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3rd POV:

He was starting to get desperate,he has been looking for her for a little over fifty years now and still nothing. If he didn't find her anytime soon he would lose the little sanity he had left. But not only did he himself need her but also his people. They needed someone who's as noble as Teresa of Avila had once been,someone who has a level of intelligenge that surpasses that of Einsteins and someone who would rule with overall justice. They needed a queen. His Mate. For the sake of his people and himself he had to keep on searching.

And as he elegantly walked through the crowded pub he could clearly hear and smell the fresh blood run wildly through the humans veins. When all of a sudden the handsome bronze haired vampire prince strikingly golden hue eyes snapped open as he felt the disgustingly clammy hands of one of the many repulsive woman that intruded the place grab onto his forearm. He wretched the atrocious women off of himself before he lost control over his rising anger and ripped her into pieces in the middle of the pub damming anyone and everyone who saw. No one and I repeat no one was allowed to touch him, his mate being the only exception.

And as the word mate rang in through his head he remembered as to why he was here in the first place and quietly yet intently continued on his journey in hopes of reuniting with his one and only mate.

Determinedly he kept on searching through the hundred year old British pub but as the hours ticked by and still nothing he swiftly turned around walking leisurely towards the exit, ready to return once again tomorrow morning. On his way towards the pubs exit he abruptly stopped on his tracks as he caught the faint scent of pure, sweet, innocence. A scent that was so familiar yet so distant, a scent he has not smelled in about half a century ago, a scent that belonged to one and only one person.

His Mate.

He couldn't believe that after so many years that the one and only person he has ever loved and still loves and desires was here in the same building as him.

He had finally found her and he would be damned if he let her disappear once again from his life.

He closed his bright, honey gold eyes gently, trying to detect from what direction the mouth watering scent came from. And right there only a few yards away from where he currently stood was a strikingly beautiful women.

Her hair a rich, silky shade of ebony. It was pixie cut and complemented perfectly with her flawless porcelain-like skin. Her eyes , delicately framed by long, thick, raven-black lashes, were a bright, caramel gold and seemed to hold all the secrets of the world. A straight nose, full, crimson rose lips and smooth perfectly sculpted high cheekbones - she seemed the picture of perfection.

And to Jasper she was and still is total and utter perfection. As he stood there silently watching his sweet, pixie like Alice from afar committing every single movement she made into his photographic memory he couldn't help but to relive in the past if just for a single moment...

Alice POV:

'Jasper' was the only thing my mind registered as not even ten feet away from where I currently sat (on one of the pubs vintage stools), he stood in all his handsome glory watching my every move with his piercing gaze. Why is he here, I'm no where near ready to confront him not even after fifty or so years.

I remember a time when I once believed him to be my love, my angel, my guardian.

I loved (and still do) him to say the least but, I was naive to ever believe he felt the same way. After he betrayed me I came upon a simple conclusion...I was delusional. Delusional to ever think that someone could possibly love, poor, little, old me.

But, as I stared into his stunningly, beautiful, golden eyes I couldn't help but think back to how our tragic story started...