Michael Baxter sighed, glancing at the redhead adjusting his tie with a dark, closed-off expression.

"Are you sure this is an okay tie?" he asked. "I mean, you said you liked it, but…"

"It's fine," Sarah grumbled, jerking the knot tight. "Honestly, it's just like a press conference, except sleazier. It's not like you two are going on a date or anything. I don't know why you'd be so worried about it."

"Well, I might get my picture taken." He smoothed back his hair, but the few strands that never really sat perfectly straight popped back up again as soon as his hand left them, and he gave up. "Michael Baxter always looks good in tabloid photos! Even when they photoshop his skin green." He gave her a cheeky grin.

She snorted. "Green?"

He chuckled. "They needed a generic government agent to turn into a Martian. It didn't look half-bad, actually. What do you think about this suit jacket?"

"Your jackets all look exactly the same, Michael," she pointed out.

He was starting to get worried. She was never this moody. Had he said something wrong? He didn't remember making any particular sexist comments over the last couple of days, and he couldn't think of any particularly bad puns or jokes. Was it something else that had happened?

Quickly, he ran over the mental list of important dates Sector 7 kept on her. Last he'd checked, her birthday was still a month away so he hadn't forgotten that, but he'd need to check his PDA to make sure he hadn't transposed numbers. It wasn't anywhere near any gift-giving holiday that he might've missed and thusly, he couldn't have forgotten anything important there.

So that ruled out things wrong with him.

"This one has a different fit than the others," he protested, pointing to the (slightly) pointier shoulders. "Maybe I should go with something less dashing? I wouldn't want to overwhelm her."

He grinned cheekily. Sarah glared.

"She's a tabloid reporter. Nothing will 'overwhelm' her."

Oh. Right. Sarah hated reporters. That's why she wasn't coming. That must be what put her in a bad mood!

"Aw, come on, Sarah. She's not all that bad! And the Weekly Probe isn't as sleazy as some of the other…"

Sarah huffed, slammed out of the room.

"Have fun on your not-date tonight, Agent Baxter!" she yelled.

As Michael put his sunglasses on, he was left to silently mull over just what, exactly, he'd said this time.

A/N2: Okay, here we go. First off, this is based off of the lovely webcomic Adrastus, which you can find at adrastus comic .com. The artist, Liz Staley, is a very good friend of mine so this is dedicated to her. It's based on a prompt I found at imagineyourotp .tumblr .com, which is awesome. This is the prompt:

"Imagine Person A is helping Person B pick out an outfit for a date with someone else, and Person A is growing more and more jealous as the day goes on."

Adrastus is a giant robot comic. It's amazing. YOu need to read it nao. The two characters here are the two main characters, and the off-screen tabloid reporter... well, according to Liz you'll meet her in Ch.13, two chapters upcoming. I hope you enjoyed this little drabble!