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Chapter Seven—A Favor

He loved her. Dammit, he loved her. Why the hell hadn't he said anything?

"Well, Gohan, you did it this time," he muttered to himself, watching the heartwrenching scene below. Watching her cry like that, he wanted nothing more then to put his arms around her and console her, tell her it would be all right. But that was impossible now.

He was sitting alone on a cliff in Otherworld. Below him, he could see what was happening on Earth. Now he was starting to wish he hadn't even come here to look in on his friends and family.

Krillen had delivered the message to her. Thank Kami for small favors.

At least she knew.

Gohan suddenly knew exactly how Videl felt at that moment. He'd never felt so alone and so helpless before in his life. So close…and yet so far away…it was the worst thing he'd ever experienced.

But at least he could see her. She didn't even have that dubious comfort, the knowledge that he was all right. From here he could watch over her.

It had been a strange time since his death. He'd been reunited with his father. Goku had been absolutely stunned by the story, but seemed glad to see his older son again. They'd talked for a while before Goku had been summoned to run an errand for King Kai. Quite honestly, Gohan preferred to be alone right at that moment.

Nearby, King Kai was tending to something, humming happily under his breath. The off-key melody drifted to Gohan's ears, and he sighed. This was the guy who had trained his father? Impossible!

Blocking the tuneless song out, he refocused on Videl.

So what would she do now? She'd been crying alone for some time now. He didn't want her to be alone right then. It was too painful for both of them.

Gohan had never seriously explained it to her, and he'd never told his friends either (though he knew that a couple of them probably suspected it) but he and Videl and been lifebonded—that is, lifemates. He'd heard Vegeta explaining it once. There were bonds, and then there were lifebonds, with the latter being far rarer and far more special. He'd made the conclusion based on their already-strong bond. She'd often said that it felt like he was always in the back of her mind, and they'd been able to hear each other's thoughts for some time now. Distance wasn't a factor anymore; he just had to think about her and there she was. It was simple—they were destined to be together.

Or apparently not.

But now he wondered—what happened when one half of a lifebonded pair died if there was nothing for the living partner to hold onto?

If the answer was what he was starting to think it might be, he was desperate to get ahold of somebody and get Videl some help.

Or maybe…

His head snapped up and his eyes widened. "DUH!" he jumped to his feet and pivoted, covering the distance between himself and King Kai in under a second.

"Let me talk to Piccolo or Krillen or somebody! Please!" he fell to his knees and grabbed the front of King Kai's robe. "This is seriously important! If I don't get this message to them, Videl's probably going to die! This is a matter of life and death!"

King Kai looked at the son of Goku for a moment, considered cracking a joke, then decided against it. The kid was too worked up right now to appreciate any humor. He simply nodded and turned around. Gohan's hand rested on his shoulder.

"Who do you want to talk to?" King Kai wheezed.

"Umm…better make it Piccolo. He's the most discreet," Gohan replied after a moment's thought.

A few seconds later, he felt the mental channel between him and Piccolo widen.

*Piccolo? Are you there?* he called tentatively.

A feeling of surprise, then, *Well well well, I was kind of wondering if I'd ever hear from you again, kid. We're actually discussing going out and getting the Dragonballs to wish you back. Sound good to you?*

*Sounds great!* Gohan wanted to scream with relief. *Hey, can ya do something for me? It's really important.*

*What am I, your servant?* the Namekian growled, but the undertones of the thought told Gohan that if he asked, it would be done.

*I need you to go find Videl. If what I'm thinking is right, she's in a little bit of trouble.*

*How so?*

*Well…* Gohan hesitated.

*Spit it out, kid.*

*Well, we're kind of…umm…bonded.* For some reason he felt a tiny bit embarassed about admitting it, even to Piccolo. *And I don't exactly know what happens when a lifebond is broken like this.*

*And you think I do? No, I don't know either, but I think I know someone who does. Hang on for a second.* The link wavered a little bit as Piccolo's attention was drawn elsewhere, then *Bingo, kid. I asked Vegeta.*

*Oh great!* Gohan couldn't help but groan. Well, there went his little secret.

*Chill. Vegeta's been suspecting it for a while now. He says that if one lifemate dies, the other usually dies as well, pining themselves to death. Essentially, a broken heart.*

*Shit,* the curse slipped out before he even had time to think about it.

That drew a wry chuckle from his former mentor. *I knew we were corrupting you.* The channel weakened again, then strengthened. *Okay kid, you got it. We're going after her, to tell her about the Dragonballs. Don't worry, we'll get to her. Krillen knows where she is.*

Gohan sent the biggest feeling of relief possible down their link. *I owe ya one, Piccolo.*

Another dry chuckle. *Damn straight, kid. Touch base with us once in a while, got it?*

*Got it. Thanks, Piccolo!*

With that, they broke the link.

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