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The Death Weapon Meister Academy's yearly anniversary celebration; The Foundation Day Eve.

Hosted by Lord Death

Staff and Students only.

In the hallways of the DWMA, a single poster in fancy lettering was posted on the wall right next to Crescent Moon Class. A tall, lanky form was standing in the now empty hallways, absentmindedly staring at the poster.

Every year, the DWMA hosts a grand party for all students and staff, commemorating the founding of the Academy, called the 'Foundation Day Eve'; the night before the actual day Shibusen was founded. The party is a week away but the pink-haired boy was not thinking about the upcoming festivity, he was thinking about last year, on that day, he had made his first friend in this school.

Maka Albarn.

Just thinking about her sends a warm, fuzzy feeling in his heart. He remembered that day well when she tapped into his soul and helped him out of his circle he made. After that, Maka gave him his first loving, physical contact when she hugged him and gave him a handshake.

Maka was the best thing that ever happened to him. The shy swordsman blushes up a storm; he was always like this when his thoughts kept leaning towards a certain scythe-meister.


The boy was pulled from his thoughts from the girl he was just thinking about. Maka waved over and walked towards him.

"Hey, what are you doing just standing here? Classes are done, you ready to go home?" Maka lookes up at the poster Crona was staring intently at. "Oh. Are you excited about the foundation party?"

"I'm not too sure about going," out of habit, the boy gripped his arm tightly. "You know I'm not good with crowds." he stammered.

"I know but still, you could at least think about it. You're part of the school now, Crona." She places her hand on his shoulder gently. "I would be happy if you'd come."

Crona fought very hard to keep his face from getting redder. He smiled nervously and nodded. "O-Okay, I'll think about it, Maka." No, he already made up his mind. He'll definitely come because the girl he admired for so long said she'll be happy if he showed up. He could deal with large crowds as long as he's with Maka. After all, it couldn't be that bad, right?

Maka smiled and walked around him to grab his free hand and guide him down the hallways towards the exit. "This'll be your first time attending the foundation party. You won't regret it, it's really fun."

Crona looked around when they made it out of the school. "Maka, where's Soul? He usually meets us here." he asked.

"Soul's spending the day with Liz. She needs him to pick out a dress with her so they could match." she snickers. "They'll probably be out all day."

Maka noticed the confused look he has on his face and explained. "Liz is Soul's date for the party, they're picking out their outfits together." she snorts. "Knowing Soul, every time Liz comes out of the dressing room trying different outfits, he'll just nod and give the same reply: 'It's cool'. I should know, I had to go through that."

Crona chuckled quietly until he caught on what Maka had said. "A date? D-Do you really need one to go?" he asked, twiddling with his fingers nervously. The shy swordsman didn't know much about formal festivities; all he know was that you were suppose to dress nice and be on your best behavior or in his case, keeping Ragnarok on his best behavior.

"No, of course not. It's not mandatory you can go by yourself or with a group of friends. Last year I didn't have a date." Maka smiled slyly and poked Crona's cheek playfully. "Why did you asked, are you trying to ask me to be your date, Crona?"

Before he could stutter out a reply, Crona felt the familiar feeling of his weapon emerging from his back. "Hah! Not even Crona would ask you, cow!"

"Great, my day is officially ruined since you decided to show your ugly face." she glared.

"Then I'm doing one hell of a good job then."

Crona frowned at his weapon partner. It was blubbering idiocy now…he'd be sure ask him to shut up when the blonde girl is not around later on. "R-Ragnarok, be nice."

"Shut it, Crona. Don't tell me what to do!" he gave the pink-haired meister an aggressive noogie.

"Ow! Quit it" he swatted Ragnarok's stubby little fists away from his hair before turning back to Maka. "Sorry, Maka."

"It's ok, Crona. Ragnarok better count his lucky stars that he's attached to you, he would've had a large indent on his damn head." After saying that, Maka brought out her large book from Death knows where, holding it out threateningly.

"It didn't stopped you before, you bitch."


"Hey you're right. I didn't stop before and certainly didn't stop now." she smirked.

