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68 years ago...

3rd POV:

"AHHHHH" a raven-haired woman screamed as she pushed as hard as she could. She was in excruciating pain, she had never felt so much pain in her life, the only thing keeping her from giving up was the knowledge that she would be giving life to twins.
The small cry of the first infant filled the room, only a few strands of mid-night black hair covering its tiny, little head. The woman barley had a chance to get a glance of her first child before she screamed once again, delivering her second born into the world as another cry followed closely behind , one with hair just as blonde as its father.

While the Queen breathed heavily from just giving birth, the nurse gently wiped all the sweat off of the tired Queens face with a slightly damp cloth.

"M'lady, congratulations, you have given birth to both a prince and princess." Ren (the midwife) spoke with a smile on her plump cheeks while holding both infants in her arms after cleaning them and gently placing them into their mothers waiting arms.

"They're so beautiful," she breathed out, when noticing a mark in the juncture between her first born's neck and shoulder, one that she was told of, it resembled a lot a pixie like the ones she loved to read about. "Alice, your name will be Alice like the pixie from my favorite book" she said smiling down at the one with dark curls, her beautiful little daughter. The infant opened her tired orbs revealing a strikingly beautiful shade of caramel-gold, ones that contrasted nicely with her onyx colored tresses.

" And, you my little one are going to be Mathew just like your dear grandfather."She spoke to the one with light blonde locks as she tiredly turned towards her faithful friend.

"As you know I'm dying Ren, just promise me that you will watch over the both of them for me, tell him that she is finally here, just for him, tell him that I apologise for not being able to show him her myself. Have him swear to watch over my dear Alice for me. To protect her from the dreadful life she may have in this castle . And, please tell my babies how much I love...them...both."

"As you wish, M'lady." The red haired midwife spoke sadly as she took the children from the very weary Queen.
"She'll be h-h-happy with him, J-jasper…will make h-h-her happy….."
"F-farewell, my dear Q-q-queen, may your s-soul rest in pi-iece." The woman's teary voice was slightly quivering with sadness.

She stared at the obsidian haired child with her deep brown eyes, who laid awake in her arms with her beautiful gold eyes wide open before walking to each of the new rooms the Queen herself had prepared. After Mathew was sleeping in his green and yellow room, Ren swiftly walked down towards the next room and placed Alice into her own silver and black crib; she felt bad for the first born princess as her life would not be a happy one until he came for her, leaving a soft kiss on her forehead she left the room and walked down the corridors of the castle and into the meadow behind the castle.

Beautiful;was the only thing that could describe the meadow filled with thousands of flowers such as orchids, lilies, and cherry blossoms. In the midst of all the wonderful nature going on around her she heard a voice that could belong to only one person she knew.

"Has she been born?" the voice was that of a males, strong but yet like silk at the same time; it was like music to ones ears , one that was only thought of in ones secret fantasies.

"Yes, she has," the woman answered watching intently as the male nodded. She could not see his expression due to the darkness of the night but, she was certain that he was inwardly rejoicing, for after centuries of waiting she had finally been born .

"May I, ask as to what is her name?" he asked.

"Alice, as the pixie in the book "Wonderfully Pixied"."

"Alicee," he repeated the name loving the way it rolled off his tongue and through his lips like sweet, succulent honey.


"She is the first born of the pair ," Ren started, "Mathew is the youngest."

"Sounds like a bastard," he spat disdainfully.

"He was named after the Queens grandfather."

"That old man hit me with a bloody cane, he thought I was death himself. Had to explain to him that I was waiting for my mate to come into existence who would arrive later on in his blood line." He snorted "I have waited for way too long and have wished for her to be by my side for eternity but, alas tonight she has been born. Only a few more years before I can take her with me and make her my own."

"The Queen has asked me to tell you something before she had passed away from giving birth," the male turned his head down from the sky to look at the woman.

He lowered his head slightly at the new information.

"I see," he said, in a low tone. "I owe her, for giving me what I have waited so long for, what does she ask of me?"

"To please take great care of her dear daughter Alice for her life in this castle won't be all that pleasant for her. Love her with your being—"

"I will love her more than my life, I already do." He interrupted. "I will kill to protect her. I will die before ever letting anything or anyone hurt her ."

"And she believes you will, Jasper," with that he leapt from the branch of a nearby tree and landed smoothly on the hard ground before her.

He was tall, dark and handsome, a sight to behold indeed. Ren herself believed he was very attractive, but indeed she was old, perhaps even older than he. Girls and women, young and old, single or married, no matter the age would abruptly stop to stare whenever he would pass by, but to bad for them that his interest lay only on Alice even though he had yet to meet her.

Shoulder-length honey blonde, shaggy hair framed his strong, sculpted, pale face . Eyes just as gold as the sweet nectar;honey but could be more deadly should they change to a deep onyx, but be so soft and caring to the ones he loved. Thin eyebrows and his face usually free of expression, covered with pure curiosity and eagerness was clear at this moment. Muscular but lean body from head to toe, beautiful pale skin filled with scars (that for some unknown reason made girls and women want him even more). His chest muscles were slightly visible through the black shirt he wore and black pants. He appeared to be eighteen, nineteen tops, but he was far, far older.

His dark clothes helped shield him from unwanted eyes, though his inhuman speed helps to assure his stealth.
Only very few people had met the handsome stranger such as Ren and the Queen herself.

"I want to see her," he said, "I want to see my Alice."

"I must say, Malinda and I were quite skeptical when you came to us and said that she would give birth to your mate." The woman looked up to see him glaring and getting irritated with her for avoiding telling him what he wants to know. He had waited too long and he was getting impatient.

"I suppose you have waited long enough," she replied, "She's in the West wing in th fifth window on the lesf." No sooner had the words escaped her mouth he had vanished, leaving no trace he had been there in the first place.

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