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Chapter Five

He dared smile at her? He dared call her beautiful? The last thing she wanted was to be complimented by a man who looked like a snake that had just shed its skin. She must look absolutely hideous. She didn't know where she was going but she kept up a brisk walk down the long graveled driveway that led from the Manor to the gates. Why did the Malfoy's need a driveway? They despised everything Muggle.

As they had been walking down, she had spotted a figure standing just in from the imposing gates. As they had drawn nearer, she realised that it was Lucius Malfoy. Narcissa had remained in the Manor when the group had left. Darcy couldn't help but feel afraid. Why were his most trusted, and dangerous, Death Eaters accompanying them to wherever they were head. This was probably her father's idea of protection for her. She refused to believe that these horrid people would do anything to benefit her. She began to analyse them.

Bellatrix was a fruit loop. That was all that could be said for her. Everything she did screamed insane. It was the way she skipped gleefully by Voldemort's side, smiling up at him dotingly. It was the way she would begin giggling like a child and then her laughter would soon morph into a deranged cackle.

Her husband was really, just as bad. He wasn't insane though. You could tell by the cold calculated look that he was very aware of his surroundings and of everything he did. He was unusual looking, Darcy would give him that. She wasn't quite sure if he was attractive or not with his long hair magically dyed a vivid red colour. He dressed somewhat eccentrically and one would probably cross the road if they saw him walking towards them. Well, seeing as he was a notorious Death Eater and wanted by the Ministry before the Dark Lord took over, you would have been wise to move out of his way. She hadn't had the 'pleasure' of meeting his brother yet. The other Lestrange brother was less known, but equally as menacing. Or so she had heard. Rodolphus had quickly engaged in conversation with Lucius Malfoy. Of course, they were probably talking about how 'disgusting' Muggles and muggleborns are.

They really need a new conversation starter. She thought to herself. It caused her to giggle and they all turned round to look at her strangely. Having the Dark Lord and four of his most dangerous inner circle Death Eaters staring at her was not something she felt at ease with so she quickly quieted herself. Antonin's gaze had been flickering back to the necklace that was settled on her delicate collarbone. Whenever she put her hand within two inches of the necklace she could feel the magic rippling off of it in powerful waves. She was hoping… no, she was begging for it to be some lovely little protection charm and not a horrible curse that made your insides fall out of your ears.

With a neat flick of his cane, Lucius opened the gates. They opened slowly but without creaking and without that horrid metal on metal sound that Darcy despised. She figured that they were probably going to apparate somewhere. Hopefully it wouldn't be a Muggle village… that wouldn't go down well.

Voldemort nodded to his loyal followers and then disapparated without the usual CRACK! As much as she hated his guts, he must be one damn powerful wizard if he could apparate without a sound. Bellatrix took Rodolphus' arm and they smiled at each other in what Darcy could only assume was supposed to be a loving way and then they too disapparated. Antonin held out his arm once again for Darcy. She really didn't like this man, and hell would freeze over before she voluntarily touched him. Once again throwing her nose to the air, she stomped away from him and over to Lucius who held his arm out graciously. He chuckled at her show of spirit and at Antonin's positively livid face. He looked down at the pretty young witch. Whoever she was, she was decent but certainly not a patch on his Narcissa.

He clasped her wrist and after one smug look at Antonin, he disapparated to their secret location, leaving Dolohov behind to follow suit….

Darcy wobbled precariously on her heeled boots and was only saved from falling over by Lucius Malfoy's strong grip on her arm. She looked around at her surroundings.

The British Ministry? What are we doing here?

Everyone seemed to walk away from her towards the left side of the atrium. Little hovering signs floated around her head.

Department of Magical Law Enforcement

Wizengamot Administration Services

Department of Magical Equipment Control

Department of Wizarding Marriage

She wondered which of these offices they would be visiting. Either Magical Equipment Control, so they could snap her wand in half and forbid her from performing magic, or the Wizengamot Administration to sign all of the Death Eater's up on there.

What an unbiased council that would make. She thought sarcastically, rolling her eyes to herself.

Her blood froze; they were heading towards what was signposted as the Department of Wizarding Marriage. Oh my god… was her 'father' getting married? The thought was just disgusting. He looked… horrendous! Well, they do say love is blind….

Just then he turned to her, once again beaming at her. Darcy didn't know if it called be called 'smiling' at all. His lips were that thin and his skin so taut that it appeared manic when he smiled. Darcy stared back at him blankly. He'd probably be reading her mind. AGAIN. Oh well, it's his fault if he heard her say those things about his appearance then. He shouldn't go snooping around in people's heads.

However, he didn't frown or scold her for her insolence. He instead marched towards her and grabbed her arm, forcefully but gently at the same time, and hauled her through the doors and up to the desk. The cowardly woman behind the desk gave a pitiful squeak as she stared up at the foreboding man.

"Can I help you… my Lord?" She paused, before adding on the title he had instructed everyone to address him as.

He leaned forward, thus resulting in the woman leaning back and squinted to get a better view of her name tag.

"Yes… Ber–" He was forced to lean forwards once more and Darcy couldn't help put giggle at his expense. The woman looked at her as though she had lost her mind. "Ah, Beryl. I am actually looking to fill out a marriage form." He finished.

The woman nodded and dove behind the desk quickly to retrieve the necessary forms.

