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Chapter Two—Joining Forces

*Okay Gohan, what exactly are you picking up?* Videl's voice popped into his mind.

*Just some weird kis. I can't identify them, and that's usually a bad sign.*

*Oh.* her end of the conversation went silent, and Gohan didn't feel the need to continue either.

He could sense some other kis as well, blessedly familiar ones. There was Krillen, Vegeta, Yamcha, and Piccolo. They'd picked it up too, and were on the way.

Great, just what I really don't need. Why does everything always insist on coming to Earth? He wondered vaguely as the scenery flashed by beneath them. The ki was getting closer, very quickly.

Which told him that the owners of this ki were coming toward him.

*Videl, stop,* he ordered mentally, stopping himself. Videl went on for a few more yards before screeching to a halt.

"What's up?" she turned around to look at him.

"We're waiting," he said matter-of-factly. "We're waiting for the others to get here."

"What others?" she demanded, and he smiled. Kami, she was so much like his mother.

"Piccolo, Vegeta, Krillen, and Yamcha," he answered, hoping his friends would get there soon. The strange ki was getting closer, and it was definitely more then he wanted to try handling on his own.

Finally, two separate sets of dots came flying towards he and Videl, one from each side. On the one side, his friends; on the other, the owners of the mysterious new energy signatures. His friends seemed to be by his side in no time at all, but their new opponent was another story.

After what seemed like an eternity, they were finally face to face with the strangers.

"Well, that's…odd…" Yamcha mused as they got their first good look at these visitors.

There were eleven of them total. They were very tall, about as tall as Piccolo, actually, with blue skin that had a strange white patch around the shoulders; four toes poked out from each foot, and a long tail danced around behind each of them. Their eyes were glowing yellow, not unlike a cat's eyes. And they all looked quite angry.

One of them floated forwards a little bit and looked at each of the Z fighters (AN: Gag me.) in turn before speaking in a voice that sounded like a snake's hiss. "Well, is this our welcoming committee? How nice. We'll just make ourselves right at home if you don't mind."

With that, he formed a ki blast in his hand and flung it at the assembled fighters. The thing was shocked to see that they easily evaded the attack.

"Hmph. Faster then they look," he muttered as he turned to his companions. "Kill them!"

The blue creatures all suddenly looked to be in much better moods. They seemed to confer for a moment, then divided, as if they could sense who the stronger ones were. Three went after Vegeta, two after Piccolo, one after Krillen, one after Yamcha, one after Videl, and three after Gohan.

And thus the battle began.

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