"If Only In Spike's Dreams"

Rated T

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It was perhaps another day in Equestria. The good townsponies were busy with their morning commutes as Spike was busy carrying a cartful of books for Twilight Sparkle to read. Some kind of errand this turned out to be.

"I can't believe that Twilight wants me to pick up some books for her. Some kind of sorcery I don't know why..." Spike muttered as his arm was feeling just plum tired after carrying those rows of books, "Next time, I oughta let her carry these instead. That way I can kill time getting fat on Applejack's apples..."

However, what Spike didn't expect was that he saw Rarity walking past by the schoolgrounds. He decided to greet her in this morning.

"Hey, Rarity! Lovely day, huh?" Spike said out loud to Rarity.

"It sure it's darling! You look soooo cute today!" Rarity exclaimed right back to Spike. Weird, she never even considered Spike cute before.

"Thanks! You look so beautiful yourself!" Spike shouted happily to her. That little compliment made Rarity blush.

"Awwww, thanks, darling!" Rarity shouted out back, "You wanna make out, cutie?"

"Aw heck yeah, I do!" Spike shouted happily once again as he left the wagon of books right behind him so that he can dash right over to Rarity. He looked so giddy like an excited school-boy reaching puberty. They both met in a hug, but only to be lost by their eyes. "Kiss me, darn the law! I want to be with you!"

"I want to be with you too darling! I love you, Spike!" Rarity shouted out just admitting it to Spike's face for the first time.

Both of their lips puckered up, with their faces just moving an inch closer. And in instant...

...both Spike and Rarity finally kissed! It was the most exciting thing that Spike had ever felt in his life! For the first time, he felt glorious, like he was some sort of heavyweight champion, the king of the world.

But somehow, Spike's little moment was somehow ruined when he was cut off by a certain pony.

"Spike! What on earth are you doing?" Twilight Sparkle shouted angrily before Spike opened his eyes and stared at her angrily.

"I'm here making out with Rarity? What's your point, huh?" Spike shouted back to her.

"Really, if you're making out with Rarity, would you mind telling me why you're making out with a streetlight?" Twilight Sparkle replied.

"Wha-" Spike replied as he suddenly turned to where he was holding. Twilight was right, he seemed to be holding and kissing a streetlight. It seemed that Spike was only daydreaming. Such a darn shame. "But it's not what it looks like. I was... I was seduced."

"You know what? I don't wanna hear it, okay? Just keep rolling those books straight to the house! What are you, some kind of street-light kissing sicko?" Twilight cringed angrily a little bit before she finally left, which left Spike to do some thinking of his own.

"Oh, man... why can't it ever happen for me...? Why can't it just happen to me only for once? WHHHHHHHY, PONY GOD, WHHHHHHHHY!?" Spike screamed in the heavens above as he depressingly continued to roll the wagon full of library books right over to his and Twilight's house. Guess it goes to you show you anything can happen, but only in your dreams.

Spike learned that very harsh reality just now.

Heh, I bet Spike would do something like this! He's so goofy and I just love him like that?

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