Rose's voice broke our embrace. Reluctantly, I went out of the perfect moment we were sharing. Shit! What am I gonna tell her? Its all my fault. I never told her anything about my life in Forks. God! she is my best friend and she doesn't know anything abut me. Well; she has a right to be angry with me. Now she is looking at Edward and me like she has got a lumb in her throat.

'hm, Hello sir. Can I get Bella back?'

OKay, I get it, sarcasm. I scowled at Rosalie what is she thinking!

'Hi Rosalie. You can call me Edward.' He smiled. Look who is talking!

'Sure, Bella?'

What? What is he asking me? I don't wanna go. I have a thousand questions waiting for him. I just looked at him processing my thoughts. I should go. I can't ask anything to him in front of Rose. 'Yeah, I will see you tomorrow?' It was a question, a clear one. He knows it too. So he said, 'yes ,I wanna see you tomorrow. See you at the office then.' His eyes are linked to mine. We just again started the staring contest I think, beacuse Rose tapped me on the shoulder. I kind of jerked back and started to walk toward our car, parked in the other side of the lot.

I can hear Rose saying a quick 'bye' to Edward and she was suddenly beside me.

'What was that?'

'What was what Rose?

'You and our bose? How do you know him anyway? And who is that pixy like girl who announced herself as your bestfriend!? And who am I? Rose is completely irritated.

'Rosalie, I know you are angry with me. Listen, I'll tell you everything.'

Okay, I m all eyes and ears. And I'm not angry, I'm surprised. I know you well for 5 years, or so I thought, but then suddenly everything changes and you are someone different than the friend I know as Bella Swan. I know its silly because people always have secrets they don't even wanna tell their bestfriends, but to me its important, because you are more than a friend to me. You know that, don't you?

She just looked at me like I'm a stranger, or I'm in some alternative world. of course, I feel like in an alternative world! ...since I saw him today. Rose needs an explanation.. she is my friend, she is like a sister to me. She is always there when I need her. She is loyal and she is my bestfriend. I want her in my life always.

'Rose.. I'm sorry, okay.?.. I'm sorry I never did tell you anything about my life in Forks.

'you said there is nothing good to tell when I asked about your highs school days.' why Bells? What happened? Is it something you can't even tell me?' I could hear the hurt in her voice.

Rose.. I can tell you everything. Its nothing. Its Edward. I don't know how to explain.

'you two? Edward was your boyfriend?' Rose raised her eyebrows. But you said you never dated anyone'.

'yes, its true Rose, I have never dated anyone. Edward wasn't my boyfriend.

Then what was it? I can see the connection between you two, I mean, Bella, I have never seen you with anyone else before. You go on dates when I begged you to go. And then you ditch it after a few days. The only person you ever dated for more than a month is Jake. And I know how you ended that relationship.' He still has feeling for you Bella'.

Jake was a nice person. He is Rose's friend. We dated for sometime, but we couldn't develop anything more than friendship. He wanted more, but I didn't. I know he still likes me.

Rose, its not what you think. Its..different.

Like what? Rose scowled.

I will tell you. Just wait till we reach home.


Rose and I have different rooms even though our apartment was small. The place was so warm and welcoming. I liked it. We sat on our couch sipping chilled wine. Rose looked at me expectantly. I know what she is thinking, she wants me to confess. Yes, I have to confess. Thats the right word.

I begin. 'Rose, what bothers you the most? I mean which part?'

Hm, Tell me about you and Alice.'

She is my friend. She was my best friend when I was in Forks.' She is a bright person, I mean she was a good friend to me Rose.'

Okay so you fell in love with her brother? he is hot by the way, our bosse. Rose smiled.

Fell in love is not the right word. We actually, I don't know.

Whats it? you don't know?

Exactly what I said. I don't know. We weren't exclusive. We weren't dating like other people.

'Enlighten me' Rose smiled. her face is full of amusement.

I smirked. Rose, you think this is funny?

bells! Thats not what I meant. I'm just curious, you know.

