shippo had finally grown into his adult form. Granted, for a kitsune, that's not very big, but he had found a little vixen of his own and they now lived in the forest and tended to building their lives together. Shippo didn't tend to visit more than once a week though because his mate was skittish around humans still and he hadn't been able to introduce her to his mother yet.

Kagome let out a sigh as she began climbing out the well. At the top, a clawed hand reached for her wrist and pulled her the rest of the way out of the well.

"Thanks, In-" The grateful comment died on her lips as she looked into the eyes of the Western Lord. Sesshomaru watched as Kagome's eyes grew almost comically round in surprise, although nothing showed on his face that he might have found the situation in the least bit funny. Kagome began to back away from the silent youkai lord, only to be stopped when a young girl wrapped herself around her legs, squealing in obvious delight.

"Kagome!" Rin yelled, causing an almost visible flinch from the Western Lord at his ward's higher pitched tone. "Sesshomaru says we are to take you home now!" Even though it didn't seem possible, Kagome's eyes grew rounder and actual fear began to creep in to them.

Sesshomaru huffed in a bit of annoyance and grabbed the miko's wrist before she could dash away, as she was clearly wanted to. "Rin needs someone to teach her properly. Of the humans this Sesshomaru knows you are the only fit candidate with your knowledge of the future."

Kagome stared a little longer at the youkai lord. She couldn't believe what she had just heard. She figured the only humans Sesshomaru had known must be Rin, her, Sango and Miroku. Kagome looked down at little Rin, only to realize she wasn't so little anymore. At 13, the girl was quickly growing into a woman, even by her era's standards. By this era's standards, she was close to be set up for a profitable marriage.

"Please say you'll come, Kagome" Rin pleaded. Her large doe brown eyes begged Kagome to not disappoint her. Looking down at the child, Kagome felt the familiar hollow ache in her heart. She was a mother to Shippo for so long, and because of his youkai lineage, he had grown too fast for her to even fully appreciate her motherly love for the child.

Wrapping her hand around Rin's, she softly whispered, "Ok."

Sesshomaru's brow rose ever so slightly before he turned away from the females, clearly expecting them to follow. He wondered briefly why the miko had capitulated so easily. Deciding, however, that the reasons were irrelevant since he got what he wanted, he led the females to a grumbling Jaken and a snoozing Ah-Un. After a quick rap on Jaken's head to shut him up, he instructed Ah-Un with a look to follow him once the females were seated and they headed towards the western lands.