Hey everyone!

For your information this is just an author's note.
It is completely up to you to finish this or not. However I sincerely believe that all of you should hear me out. I have no idea how to clearly explain everything to you but I know how to start. I'm sorry... I really am sorry to have left you like that , not even informing you about me quitting this story.

As I have apologized briefly , thanking you is in order. Yes all of you who made me feel so happy and special all along. If it weren't for you all I wouldn't have met amazing people over this story and every positive thing that all of the authors would understand. I remember waking up to reviews and how they made me smile all day long and sometimes even days. It feels like it has been ages now.

The reason I'm writing this now is that I still have people who follow and favourite this story. I really don't want to disappoint more people. I already feel awful that I didn't write this note when I should have. And also to explain why I quit... I actually had everything planned until 20th chapter , it was supposed to end there. Also I still have 3.000 words of 16th chapter saved. After I lost all my enthusiasm towards my story , I felt like my ability to write just faded away. There were lots of plots in my mind and they just didn't go well together or I didn't like how it turned out. And for the 16th chapter there was something clearly missing. I just couldn't ignore it. I am very sorry for that but I don't think I can write well anymore... So the problem here is all me.

For people who are wondering what will happen to Klaus , Caroline and Evelyn or any other character you like on this fic or simply if you have any questions, please pm me and I will tell you what I had planned. Thankfully my last chapter was kind of like an epilogue even though a lot of questions were left unanswered.

Once again thank you for everything you've done for me even though I didn't deserve it. I am still very lucky to have met the people I've met and read all those reviews. I love you all. *sobbing because this wasn't suppose to end like this* I hope to see you in different stories and talk to you more.

Lots of love

Sophie Sheeran xx