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It was an average Monday morning at the Hill house, Hank was in the living room by the front door with his son, Bobby, they were saying goodbye to his wife, Peggy who was going on a week-long trip to a spa with her friends Nancy and Minh. Peggy became emotional as she grabbed Bobby and hugged him tight.

"Oh, my sweet boy," Peggy said, "don't worry, I'll be back on Friday."

"Come on, mom," Bobby begged as he tried to escape the hug, "I'll be fine."

Hank came to Bobby's rescue as he gently pulled him away from Peggy.

"So, I looked over this list of emergency contacts you gave me and I noticed that you wrote down a number for a place called Damon's Spa & Resort."

"Yeah, that's the place that just opened," Peggy informed, "we're going to stay there the week."

"Can't you just get a hotel?"

"Hank, they were nice enough to send us that coupon for a free visit and I'm not going to blow it by spending over two hundreds dollars on some stupid hotel."

"I know it's because that spa propane powered."

"You love propane, hell your birthday cake last year was shape like a propane tank."

"I do love propane but not propane from Thatherton Fuels," Hank explained, "the bastard stole that account right from under us."

"Will it make you feel better if I promise not to use their hot tubs, whirlpools are anything heated by propane."

"A bit."

Peggy smiled as she kissed him and Bobby goodbye.

"Take a good look for the next time you see me I'll be a completely different person."

"I wish I was going," Bobby said, "a massage sounds really good."

Hank rolled his eyes before picking up Peggy's suitcases.

"Careful, Hank, my Boggle set is in there."

"You're taking Boggle?"

"I need to have something to do at night."

Peggy turned around and reached for the doorknob, when she opened the door to everyone's surprise there was a woman standing there. She was 5'9 with short black hair, brown eyes, and was wear a red light jacket over a white shirt, blue jeans, and a pair of white shoes. In her left hand as a large manila envelope and on the ground were two suitcases along with a large bag that she carried around her shoulder. The Hills and the woman stared at each other for a few minutes until the sound of a car pulling up broke the silence. They looked to see Nancy in the driver's seat and Minh sitting next to her waving at Peggy.

"That's Nancy." Peggy said before grabbing the suitcases from Hank and walking out the door to the car

They all watched as Peggy got to the car, put her luggage in the truck, get in the car, and watched it as it drove off. Hank's attention returned to the woman standing at his door.

"Sorry about that," he apologized, "my wife Peggy is going to that new spa that opened up outside of town."

"That's okay," the woman said as she opened up the envelope, "are you Hank Rutherford Hill?"

"Yes." Hank answered slowly

"The son of Cotton Hill."

Hank stared at the woman why did she want to know if Cotton was his father, he's been dead for seven months what did she want with him that is when something crossed his mind.

"Oh god, what did he do."

"Nothing, nothing bad," the woman said, "I know Cotton died back in November and the information in this envelope needed to come to him sooner but I wasn't sure how he would handle it."

She handed the envelope to Hank who carefully opened it and pulled out a paper that Hank could tell it was a medical record.

"It says here that your name is Maria Hill," Hank began to read the record, "funny that's my last name too and telling by your birth date your thirty and you were born in Chicago, sorry about that, your mother died during child-birth while your father…"

Hank froze when he saw the name of the father.

"Cotton Lyndal Hill."

This caught Bobby's attention as he even knew what this means.

"Wait, dad, does that mean that this woman is your half-sister?"

Hank dropped the paper in shock for the fact that he has another sibling. After a few minutes Hank moved into towards his chair in the living room and sat down. Bobby sat down on the couch and Maria sat down next to him.

"How did this happen?" Hank ask out loud to no one in particular

"My mother met Cotton during a vacation in Las Vegas."

Hank sat there trying to do the math in his head to see if the woman could be telling the truth.

"He would've been around fifty around that time, that's when he and my mother were fighting a lot and he would leave for a couple of weeks at a time, so I guess he could have went to Vegas and met your mother."

"I can imagine finding out your father having another child could be hard to handle."

"Actually I have two half brothers, one lives in Japan and the other is only like a year old."

"So not only do I find one brother I discover that I have two more out there."


Thy all sat there in silence.

"Wait," Bobby spoke up, "how is your last name Hill?"

"I found out about Cotton from my aunt when I eighteen and she told me what my mother told her about him, like how he was a war hero during WWII, then when I turned twenty-one I decided to leave Chicago to start a new life so I legally had my last name changed to Hill."

"Why did you wait long to find him?" Hank wondered

"There have been a couple of times that I've wanted to come find him but I didn't want to show up and cause any problems for his family."

"There were already problems in the family, you showing up would be like getting a splinter." Hank said

Hank continued talking to Maria about Cotton while Bobby snuck off to the kitchen to call his best friend Joseph. Bobby dialed the phone and kept an eye on Maria and his father until Joseph answered.

"Joseph, I have something tell you but I need you to keep it a secret for now," Bobby informed his friend, "but before I tell you is your dad listening to us?"

Bobby paused for a minute as Joseph went to find out.

"He is, tell him to hang up."

He heard the sound of a third person hanging up a phone.

"Good, now you won't believe this but I have an aunt well she is more of my half-aunt but still how cool is that?"

Back in the living room Hank had just finished telling Maria about his childhood and what it was like growing up with Cotton.

"My god," She said, "I can't believe you made it out of there alive."

"It wasn't all bad" Hank pointed out before he decided to change the subject, "anyways, Maria, what do you do for a living?"

"I'm actually looking for a job at this time."

"If you need a temporary job I can talk to my boss and see if there's anything available."

"Where do you work at?"

"I am the assistant manager at Strickland Propane."

"I think I drove past that on my way into town."

Hank went on to tell her how wonderful propane is and how its way better than charcoal which after nearly two hours Maria decided it would be a perfect time to ask him a question.

"Is it okay if I stay here?"

"Sure you can take the den."

"Thanks." Maria said as before stood up and grabbed her luggage

Hank pointed her towards the den and sat there as she entered the room and closed the door.

"I have a sister," Hank said out loud to himself with a soft chuckle, "wait until the guys hear about this."

In the den Maria had pulled out the bed and placed her suitcases and bag on the mattress then she walked over to the door which she opened just enough to see Hank get up and head to the kitchen. She went back over to the bed, opened her beg and pulled out a small earpiece that she immediately inserted into her right ear.

"Sir," she said as she pressed a small button on the device, "I'm in."

That concludes the second chapter of this story, question is what will happen next? Stay Tuned.