Disclaimer: I do not own King of the Hill, that belongs to Mike Judge and Greg Daniels, or the Avengers, that belongs to Marvel and Stan Lee, or Doctor Who, that is the property of the BBC. This is a non-profit story that I'm writing for fun, one that I hope you will enjoy.

Some say they would love to go out and have an adventure of a life time, others would rather stay home and have a normal life, well this is a story about how life can change for one man with a simple knock at the door. Before we get to that let's us go back to the beginning where one horrible tragedy will be the start of a fantastic adventure.

This adventure begins on a Friday night in June in a small town in Texas called Arlen. The temperature was well into the low hundreds making most people stay indoors but that's not the case for one group of people entering a warehouse, they're were twelve of them, seven men and five woman all wearing black suits and ties along with a 9mm in their hands. Then a man entered the building, by the outfit he was wearing you could tell that he worked there.

"What are you doing?" the man shouted

"Please, sir we need you to leave the premises now." a voice said from behind him

The man turned to see a the person was a man standing at 5'10 with short blond hair and unlike the other members in the group that came in before, the guy's jacket, shirt, pants, shoes, and gloves were black and on the side of the man's left shoulder was a patch that had a picture of some type of bird with a shield in the middle. He was also carrying a long metal carrying case in his right hand that he placed on the ground.

"Who are you?"

"I'm Agent Clint Barton," the man introduced himself, "again I need you to leave."

"Why do I need to leave, I run this warehouse."

"Apparently you're not very observant when it comes to inventory because for the pass few weeks there's been multiple unscheduled deliveries to this warehouse, so these agents are having a look around."

"I don't know what you are talking about."

Right at that moment a call came in for Barton on his radio.

"Agent Barton," one of the other agents called out, "you might want to come look at this."

"I'm on my way."

Barton headed towards area where the agent was at along with the warehouse manager right behind him. They soon reached the agent who was staring at over a dozen large metal containers.

'What do you got, Miller?" Barton asked

"You know how for the last couple of weeks we've picked up these weird readings?" Miller asked

"Yeah, we manage to track them for a short period before they vanished." Barton replied

"It looks like we found them for these containers are giving off the same signal."

"May someone please tell me what you are doing here and where exactly those containers came from?"

"What's you're name?" Barton asked

"Walter." the man informed

"Okay, Walter, we were giving information about several huge container filled with high-tech weapons being shipped across the country arming small but dangerous criminal organizations."

"There's no criminals gangs in this town." Walter informed

"Good to hear but we need to check inside those containers anyways."

"You'll need to ask the guy who owns this warehouse."

"Who owns this place?"

"His name is M.F. Thatherton, he also owns Thatherton Fuels but recently bought this place for some reason."

"Well if we find anything suspicious inside I'll go have a talk with Mr. Thatherton."

Barton looked over at Miller and gave them the okay to open up the crate. One of the other agents handed Miller a pair of bolt cutters and with caution he carefully cut off the container's lock then slowly opened the door to see many layers of plastic sheets attached to the floor, ceiling, and walls of the box.

"Permission to go inside?" Miller spoke up asking for orders

"Be careful." Barton said granting permission

Miller walked inside with his gun in hand, he ripped off layer and layer of plastic as he made his way to the back of the container as Barton and the other agents plus Walter stood outside waiting for Miller to report in.

"I don't see anything," Miller shouted, "it's nothing but…..hold on I see something."

"Walter," Barton addressed, "go back to the main door and grab me the case I brought in then I want you to get the hell out of here."

Without saying a word Walter ran back to the entrance, grabbed the case, brought it back to Barton, and then like he order he got out of there.

"Civilian cleared." one of the other agents informed

Barton bent down, opened up the case and took out not a gun but a collapsible bow along with a quiver filled with arrows that he quickly put on.

"OH MY GOD!" Miller shouted from the inside

The next sound they heard was of Miller screaming and the sound of electrical buzzing.

"MILLER," Barton shouted before looking back at the other agents, "get ready, something is about to come out and play."

That moment they began to hear the sound of footsteps from inside the container along with the sound of plastic being ripped apart.

"Here they come."

The footsteps got closer and soon they saw the silhouettes of the enemy and right away the agents could tell that they were not human. Barton aimed his bow then fired and arrow that pierced through the plastic but not the intended target.


Suddenly the last sheet of plastic got ripped off and the agents began to fire their weapons at the unknown enemies. The figures returned fired with a series of laser blast that struck four of the agents who screamed in pain as they fell to the ground. Barton ran over to one of the fallen agents which after he checked their pulse assumed like them the other agents were dead. The enemy step out of the container and for the first time Barton and the remaining agents got a good look at them. They were tall, silver, metal robots with an emotionless look on their faces. The agents backed up while keeping their weapons pointed at the robots.

"Identify yourselves." Barton demanded

"You will be like us." one of the robots spoke in a terrifying robotic monotone voice ignoring Barton's question

"What if we refuse?"

The robot lifted up his right arm and a small laser gun emerged from the side then fired a shot at one of the agents next to Barton who was dead before they hit the ground.

"Then you shall be deleted."

On commanded the agents fired their weapons which to their surprise weren't doing any damage, Barton on the other hand knew exactly what to do, so with a quick hand he reached into his quiver, grabbed an arrow and reloaded his bow then shot the arrow at the first robot who somehow managed to catch it.

"Your inferior weapons can not harm us."

"Then this will come as a shock to you." Barton smirked as he pressed a button on his bow that caused the arrow the robot was holding to let out a powerful electrical discharge

The robot groaned in pain as it fell to the ground, Barton and the other agents took this time to make a run for it while trying to keep the other robots at bay. Barton and the agents took cover behind some crates, he quickly stuck his head out and saw that more robots coming out of the container meaning that they were facing up to eight robots minus the one he killed. Barton grabbed his radio and pressed the button to call for help.

"Fury, it's Barton, we need back up," he shouted into radio, "we have nine hostile robots approaching us, we got six agents down, repeat, we got six agents down and robots approaching."

He placed his radio on the ground and once again reloaded his bow, he took a deep breath before standing up and stepping out from behind the crate and fired the arrow into the eye of a nearby robot and just like before the target got electrocuted. He went to reload his bow again but something crossed his mind.

"I only got one of those arrows left," he thought, "I got to think of another way to fight them."

Barton's thoughts got interrupted as the agent standing only seven feet from him got shot by one of the robots who had come from around the side for a sneak attack. He looked around to see that only him and two other agents were alive. When he turned back the robot was standing only a few feet from him.

"You are no match for us." the robot informed

"I can see that, Tin Man," Barton joked as he reloaded his bow, "but that's not going to stop me from trying."

"Barton, it's Fury, do you read me?"

The voice got the robot's attention who figured out that it was coming from the radio and without hesitation destroyed it with a blast from its laser.

"No one can help you now."

"Then it looks like I'll have to defeat you myself."

Barton smiled as he fired his arrow at the robot who like the first robot caught it but this time the robot snapped the arrow in two which caught Barton off guard long enough for the robot was able to grab him by the throat and slam him into the crate causing him to drop his bow in the process. He struggled to get out of the robot's grasp but the machine was stronger and it looked Barton in the eyes with its own black, emotionless, robotic ones.

"You shall be upgraded." it informed

"Into what, exactly?"Barton asked knowing the answer

"You will become just like us."

I hope Barton gets out of this one but I'm afraid we won't know for a while. Now this story will take place in an alternate universe set during the summer after Cotton Hill died in King of the Hill and during when the 10th Doctor was traveling by himself after the fourth series (season). Stay Tuned