Yup. okay. So let me tell you, I hated Forks. But now I miss everything about my life in Forks, even the bad memories count. Its bittersweet. I went to Forks because my mom remarried and I wanted to give the privacy they needed. She never asked for it, but I know the sacrifice behind it. Its time to move on. So I decided to spend some time with my Dad in Forks. I got into Forks high school and I met Alice. She was always a nice friend to me. She helped me in everything. You know how clumsy I'm. We hung out together. We also had sleepovers and all. Charlie, my dad was so fond of Alice. You know him, he is not very talkative. but you should see him talking with Alice. It was cute. Its like, you can't say no to Alice.

Alice had a boyfriend.

'Jasper? the guy we met today?'

'Nope. Not him'.

'Her boyfriend was Peter, a gangly guy. I mean he was so very vibrant. He was in a music band'.

He hardly comes to school. Alice was so in love with him. And Peter's band decided to go on a tour. Finally they came to Seattle Alice wanted to go. But her parents were so very strict. Fortunately they went to see their grandma in LA. Alice's mom and Dad, Carlisle and Esme were asked me to stay with her for the week, they were nice people. I said its okay and will get permission from Charlie. But Alice's plan nailed me. She decided to go with Peter for the show. It was two days.

'Alice, is that okay?'

'yes baby girl'. I'm going with him. Will be back in two days. And you don't have to tell charlie anything! I mean anything. You just go home and pretend nothing happened. I will be okay. And Charlotte is also coming with me. So it will be fun. I wanted to take you with us, but you won't come. she made a face.

'Yes, I won't. Because its not easy to lie to charlie. He will find out.'

You sure?


Okay. Anyway I'm going! she squealed like a kid. I smiled at her.

''Where are you going, Alice dear?"

I gulped. Its was Charlie. He is early from work today. He is a cop.

'Hi dad.' Hi Charlie. Alice said , I can see the fear in her eyes. If Charlie knows about her plan to go with the band, she is screwed.

'Hi girls... So where are you going Alice?' His expression was calm so he must have only heard about the last part from Alice's conversation with me.

But Alice was just stunned and well, she said;We were just..'

'Huh. oh yes, you were talking about your parents visit to LA, right? I just met your dad on the way. I had to go to the hospital.

'To the hospital?' I asked.

Well, remember my friend Billy?, he had a heart attack yesterday.

'Hows he dad?'

He is okay. nothing to worry. Charlie continued..

And, Dr Cullen and I talked. He said about the visit and asked my permission to have Bella at your home for two days, I have to cook myself for 2 days, no worries, he smiled. So I said okay. She will be coming with you Alice.

Alice just blinked at me and chirped, "Thanks Charlie".

So you live here or you two are going to hang out at your place? Charlie asked Alice.

I looked at Alice. She can't say yes because it will get into more trouble. She has already paid 'for the ticket. She can't skip the show. She just looked at me for a reasonable answer. We can't tell the truth. We cannot lie either. So I just said,, I will go to her place dad. You have to work right? and I know its boring to hang out with two teen girls. 'Okay dad'?

Yup. Bells. Take care. Anyway its just two days. I will check upon you girls. So don't worry.

Alice nudged me with her toe. I looked at her pleading eyes.. What to tell Charlie... I processed my mid for an answer.

'Dad, you don't have to check upon us. We will be spending time in and out. Alice got the idea and she added 'yeah, Charlie I'm gonna take Bella to some shopping and all. so we will call you if there is an emergency. we will be okay.

Alice's phone ringed.

Its Dad. "hello dad... 'one sec' she mouthed at me and went out to our veranda.

Okay, then. Bells, don't forget our Sunday Lunch. Charlie said.

Oh yes, 'Sunday Lunch'. Its Charlie's way of knowing how I'm coping with 'new town 'new school crap'. He started it when I first came to Forks. Five months after he is still continuing the routine.

Holy crow. Alice has no escape from this. 'Yes Dad. I won't forget. I will be here for our Sunday Lunch.

'So you pack your things, and Bells, call me'. Charlie gave me an awkward hug and left the room. I can see the worry in his face. My poor dad, if its not for Alice he wouldn't have let me go and stay at their place even its just for two days. He is over protective when it comes to me. And I love that. He missed my childhood. Now he is just trying his best to compensate what he's missed.

Now what to do? I don't wanna go with her, I can't go with her, Charlie will know. Whats the plan? yes, If I can stay just two days at her place alone...everything will be alright. Can I do that for my best friend?