Lirena:Okie readers here's the 7th chappy you've all been waiting for!

Mimi:Great now all you have to do is the disclaimers and then the story will begin.

Lirena:*Has evil look in eyes*Who said I'm even going to do the disclamiers?

Mimi:Because if you don't lawyers will sue you for stealing DBZ.

Lirena:*Evil look disappears*Ep!I Don't own DBZ!So Please don't sue!^-^


Meanwhile away from the school on a mountain top another space pod landed.The door opened and out stepped a boy that looked almost the same as Master he to was wearing the same kind of armor as Master when he first arrived except his was black.

He also has the same messy hair style but his eyes were darker much darker.

"Md19 tell me what planet is this?"Asked the 15 year old boy.

"Sir this is the plant Earth the creatures are weak and they are not the only creatures living here."Replided MD19

"Excellent now locate the place where Master S. and show me the way."The boy commanded

The robot flew ahead at amazing speed while the boy followed after it.Soon they aproched an apartment.The boy took the robot and put it on his wrist like a watch.He reached a old man which he assumed was the landlord and asked politley

"Excuse me but can you please show me where Master S. lives?"

The landlord replied "Aren't you Master S.?Oh well you must be his twin brother you two look almost alike except for the eyes."

"Sure I'm his 'brother'."The boy said.

"In that case his room is on the 6th floor apt 666 wonder why he choose the devils number?"Said the landlord curiosley.'Kids and their fashion sense today.'The landlord thought as the boy walked away.

The boy that claimed to be Master's brother walked upstairs until he was right infront of the apartment door.

"Md19 open the lock."The boy commanded

With a click the door was opened and the boy slowly walked in while scanning the apt.He then took out a small black marble and threw it onto the ground and suddenly a new room appeared.

The boy opened the door and walked in.Inside the walls were all black and the bed was blood red.There was also a closet set in the corners.He opened the closet doors and took out a black shirt and a navy blue jean.And he changed out of his armor.

After he was done changing he walked out side into the halls and commanded Md19 to lock the doors.And slowly walked towards the old man again.

"Excuse me sir when brother gets back can you tell him I stopped by to vist him?"Asked the boy politley

"Why sure sonny what might I ask is your name?"The landlord asked.

The boy thought for a while and said "The name is Gohan.Son Gohan."And walked away.

Lirena:MWAHAHAHA!!!!A cliffhanger don't you all just hate me? *Doges a tomato before it hits*Hehehe thought so.Sorry it's so short I've just been busy honest.Anyways now the truth is out MASTER is NOT Gohan or is he?

Mimi:You just told them in you story Masters NOT Gohan.

Lirena:Did I write down that he's not Gohan?

Mimi:No but you said Gohan was looking for him so-

Lirena:Nope if I didn't write it down then it doesn't count so there!*Sticks out toungh :p*

Mimi:v_v Oh forget it I give up!*Walks away*

Lirena:Anyways those authors who think I've stole your idea in the begining now has to think again because he isn't who he seems to be!MWAHAHAHAHA!!!!Before I forget REVIEW PEOPLE!!!!*Chases after Mimi*