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Since I had ask Hanako if she wanted to return to school or get some lunch she looking a bit indecisive. I wonder why? … Well my wait is over she seemed to have come to a decision. "I… I would like… to get something… to eat now." Ok well I do have some spending money so. "Ok let's go then I think I say a small café while we were walking. It didn't seem too crowded" I respond. "Oh ok… sound nice." That's all she says before covering part of her face and following me out.

*about half an hour later*

I'm a bit out of breath, Hanako seems pretty much fine. As we reach the café. "Finally, I'm sorry I thought I knew where it was not just the general direction." I say as I catch my breath. "It's fine… are you ok?" "Yea just not in the best of shapes but I'll manage." Thus ends the conversation as we take out seats. Within minutes the waitress comes by and asks what we like to order. After a few more second looking at the menu I reply. "I'd like a roast beef sandwich and some ice coffee."


After hisao order it takes me a couple second to figure out. "I'll… take a… cup of tea and… some cake… uh chocolate… please." The waitress replies. "Sure coming right up just wait a few minutes I'll be back" she throws a wink and walks off with a small swing to her hips. Wow did she really just do that…. I'm in a bit of a shock. I look to hisao who seems unfazed. Actually it looks like he not paying attention. It would appear he just staring, with his head propped up on his hand, fingers crossed over each other.

He appears to be deep in through and wearing that grimace that sometime appears on his face when he not pays attention and thinking about certain things. I haven't seen it in a few weeks since before he opened up more to me and Lilly. Lilly he must be thinking about her the only reason I'm not cause like Hisao said last time I still have him. Maybe if I tell him he has me. Though I know I'm no replacement for Lilly. Tall, elegant, beautiful, graceful, and kind is just a few things that spring to mind when I think of Lilly. I wonder what Hisao thinks.


After I order my mind wonders to what could have been. I think of Lilly, I think what could have happened if she hadn't left. If I'd been able get her to stay. What we be doing or if it work out. What would live been like living with Lilly? Going through school, then college, getting a job, I wonder what I'd be. Lilly did want to be an English teacher. Maybe I could talk to Mutou, maybe he could help.

Well this is getting me nowhere fast and is painful to think about. I wonder if lunch is here. I refocus my eyes and see a slightly worried Hanako. "What's wrong." I question. "Nothing you just zone out… for about 15 minutes or so… and had a sad, and painful… look on your face." She tells me. "Sorry it was nothing I was just thinking about what to do… but that's not important lunch is here so let's eat I guess." I try to dismiss it as nothing. She doesn't look convinced but doesn't say anything and take a bite of cake and a sip of tea. Since it here I might as well dig in.

*15 minutes later*

We're both finished I paid the bill and we leave make the walk to the bus stop to catch the bus back to Yamaku. As we ride back to school not a word is shared between us as I look out the window half heartily watching the landscape go by.

After we get off the bus we walk to remain distance to the dorms in silences it about late afternoon now. "Well thanks for hanging out with me Hanako it was fun we should do it again another time maybe?" I reply summing up the surprisingly unexpected day spent in the city with Hanako. "Yea it was cool… looking around the antique shop. Maybe we should I'll see you around right? …. "Of course we have the same class all see you later

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