AN: Okey dokers. I tried my hand at a short G/V fic, and it came out pretty well. Someone suggested that I should try a longer one, so here goes nuttin. I'll be updating as soon as I get it written, and I'm not sure how long this is gonna be. As long as I can make it without it getting boring, I suppose. Without further ado, the story.

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Chapter One—A Walk in the Park

Videl slid her hand into Gohan's, and was pleased when he gave her fingers a tiny squeeze. They were completely engrossed with each other's company as they walked through the park.

They passed the pond, and stopped on the footbridge to watch a group of children throwing bread to some ducks. There was one child that the others seemed determined to push into the water, and they couldn't help but laugh at the antics of the young.

On they walked, sometimes holding hands, sometimes not, but either way attracting knowing looks from some older couples. One older woman actually stopped and asked them how long they'd been together, and they both had to smile at the elderly woman's bluntness.

"Not very long," Videl answered with a smile. "A little over three months."

"You look so comfortable with each other, you'd think it was three years!" the lady laughed out loud, drawing another smile from the teenagers. "It's rare to see two people so young and so at ease. Don't let anything break you two up, you hear me?"

Both Gohan and Videl stifled laughter and nodded fervently, swearing on the promise of unspecified torture that they wouldn't let anything come between them. They walked along a little ways, and when they felt they were a safe distance away, both burst out into laughter.

"Oh my Kami, what's the deal?" Videl choked. "People are acting like we're married or something! Gods!"

"Well, the daughter of the World Martial Arts Champion is being seen around town with a tall teenage boy with a weird haircut," Gohan gasped. "That's bound to attract some attention!"

"Oh whatever," she finally got ahold of herself. "And your hair isn't that weird."

They both continued chuckling to themselves as they resumed their walk. It was so peaceful.

Then Videl's watch began beeping. She let out a huge sigh of exasperation. "Don't I get a day off? Whatever happened to peace and quiet?"

"Peace and quiet?" Gohan teased. "Never heard of 'em. What are they?"

"Shut up," she gave him a small shove, then turned her attention to her radio. "Damn bank robbers. Can't they be a little more creative?"

"Guess not. Shall we?"

The two teenagers ducked behind a tree, changed into the Great Saiyamen (AN: Saiyanmans? Saiyamen? Something like that), and took off towards the city.

Beating the tar out of the bank robbers was unbelievably simple, and they were back to normal in the park in under ten minutes.

"You'd think these cops would be able to do some of this stuff themselves," Videl commented, stretching her arms out over her head.

"Yeah, but it keeps things inter—" Gohan started to reply when he was cut off in mid-sentence. His sense were going nuts, picking up an unbelievably powerful ki. After a second of probing he realized that there was more than one there.

"What? What is it?" Videl looked thoroughly perplexed, as her ki-sensing abilities weren't quite up to par with Gohan's yet.

"There's something out there," he answered slowly. "Something strong, but I don't know what."

"Let's go check it out," she pulled on his arm. This time the two didn't bother taking the time to disguise themselves. They lifted up into the sky and took off, following Gohan's senses towards the unfamiliar ki.

AN: And we're off! Chapter One completed! I know, not much here, but stuff's really gonna start happening in the next couple chapters. To be honest, the elderly woman who gives Gohan and Videl that little lecture is based on someone I actually met once. She was a sweet old lady, but she kept asking me if I had a boyfriend and why I wasn't looking at boys and stuff. It was kind of funny. Chapter Two up soon!