Chapter 2


Bella.. his expression mirrored mine. I looked at him wothout breathing.. a sudden rush of memories flew past me. I did't know what to ask. I just stared at his beautiful face. And finally I was the one who broke the loud silence between us by blurting out the first word that popped up in my head.


Bella..I'm so s..

Bella!? It was not Edward but a familiar voice called out my name.

I didn't even have to turn my head to see who it was. Alice's voice was not that easy to forget. She appeared out of the now too crowded dance floor. I was still looking at Edward, our eyes locked, well it seemed like a staring contest. We didn't know how to break it, anyway Alice helped us. She hugged me. The I noticed tears in her pretty face.

Bella! I missed have you been? Its been five years! Why didn't you call? I asked charlie but at that time you didn't have a cell phone so he gave me your mom's number. But tell me the truth, why did you ignore my calls? Whats it Bella?

I, I..

I didn't have answer to any of her qustions. I just blinked and felt the moisture in my eyes and cheeks. I hugged Alice. I'm out of words, I don't know how to look at her angelic face. Some friend I was.

Bella, tell me how are you? And finally we meet again in Seattle! She smiled and clapped her hands. I missed that action of hers.

'I'm okay Alice' more than okay..No this is unexpected.

Hm, Alice I work in Masen Publication.

What? Wow! This is great! You work in Edward's company. She looked at both of us. I know that look, now its clear, she knew about us.

Ah, well actually I work in one of your brother's company's enterprises. I just got transferred from Masen Publications, Phoenix. I said.

So it seems you didn't know its Edward's company?

Yes, you got that correct Alice. I smiled at her.

This is tottally a surprise. I stated.

So when did you join?

'On Monday.'

But you just saw Edward today, right?

Yeah, at this mention my eyes flickered to Edward's direction and he was not there. A sudden panic shot through me.I looked around, and there he was sitting on a stool lookind at me like he was reading a book. His eyes hide nothing, he was looking at me with an expression which yelled me to hug him and..slap him. Fortunately I did nothing.

Alice handed me a glass of still remember my tastes. God! Did I miss her.

I sat next to Edward, his elbow resting against mine, I can feel his warmth and it was distracting. Nothing has changed at all. I badly want to reach out and place my hand on his, just to make sure that he was there, real and sitting next to me. My eyes scanned the wine glass infront of me without seeing it. I want a distarction, or I will do something stupid, like kissing him or slapping him.

So Bella, meet my fiancé Jasper Whitlock. That's when I noticed the guy standing next to Alice. He was handsome, blond a perfect match for Alice. They looked so cute together.

Hello Bella, I'm Jasper. I have heard a lot about you. He smiled at me. We shake hands, I simply like his smile.

Alice! You are getting married! Congrats babe, I hugged her again. Her face was glowing with happines.

'So tell me everything. How did ya two meet for the first time?'

Before she could answer two muscular hands covered her eyes from behind.

'Em!' Alice squealed. She smacked on his bulky hands and grinned like a four year old. Emmett was laughing too. He picked her up and gave her a bear hug.

Emmett, put her down, you are chocking her. Jasper complained in a laughing voice.

Oy! You are not her husband, not yet.

He put her down; 'haven't seen my baby sister in a long time'. Emmett smiled at me.

So met your MD? And our family? He grinned.


Em, Bella and I are friends, best friends! She is the Bella I always talk about. The same one.

What? Clumsy-pretty high school friend Bella? Emmett asked.

'yes' I'm the one. I winked at him.

Bella, this is my brother number 2. Emmett cullen, or bear cullen.

'Yeah, I can see that.' So this is the brother you mentioned living in New York; right?''

God, how did I forget that. It was straight there, infront of me, the sir name 'cullen' simply was recognizable. But what happened to me?

Yes. Alice said, smiling.

You all know each other? Disbelief colored Rosalie's voice. She stared at us with raw surprise.

Its my fault. I never told her anything about my life in Forks. I was a coward.

Yes, Rose. I know Alice and Edward before. But just met Emmett at the office.

Why didn't you tell me? Rosalie asked.

'I never expected to see them here, and Rose meet our MD , Edward Cullen.' His name brought the same thrill in me again.

Rosalie's dumbfounded expression asked for more information and its my duty to give her some more explanation about whats going on, she is one of my best friends anyway, I thought looking at Alice.

'Rose, Alice and I were best friends.'

'We still are'!. Alice added.

'Yup'. I grinned at her.

'We meet again after five years.'

'Yeah!' Alice nudged me.

'And our MD, Edward Cullen is Alice and Emmett's brother. I know him too.'

You know him too? I mean, was he your friend too? Rosalie asked. Her eyes wide.

Edward was looking at me, with the same expression again. Rose must have noticed can hide from her inquisitive eyes.

Yeah, we were friends. So lets go? Its getting late.

Hey Alice, gotta go babe.

Oohkay! But we need to talk. We need a girls' night out. What say? Alice asked me.

Sure! I wanna know more about you and your man. Missed ya girl. I said.

So say, lets meet tomorrow eve?

Deal!. I gave her my cell number and said bye to Emmett and Jasper. Couldn't just ignore Edward, so I nodded at him. I just wanted to get out of there. Rosalie was talking to Edward our..MD. well, I can see him on Monday again. I welcomed and rejcted that thought at the same time. Seeing him without talking to him was just not me. I want to talk to him. Shit!.

Then Rose was beside me and whispered ' Bella, I wanna say a special thanks and bye to Emmett'.

I raised my eyebrow 'hm, already there?'' I smiled.

She winked at me and went back to Emmett.

Meet me at the car , I called out to her.

Sure! Just 5 minutes!.

Told you, she likes him.

I was about to walk then somebody touched my shoulder. I knew that touch so very well I stopped on track.

'Bella, can I talk to you for a moment?' Edward asked.

'Ah, sure. I choked.'

Can I walk you to your car?


Edward walked beside me. He was peeking at my direction now and then.

Suddenly he took my hand.

I didn't know how to respond. I was perfectly aware of the electricity that simple touch of his hands evoked in me. As always reason vanishes when I'm with him. But right now I don't want that, I want a clear head to think.

But at the same time I want to hear his voice, I want to see his face more clearly, I want to bombard him with a thousand qustions, I want so many things at once. The first sentence he spoke brought back memories; memories I have been trying to forget.

'Bella, I miss you everyday.' Anger shot through my veins like cold water.

'What? Do you?' I spat.

'Bella, I m sorry. I know you are angry , you have got right to be. I hurt you. You must hate me. I'm nothing…'

'Stop..just stop.. I have only one qustion. Why? Why did you go?'

I can see my own reflection in Edward eyes. Somehow we are not walking anymore. I just looked at his now sad painful eyes. I love his green eyes. They only speak truth, I know. 'He can't lie to you Bella' a voice whispered in my brain'.

Bella, please listen. He took both of my hands in his hand. Look at me, I have been waiting for you. I found all the answers we were looking for. Everything is clear now. I want you to trust me please.

What?' What he was saying, hit me then. He found answers? I know how important they are to him. Its about his life. My qustions can wait..

Suddenly I wanted to hold him. Before I know I was caressing his face.

How are you? I asked. I felt tears on his cheeks.

'Fine, more than fine because you are here'.

He took my face in his hands. I touched his beautiful bronze hair. I simply stared at his face, taking him in. His face; his eyes, nose lips, I missed him. He hugged me.

We didn't know how much time had passed. We just stood there wraped in each others arms, loving the feel of home again, missing the warmth of our bodies.