Edward's point of view

Upon making it to the mall, I couldn't help but sigh. I really didn't want to be anywhere near a mall, I had no desire to even think about going to school tomorrow, and letting Bella off for her first day of school all alone.

Why couldn't we just home school her, we all had done learns of schooling, surely we all knew more than some old teacher.

But Esme had insisted that Bella needs to interact with others her age, not just her family. Which I was a little worried about, what if she finds herself in a more comfortable relationship with some other child?

So what, she was bound to get her fair share of little crushes, there was no stopping it, and as much as it pained me, there was nothing I could do about that. I still didn't know why I felt so upset by this possible future, so I just pushed the feelings away.

A soft touch suddenly had gotten my attention as we all entered the mall. I looked down with a smile as I recognized the tiny touch.

Smiling down, I gazed into Bella's eyes, taking in her big brown orbs, feeling a squeeze to my head heart as she took my hand in hers.

"Come on Eddie," She smiled cheerfully, and pointed in the direction of the huge toy store.

"No no Bella, clothes first, then we can go to the toys," Alice said pausing in front of us, and pointing in the direction of all the retail stores.

Bella pouted now, her eyes locking on the toy store as Alice led us towards the clothing stores.

So badly I wanted to give in, and take Bella were ever it is she wanted to go. But I knew I had to keep guidelines, she couldn't get everything she wanted; she would turn into a mini Rosalie and no one wanted that to happen.

For each store we entered, I watched as Bella was forced into clothing, for what seemed like hours. I could already tell she was losing patience, just as quickly as I was, as we entered the 10th store.

"Can we go to the toys now?" She pleaded, looking up at Alice with puppy dog eyes.

Alice sighed, shifting her arms a bit; to take all the bags she had made me carry. Rose narrowed her eyes at me.

I could take her to the toy store, why does Edward have to take her to the fun places, I want to spend alone time with her to. Rose thought bitterly.

"Alright, you and Edward can go on, but meet us back at the car in thirty minutes," Alice said with a grin, and began to pull Rose away, into the next store.

Bella beamed in joy, and quickly took hold of my hand once again, and began to pull me in the direction of the store.

I was half tempted on buying every toy in the store, if this was what Bella wished.

Edward, if you buy more than five new toys, I'm going put you in time out. Alice thought to me.

I cracked a smile at that, shaking her thoughts off.

It would be worth it to see Bella happy.

"What would you like to get?" I wondered, looking down at Bella as she analyzed each and every doll in the whole store.

She hummed, running her fingers over a certain on, seeming to concentrate very hard, the more and more she watched it, the brighter her eyes seemed to get.

"Oh Eddie, this one is just perfect," She smiled, nodding to the doll with enthusiasm. "It has the Barbie Satin dress and everything,"

I chuckled, looking at the doll that had captured her full attention.

It was indeed much different than other dolls; I recognized it as the one that had been previously seen on TV, and knew full well this had to be the most expensive doll in the store.

"It walk, and talks, and will be your best friend till the end," Bella read the back of the box. She looked up at me with pleading eyes; that no man could possibly say no to. "Can I get it, please Eddie?"

"Of course you can sweet Bella," I smiled, and laughed as she did a victory dance.

"Thank you Eddie," She beamed hugging herself to my leg.

My heart felt like it would begin to beat at any second as I pulled her up into my arms, handing her the doll that she so desperately wanted.

"Anything for you,"

Her smile took over her face, showing me those tiny little teeth. She nestled herself close, resting her head in the crook of my neck, her hand gently stroking the outside of the box.

"I'm going to name her… Daisy," Bella grinned, looking up at me for a response.

"That is a beautiful name,"

Bella nodded in agreement, and slowly she leaned up, kissing my cheek. And to my complete surprise, a wave of sparks crackled down through me, making me freeze for only a second, before I forced myself forward.

What had that been?

Maybe I had imagined it, surely Bella would have felt that, if something had happened, but she appeared to be oblivious.

"Is there anything else you want, I'll get whatever you want," I spoke, trying to distract myself from that little moment.

As much as I liked that sensation, I didn't know what it meant, and just for a second, it really worried me.

"No Eddie, I just want Daisy," Bella spoke, petting the box as she looked up at me.

I nodded with a smile, and headed to the check out.

The doll had only been a mere sixty dollars, but I suppose this was all Bella had wanted, after the near five hundred dollar shopping spree Alice had forced on her. But regardless, Bella would be set for the first month of school, I'm sure Alice would have her back here next month for another mass shopping spree.

Lord, the world would end if a Cullen was caught wearing the same pair of clothes two different times in the range of a year. It would be almost criminal to Alice.

Edward, would you hurry, we want to get Bella back home before dinner. Rose's thoughts assaulted my mind as I led Bella out of the mall.

That's all you got her, a doll? Wow, way to cut back, I'm proud of you brother. Alice thought to me as I opened the car door, picking Bella up, and strapping her securely in her seat.

"Welcome back, how was the toy store?" Alice grinned, looking back at Bella brightly. "You got a new doll,"

"I sure did, Eddie got her for me," Bella smiled holding up the box.

"Oh let me see," Rose smiled looking at the Barbie, nodding in approval. "Didn't want you more than just the doll?"

Bella shook her head, giggling as I got scooped in beside her. "I just wanted Daisy,"

"That's a great name," Alice said as she began to pull out onto the main road.

"What her open?" Rose wondered, watching Bella with a motherly smile.

Bella nodded, slowly handing Rose the box, and watching as Rose used her pinky finger to slice the box in two, and with the tip of her nails, she ripped the strings that kept the doll attached to the cardboard.

"Daisy is pretty," Rose spoke, handing the doll over to Bella.

Bella gently stoked the dolls hair, looking up at each of us.

"She is my best friend, until the end,"

"You know who else is?" Alice smiled, looking back at Bella.


"Me, Rose, Edward, Emmett, Jasper, mom, and dad, we are all your friends, and your family, forever Bella, don't ever forget that,"

Bella beamed, looking around at each of us.

"I know, and I love you all so much, tank you for taking me shopping,"

This warmed my heart, and for a second, I felt as though my whole would was spinning from under me, a massive wave of emotions pulling at me, consuming my whole body, and I could no longer fight it back.

I finally understood what I truly was feeling towards Bella.

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