Caroline didn't know what to say. She was just looking at his face blankly. She wanted to get this close to him for a long time but she somehow managed to keep her distance , remembering all the horrible that he has done to Tyler and all of her friends. But there he was , standing right in front of her. She was completely lost in his smell , his breath. She didn't know how he got under his skin this easy. Maybe because Tyler was gone and she was miserable. And now he was standing there saying that he was leaving town. How dare he? How dare he ruins everything and then leave me in this mess after all of these things he has done to my life? Caroline thought. She was still lost in her thoughts when Klaus interrupted the silence. " I know that you are not ready to accept my offer yet , love. But maybe one day , in a year or even in a century you will come up at my door and let me show you what the world has to offer." Great! Caroline thought. He wanter to show her the world and he wanted her to come with him. But she couldn't leave , could she? It would be good , leaving everything behind.

Caroline shivered when she felt Klaus' hand gently touching her face. He put the wavy blond curl which was swaying from to her beautiful face behind her was it. This is it. Klaus thought. It was their final goodbyes. Klaus bent down brushing his lips to Caroline's forehead. She didn't react. She didn't even move a muscle. All she knew was , she needed someone. Someone who can make her feel safe , who can make her feel home… Suddenly she made a move and surrounded her arms to Klaus' body and pressed her head to his chest. She was broken , he knew. Or else she would never hug him. She couldn't look at his face. It was shocking enough for her , how he quickly closed the final gap between them. How they fit each other. Even her own reaction surprised her.

He grabbed her closer and breathed her scent that he was going to miss a lot , for the last time. They did not want to get away from each other. But Klaus knew it was the time to go. It was his decision in the first place. For a moment he didn't want to go. This was all he asked from life when he was human. To be happy. As time passed and he was the original hybrid , his goal changed to make a hybrid army. But when Caroline came , something left from his humanity awaken. He wanted to be happy again. Love is a vampire's great weakness. He thought once again. He had to leave. And it had to be soon. He quickly left Caroline.

They both turned their backs at each other. Both knowing that if they peek at each other for one more time , Klaus wouldn't be able to leave. He turned swiftly and left by only saying " Goodbye love…" Caroline felt the emptiness once more. She was paralyzed. Her dad was gone , her lover Tyler was gone and now Klaus just left. All she had was her mom now. Stefan was always busy with Elena because of her transition. And Damon was not even a choice of consideration. And Bonnie , was just Bonnie. She had always enough problems. She had no one besides her mom. She was completely lost. Even Klaus' presence meant something. She somehow knew that he would never hurt her. Therefore protect her with every power that he has got. That clearly meant something. Tyler had to move on. He promised her to move on and let her go.

She realised that she was standing on the porch since Klaus was gone. Even at the very same spot. She finally decided to get inside and wait for her mom. Her mom was on for the night shift but Caroline had to wait. After Tyler was gone , Klaus was all she had. He acted like a perfect gentlemen even in the response of Caroline's harsh words. He kept her sane. Caroline missed Tyler and surprisingly Klaus.

She decided to do something , still waiting for her mom. She found some old videos in her laptop. The videos of her , her family , Elena , Bonnie and Matt. She transformed the videos to her TV. And finally pressed the 'play' button. She watched all of the videos crying and sobbing. When her mom came , it was nearly morning. She just rant o her and hugged her. Liz didn't know what to say to her little daughter who was still sobbing in her arms.

Meanwhile on the plane

Klaus was still trying to keep it together. He was on his way to England. All he needed was to know if Caroline was okay. He quickly shook that thought out of his head. Because he knew that if he thought about this for another split second , he was going to lose it. He asked Kol to make him a MP3 list before he was gone. So he put the earphones on. And realised that the MP3 was full of weird vampire songs. This must be a joke! Ah bloody hell Kol! I'm going to put you back in your coffin where you belong! He thought. And then he realised the songs lyrics.

Darling I'm lost
Adrift in the dark
I'm clutching your words
To my vampire heart once more

Here we are
In the darkest place
To keep from forgetting
I picture your face
And I wonder
While we count the cost
Which is sweeter
Love or it's loss

He lost himself in the song. His sweet Caroline was all he could think of. How she smelled and how she hugged him fort he last time. He already missed her.

But then reality hit him. She didn't want him. She never did. She just needed a person , which could be anyone. But everyone was interested in Elena as always. Suddenly he became worthy to her. He cared about her even though he never wanted to admit it. He truly cared for Caroline…

After Liz slept , Caroline was still looking at outside as it was morning now. She didn!t feel anything. She desperately needed to feel something so she took off

her daylight ring and started to burn. She screamed and didn't want to put it back on. Liz rushed through downstairs after the screams. Liz managed to put the

daylight ring into Caroline's finger once more. Caroline could still feel the burn.

"Caroline what the hell are you doing?!"

"Mom , I needed this.."

"This is not good Caroline… I'm going to talk to Elena and Bonnie. You need them Caroline!"


Liz was shocked. She never thought that Caroline would show her teeth to her. Liz backed down as Caroline lied on the floor crying…