Crona felt his partner droop over his head, unconscious most likely. He couldn't stop going over on what Maka had said before Ragnarok interrupted. Crona knew Maka was only teasing about him asking her out but he was wondering if Maka would really say yes if he asked her to be his date for the dance.


She'll probably just smile in sympathy and turn him down gently.

Crona smiles slightly, his cheeks turning a light pink. It's ok though; hanging out with Maka at the party is enough for him anyway.

"Augh! Damn it, Soul!"

Crona heard the refrigeator door slammed from his room. He went out of his room to go check on what Maka was so frustrated about. He went into the kitchen to see Maka throwing off her apron and asked what was wrong.

"Soul forgot to go grocery shopping, it was his turn to get the food." she made her way to the door where her shoes were by. "I better go now before the store closes otherwise it's PB&J again."

"W-Wait, Maka! I'll go instead."

"You don't have to Crona." she smiles.

"No, I want to. You're cooking after all so…" he trailed off, smiling sheepishly.

"Aww Crona," she rushes over, giving him a big hug before reaching into her pocket to pull out the money. "Here, this should be enough to buy the ingredients for the curry."

"A-Anything for you, Maka." he smiled before opening the door. "I'll be quick!"

Crona makes his way back home from Death Market carrying the two bags that held tonight's dinner. Even though he quickly dismissed the thought of asking Maka to be his date, he still couldn't get the idea out of his head. What if she said yes? What if-

"Oh for fucks sake Crona, just ask the damn cow!" Ragnarok shouted after emerging from his back. "All your thinking is giving me a headache."

"W-Well I would but…I don't think I can. She'll most likely say no, it would probably be awkward for her."

"You're such a pussy. How would you know she'll say no? I didn't know you could predict on what could happened, numbnuts."

Crona sighs. "What if she says no? What if she turns me down? I don't think I could deal with rejection."

"You won't get anywhere with the what-if's Crona. Be a man! Just go up to her and ask." He felt Ragnarok going back inside his body.

"Easier said than done." he mumbles as he quickens his pace to get back home. He'll have to work up the courage to even ask Maka to be his date and he'll have to do it soon because the Eve party is coming. Crona blushes slightly, tightening his grip on the bags he's carrying. He really wants to go with Maka but he can't imagine himself actually going up to her and ask to be his date. Times like this he wished he was confident. Like Black*Star. Crona bet he wouldn't have any trouble asking a girl out.

Maybe it wouldn't hurt to practice

"No. Fucking. Way."

"P-Please just do this for me! I-I need to practice for this. I want to make sure I'll say it right. Besides it's just us two here, no one will know-Ow!" he felt his hair being pulled roughly by his weapon partner.

"I'll know and that's enough! Fuck Crona, my pride will be on the line here!"

"I know this is too much to ask." Crona pushed his two fingers together nervously. "But please Ragnarok, I don't know what else to do."

"I'll tell you what you can do; pick up a damn mirror and practice by yourself."

Crona sighs, regretting what he was about to do considering that he was short on money right now. "That chocolate cake we saw in Death Market…I'll buy you that if you do this for me."

He knows that had gotten Ragnarok's attention. He felt his weapon went back inside his body before quickly coming out again, this time from the front so Ragnarok is facing towards him.

"You're serious, right? You better not be messing with me, Crona!"

"I promise, tomorrow after school I'll get you that cake."

Ragnarok crosses his arms, looking away from Crona for a moment to think of his answer. All the while the pink-haired boy was twiddling his fingers nervously, waiting for his reply.

"Fine I'll do it." Crona perks up from his answer even as Ragnarok pulled him by the collar of his robe. "But after this consider your man card revoked."

"I thought it already was when I was making flower chains with Patty."

"Shut up!" he let go of Crona's robe. "Now hurry up, lets get this over with. I'll pretend to be the cow for ya."

Crona closes his eyes after taking a deep breath. He opens them and finds himself staring at Ragnarok's ping-pong ball-like eyes and he couldn't help but feel awkward about this. Maybe he should've practiced with the mirror but he wanted to make this as real as possible.

