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Of Games and Broomsticks

Word Count: 150

"Cadis Etrama Di Raizel, I assume you are aware of the reason I called you here!" the Lord exclaimed, clapping his hands in a show of exuberant joy.

The dark haired Noblesse merely gave an imperceptible nod in agreement.

"Well, don't just stand there like a statue! Come! The games shall begin soon. You must participate in at least one – I know! How about the 'Broomstick Flying Contest'?" the Lord suggested happily with a wide smile.

"Lord, I do not think this constitutes as a respectable game for nobles," Gejutel intervened with an appalled expression when he heard the word 'broomstick'.

"Nonsense, it should be fun! You must participate in all of the games, Gejutel," the Lord insisted with a slight pout.

What is nonsense is this unconventional game, you old lunatic! Frankenstein cursed silently, horrified at the thought of his master riding a broomstick and soaring through the sky.

Of Inventions and Fortunes

Word Count: 200

"Frankenstein," Gejutel called with disdain marring his elegant features.

"Gejutel," the blond man addressed the elder noble regally.

"What is this?" the white haired noble asked with a displeased glare, motioning towards an odd looking device upon the table.

"It is a lamp," Frankenstein replied with a sardonic smile.

"You cannot fool me, Frankenstein. There is no candle inside the glass," Gejutel insisted with utter belief behind his words.

"It is my newest invention. I would explain the mechanics behind its creation, but I would not want to put a strain on your mind. Allow me to simply display its function," Frankenstein replied with a devious smirk as he pressed a switch at the base of the lamp. A bright light appeared instantly.

"What sort of magic have you called forth from hell this time?" Gejutel exclaimed. He was fascinated by the wondrous sight, but reluctant to admit it.

"It is called a Raizel lamp. The light will remain for as long as you wish it. Would you like one? Candles burn out quickly and with the rate you are reading each night…your family fortune might get depleted soon if you are not careful," Frankenstein offered with a wicked grin.

Of Visits and Invitations

Word Count: 100

"I heard you paid a visit to Cadis Etrama Di Raizel last week, Roctis," the Lord stated with an inquiring tone.

"That is correct, my Lord," Roctis replied with a slight frown. If this was all the lord had called him for, it was quite peculiar.

"Well, did he give you an answer?" the Lord asked with an anticipatory tone in his excited voice.

"Regarding which matter, my Lord?" Roctis asked, thoroughly confused.

"Raskreia invited him to a tea party next week! Do not tell me he forgot! What should I tell my little girl now? She will be devastated!"

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