~Edward's Point of view ~

With a slight frown sliding onto my face I ran through the mess of thick forest, smelling the scent of my prey, but not yet able to spot it out. Feeling the burn in my throat flare as hot as lava, I finally found the medium sized mountain lion.

Slowly I crept down, lurking from behind a tree, watching it move silently through the woods, its sights on a wild rabbit. Before the mountain lion could take the great leap, I lunged forward, tackling it down to the ground.

Its savage growls erupted from its mouth, trying with all its strength to claw at me, and snap its teeth near my throat. It had managed to make a slight cut on my shirt, which irrigated me slightly.

With a snap, I cracked the beast's neck, watching as its lifeless body fell to the ground, and with a grunt I sunk my teeth into its neck, draining it dry within seconds.

Standing up from my kill, I sighed, lightly kicking the dead body under a bush, taking a cautious glance around, making sure no one had been around to witness this.

Nothing appeared to be around, the woods was silent… actually, to be completely honest, I have never experienced a time where this forest had been so quiet, it was almost like every living thing was holding its breath.

Slowly I turned back in the direction of my house, about to start heading back, but as another scent floated towards me, I paused in my tracks, finding the scent more than delicious. It was irresistible.

Without thinking, I went charging towards the scent, letting my instincts take over, and soon I was running down trails, leaping over strayed stumps, and a small stream. Everything blurred around me as I ran faster, beginning to head towards the Canadian border.

Luckily the scent became almost overwhelming as I paused at the top of a ravine.

I gazed down into the deep ravine, taking in an over-turned minivan, well… the remains of a minivan. It was badly dented, the roof was caved in deeply, but the smell of blood was still thick in the air.

This accident must have happened recently, within a range of 2 to 4 hours I'm sure.

I didn't know why, but I couldn't help but let myself fall down into the ravine, taking a closer look inside, taking in two figures. A man in the driver's seat, his face deeply bleeding, and his face through the entire windshield, then there was a woman, still in her seat belt, but the door was now wedged into her side deeply, looking as though it was cutting her in half.

I really should make sure this wreck was being reported.

I was about to move away from this scene, when a faint noise got my attention, making me pause in my tracks.

What was that?

I now moved closer, with a good grip on the door, I pulled it off, holding my breath as the scent of the fresh blood hit my senses.

Again the noise was heard, and I was able to detect it as a tiny voice, as if… a… infant.

Quickly I was moving inside the mangled mess of the van, forcing the seats out of the way, noticing how all the chairs seemed to be bent around a little child carrier. Ever so slightly I moved to the carrier, and gasped as I took in the most beautiful baby girl, I had ever seen.

She looked up at me with big brown eyes, a few strands of thin brown hair at the top of her head. Judging by the pink blanket bundled around her; she had barely budged from the carrier.

It truly was amazing that this girl baby had managed to survive this wreck.

Without thinking, I pried the carrier out, walking out of the van as quickly as possible, wanting to separate this child from danger as soon as possible.

As I walked her up out of the ravine, looking down at the gorgeous smile that hinted on her tiny lips, I felt my insides begin to twist, and warm. For a minute, I couldn't imagine letting this little girl alone.

I had to take her back to Carlisle, make sure she was alright.

Slowly, I began to walk forward, watching down at the baby, letting a smile slide onto my face as her eyes came up to mine, with a sweet giggle.

My icy insides began to warm now, and gently I let my hand go down to her face, my finger stroking over her tiny cheek.

Such a beauty…

Will the Cullen's adopt this little angel?