"Come on, hurry it up dumbass!" Ragnarok shouted, his voice ringing with impatience, he can tell. Best to get it over with.

Crona cleared his throat before speaking. "M-M-Maka…?" he winces mentally. That's another thing he should work on; his stuttering.

"Yes, what is it Cronaaaa!" Ragnarok's voice pitches up higher to make himself sound like a girl. But really it just sounds like two cats fighting over a can of tuna.

"What are you doing?" he frowns.

"Pretending to be the nerd, what else?"

"Well stop it, you sound nothing like her." Crona's frown deepens. "And I have a feeling you're doing this on purpose."

Ragnarok rolled his eyes. "Silly me, I forgot. She's a cow so I have to talk like one don't I? Moooo-Gah!" Ragnarok's head tosses back after receiving a brutal punch on the jaw from the timid swordsman.


Maka clears the table before placing the three plates that's filled with tonight's dinner. She then scoops a decent portion of curry into Blair's bowl, placing it next to the table. The scythe meister looks at the dinner table with satisfaction as she takes off her apron. Perfect. Everything was set and it was time to eat. She called Soul and Blair from the living room to come to the dinner table. She then made her way to Crona's room to call him in for dinner. She lightly knocks the door before opening it.

"Crona it's time to-huh?" She walked in to see Crona rolling over the floor, wrestling with Ragnarok. It looked like they were fighting.

"Crona, you fucktard!" Ragnarok pounded his stubby little fists on his meister's head. "How dare you punch me! Do I have to remind you on what it's like getting punched by someone like you?!"

"Ow-you..ow..started it-ow!" Crona made a grab for Ragnarok's fists to stop from hitting him.

Maka had enough of watching the two fighting so she cleared her throat loudly to get their attention. "What's going on here?"

The two stopped their quarreling to stare at the doorway where Maka was standing and she didn't look happy either. The last thing Crona wanted to do was make Maka upset with him so he quickly gathered himself up and pushed away Ragnarok's hands that was still gripping his hair.

"What were you two fighting about now?" she asked.

"This pansy punched me first!" After Ragnarok said that, Crona bowed his head in shame, after all he really did start the fight.

Maka directed her glare towards Ragnarok. "If he punched you first, you must've deserved it."

"Of course you would take his side you cow."

She smiled warmly at Crona, completely ignoring the him. "Come on Crona, time to eat!"

"Well are we trying again or what?"

"A-Actually I think I'll just practice by myself this time." Crona took out his tooth brush, getting ready to brush his teeth before going to bed. 'Or maybe I just won't do it all.'

"Oh no you don't!" Just as Crona applied tooth paste on his tooth brush, Ragnarok smacked the item right out of his hand. "You're not gonna back out of it now, we're doing this shit!"

"I didn't know you cared."

"Of course I care…I care about that cake you're gonna buy me tomorrow!" Again, Ragnarok popped out of the front where Crona can see him better. "Now when you ask the nerd, stand up straight! Keep your head up when you're going to ask her, don't look down." he bopped the swordsman's head for good measures.

"Now you look at the nerd dead in the eye and say…" Ragnarok motioned for him to continue.

Crona took the hint and once again finding himself staring at Ragnarok. It was hard but he managed to pretend that it was Maka standing in front of him, smiling at him sweetly like she always does for him. He felt his face getting warm just thinking about her. Before he knew it, the words he wanted to say past through his lips easily.

"…Maka, will you be my date for the eve party?" he surprised himself that he managed to say those words without fumbling over them.

He felt his weapon partner pat him lightly on the head. "Well whaddya know? There may be hope for you yet." The pink-haired meister couldn't stop the smile that appeared on his face; it still remained when Ragnarok started pulling his hair. "Just remember to keep your promise, a deal's a deal!" And with that, Ragnarok went back into Crona's body.

That made Crona even more determind to go through this. Tomorrow, he'll ask Maka when they're alone. They usually have lunch on the school's balcony so he'll definitely ask her there.

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