I hate sudden changes. They leave a complete mess behind. My life was totally uneventful until my long visit to Forks where my dad lives alone because my mom and him had divorced when I was little. I decided to leave Phoenix not because I wanted a change but because I wanted to give my mom and her new husband a life of their own. Mom was of course against my decision to leave Phoenix as she was completely aware of my distate to Forks; the land of rain mist and cold. She too hated Forks and that's one of the reasons why she left my dad, I think. I love my dad but he is one of those people who actually believe, follow and give priority to their job, I mean job is the most important thing in his life. My dad is Charlie he is the chief of police in Forks. His favorite hobby aside watching baseball is fishing, well I hate fishing. So my visit to Forks I mean my one and half year long stay in Forks happened 5 years ago. This is where my life took a twist. That long but short one and half year turned my life upside down. I forgot to tell you, my name is Isabella Swan works as assistant editor in the Masen Publications, Phoenix. Unfortunately I got transferred! Its not punishment transfer or anything. I am good at my job, yes, I'm proud of that and I enjoy my job. But our branch in Seattle needed some new heads in order to repeat the same popularity and marketing we have here in Phoenix. So they shift me to Seattle! Now the problem is I'm in Seattle and I don't wanna go anywhere near Forks! The last five years my dad visited me here in Phoenix instead.

So we were talking about changes, like I said I hate changes, especially sudden changes. This transfer was unexpected and I have to leave my colleagues here. Anyway the one and only happy thing about all these arrangements was my best friend Rosalie is also coming with me. She is also got a transfer which she is happy about. She is my best friend since college. She is the one who actually made me a little less clumsy and little more brave.

The first day in our new office was actually cool. Our MD was not present so the assistant manager Mr. Emmett Cullen welcomed us. He is a cute hot guy. He was so pleased to meet us, I mean he couldn't actually take his eyes off Rosalie. I suppressed my smile . Rose is so beautiful, men followed her like bees.

Rosalie noticed Emmett's obvious ogling ( He insisted us just to call him 'Emmett') and she seemed to like it. The week passed in a blur. We decided to spend the weekend as a girls' night out. And then Emmett invited us to a party which Rosalie gladly accepted. We arrived when the party is in its full bloom. I hated to go to parties, I still do. But with Rose is there I can't say no. We met Emmett and he was so happy to see us. His eyes twinkled when Rose smiled at him. I think she likes him too. He invited her to the dance floor before they go Emmett told me to go and meet our MD who is apparently his brother. He pointed at a figure who stands a little away from where I stand. Omg! Our MD is here Rose! Do you wanna come? Or are you?.. I smiled at them. She shooed me away and together they went to the dance floor. I arranged my messy hair, I was wearing my blue jeans and black V neck top.

The guy Emmett pointed was standing his back to me. I approached and confidently said '

"Hello there?''

And right there and then he turned his face to me, I never imagined seeing him like this . I can't believe my very own eyes.

I looked at Edward Cullen's too familiar and perfect face after five long years. And his face registered the same shocked and relieved expression my face sure revealed.