"We require the signatures of both parties, my Lord. Ministry policy." She stammered.

Clearly bored already with the whole affair, he waved Darcy forwards and a pen materialised in her hand. She didn't comprehend what was happening for a few seconds.

"W-w-what? Married? Wait… what? I'm not getting married." She glared at him, causing him to laugh inside.

"Antonin, please come in and tell your little wife that she will most definitely be getting married today." Okay, he was really bored now and this little statement was like letting off a nuclear bomb… He'd be wise to find a nearby bunker.

Darcy's voice was deathly quiet. "You?" She whipped round to face Antonin who had just entered the room looking pasty and as if he were about to throw up.

"You set this up didn't you? You hated me right from the start you ignorant, pig of a wizard!" Her voice was no longer quiet. It was gradually increasing in both pitch and volume. She flicked her wand out of its holster on her wrist. She jammed it forcefully into Dolohov's chest but he was already prepared with his pressed into her temple.

"This was not orchestrated by me you insolent fool! I wouldn't dream of marrying a whiny little schoolgirl." He spat back. Poking her in the side of the head just for good measure.

At this the Dark Lord's expression darkened. "Oh, please enlighten me Antonin, as to what you find wrong with my daughter?"

But Antonin was only just getting started. Not even fear of the Dark Lord's wrath could stop him right now. "I have only known your daughter for a very short amount of time my Lord, and I loathe to be in her presence. Oh, and another thing! She has already proven to me that she lacks the decorum and manners a proper wife should have and I'll be damned if I marry some half-blood hussy."

The room was now completely silent. The other Death Eater's had entered the room, unnoticed of course, when they had heard Darcy first begin to start shouting. After witnessing Dolohov's tirade, all they could do was look between their leader, Antonin and the young girl incredulously.

Bellatrix was the most dumbfounded of them all. She couldn't begin to comprehend the fact that Dolohov had called the girl a "hussy" when if she were a pureblood Bella would have been soon to make a friendship with her, and also the fact that she was the Dark Lord's daughter. Of course, her allegiances would always be with her Lord, but now she would be forced to side with his daughter as that was only the right thing to do.

Rodolphus was grinning like an idiot, hoping that the Dark Lord would snap and torture Antonin until he went to the same cuckoo land the Longbottoms were currently on. Lucius was smirking smugly at the scene as he always did when another Death Eater was in trouble.

The Dark Lord's wand was also out now, and pointed directly between Antonin's eyes. Acknowledging his defeat, he reluctantly lowered his wand and dropped heavily to his knees in front of Voldemort.

"I beg your forgiveness my Lord… I am not myself." He muttered.

"Don't lie to me Antonin and say you're "not yourself"; everyone knows you're a hothead. But, I believe it is my daughter that you should be groveling to… don't you think?" He replied.

The idea of apologising to that vile girl made his skin crawl and his blood boil but he had no choice.

He grit his teeth and steeled his eyes to look into hers. "I apologise for my untoward behavior. It won't happen again." He tried to find a hint of emotion in her eyes but she gave away nothing.

She gave him a sneer, one that Lucius Malfoy would later go on to admit had made him proud, and nodded her acceptance of his apology. She turned to her father.

"I'm not signing that thing. You can fuck off."

He tutted her for her language and Bellatrix, her husband snorted. Voldemort called Dolohov forward and the same pen materialised in the wizard's hand. He looked at the occupants of the room, even little Beryl and then reluctantly signed the form with his loopy signature.

"Shame, I don't need you to sign Darcy. You're still seventeen so you need my signature anyway. So, there. Ha." He laughed at her crumpled up face. She was obviously attempting to suppress her rage.

It was now that Beryl spoke up. "Erm, my Lord… you require a signature from the Minister for Magic if one or both of the participants are under the age of seventeen."

If looks could kill, poor old Beryl would be terminated. "Who is the Minister for Magic, Beryl?"

She stammered out a reply. "Minister Yaxley."

"And is he, or is he not, one of my Death Eaters?"

"Yes he is, my Lord."

"And who is the leader, of the Death Eaters?"

"You, my Lord."

"So, Beryl… ask yourself again. Do you really need the Minister's signature for this?"

"No, my Lord."

"That's what I thought Beryl-my girl. Now chop-chop, we have places to go, people to see."

The lady passed the form back over and allowed the Dark Lord to sign in the place of Darcy's signature. She grumbled foul words under her breath that even made him raise his eyebrows a little bit.

Maybe Dolohov had a point with the "lack of decorum" statement…

He'd just happily sold his daughter off to one of the most harmful men in the world and he'd never been happier. He would have shed a few tears if he weren't surrounded by people who feared and respected him. No, he couldn't go round crying like a pussy. He was a Dark Lord! He had to act like one, at all times.

Then, a shrill squeal came from his right hand side. He saw his daughter, Antonin's wife, attempting to put a beautiful jewel off of her ring finger.

"What the hell is this? I didn't agree to wear any ring! And look, it even has a crest on it. I'm not your fucking property, Dolohov!" She spat at him.

"Yes, well I didn't want to waste valuable family heirlooms on unappreciative bitches but the Dark Lord insisted." He argued back.

She narrowed her eyes and shuffled closer to Lord Voldemort. Now that she knew he was her father, and that he was happy to defend her, she would use the daddy-daughter card whenever she could. Especially on her new husband…..

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