The Flashback

~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~Flashback~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ "Aww isn't little Gohan cute?" Ask Chi Chi to Goku "Yea he is. He's only 2 years old" Replied Goku. "Let's leave him to sleep" Said Chi Chi "Alright" Was Goku's only reply. They went down stairs then all of a sudden they heard a CRASH~ coming from Gohan's room. Suddenly Goku raced upstairs and crashed the door but he was still to late. For Gohan was gone and the only thing in his place was a doll and a letter it read:

Goku I have taken your only son and you will NEVER ever see him alive again!

From: Your worst nightmare!

Goku and Chi Chi were so shocked they just stood there for about an hour or so then Chi Chi started crying and saying that she'll never see her poor little baby again she cried and cried until there was no tears left in her. So after another hour the Son's decided to never mention Gohan again so that it won't hurt them anymore. So that's what they decided like they said they never mentioned Gohan or the letter ever again. Not even to their second son Goten. And that's how it went for 13 years. Until the day came.


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