Destiny Finn (Girl #7) leapt backwards away from the gruesome sight, landing in Jubilee Kymet's (Girl #15) arms. They tumbled down the stairs, bowling Helen Wyatt (Girl #6) and Sandrine Laivette (Girl #10) over with them. They landed in a tangled and groaning heap at the bottom of the staircase.

"You blockhead, Destiny!" Jubilee snapped, her head pinned under Sandrine's foot. "What did you see that deserved a huge pileup like this, may I ask? A student with a gun? A raging fire?"

"A history essay?" added Helen, muffled by Destiny's backpack.

"Ha, ha, double ha," Destiny grumbled, digging herself out of the heap. "There's a body up there. It was covered in blood. It would've scared you, too."

"Who was it?" said Sandrine. "I hope it wasn't Cornelius." It was well known that Cornelius and Helen were an item. However, it was also well known that neither restrained from flirting with others.

"I didn't see. Maybe it was Wilma the Walrus," said Destiny hopefully.

"Maybe it was a bird twin," said Sandrine.

"Nahh, they're never apart," Helen reminded them.

"Let's go see. Don't knock me down the stairs again, Destiny, or I swear I'll shoot you." Jubilee started toward the stairs.

"Wait! Don't go up there yet! There could be another tribute up there! The killer!" Sandrine pulled Jubilee back. "At least let's get our weapons ready."

"Destiny can use her collar detector," Helen said, clutching her assigned whip. Sandrine pulled out her dart gun.

Destiny opened her bag, promptly spilling its contents over the floor. Among them was Jubilee's rifle.

Jubilee smacked Destiny across the face. Destiny smacked Jubilee, leading to a major smacking war, which Sandrine had to break up.

"I was only trying to keep it safe," Destiny whined, rubbing her stinging face with one hand and shoving her supplies back in her bag. "I was gonna give it back."

"Yeah, sure. I can't believe you got that away without me seeing you. Let's just see what the collar detector shows, thief." Jubilee took her rifle and switched on the detector.

"Oh, good," said Helen, sighing in relief. "There's nobody up there."

"Yeah, but there's someone nearby, and moving this way. Really quickly," Sandrine pointed out. The four girls exchanged worried glances.

"We'll see who the body is, and then we'll leave," Helen said, and nobody dared contradict her.

"Nothing to worry about! It's only that Mizuno boy!" Jubilee announced, after she checked upstairs. "And it looks like he killed himself. His knife is covered in blood."

"What a loser," Helen sneered. "That's the easy way out. We're going to survive through thick and thin, aren't we? Jewels forever!"

Jubilee and Sandrine echoed her, but Destiny was staring at the collar detector. "Uh, g-guys?" she stuttered, holding the detector at arms length in front of her as if it were a bomb. "There's somebody downstairs."

All motion and sound immediately stopped.


Cornelius Ellion (Boy #14) cocked his head, listening intently. There was no more sound upstairs. Apparently, the people raising a cacophony had heard him open the door.

He slowly drew his rifle, running his fingers along it almost lovingly. A Ruger No. 1 Varminter K1-V-BBZ, the best hunting rifle he knew of. It would be hard to beat him in combat, unless the enemy also had a gun. Then again, he was a crack shot. Who knew his forays into the forest with his father would pay off?

He noticed a bag of crackers on the floor. That wouldn't be odd by itself; that was one of the things in his bag. But that meant somebody had dropped them. And, judging by the particular holes torn in the bag, somebody with high heels had stepped on it. High heels meant it was most likely Helen, his girlfriend. Which meant the people upstairs were the Jewels. There, see? He knew stuff. He wasn't as stupid as everybody thought he was.

Cornelius carefully stepped up the stairs, sticking to the side. They were less likely to creak that way. He tread softly across the carpet at the top of the landing to a closed door. The carpet there was askew, proving that it had been walked over. This was the room.

He flung open the door and yelled, "Boo!"

All four girls shrieked. Three of them collapsed to the ground, as if they had been shot. Not Jubilee. She jerked her rifle up to her shoulder and fired.

Cornelius screamed and toppled, clutching his right foot. Red-hot agony pulsed through it, along with shockingly scarlet blood.

"Cornelius! Oh, Cornelius!" After Helen realized who he was, she rushed to his side. She ripped off Jubilee's rose-patterned sleeve and pressed it to his wound.

"I'm so sorry, Cor-cor," she whispered tearfully. "I'll kill her. I'll kill that girl." She leapt up, brandishing her whip. Destiny and Sandrine averted their eyes as Helen flailed at Jubilee, tearing bloody gashes in her soft white skin. Jubilee screamed and writhed, her rifle discarded on the floor as she tried to protect herself. Truth be told, Cornelius was greatly enjoying the sight. She deserved it for shooting him.

"P-please! Helen- STOP, STOP, PLEASE! I'm sorry! Oh god, make it STOP!" Jubilee curled into a ball, emitting racking sobs as Helen continued to mercilessly rip her apart.

Finally, Helen stopped. She dropped the whip, panting, utterly spent. Jubilee's body had uncurled and was spread out across the floor in a bloody splatter- a pitiful sight. Her fair hair was matted with gore and her face was unrecognizable.

"Are you okay, Cor-cor?" Helen cooed, kneeling beside her boyfriend. "I got rid of that nasty girl. She'll never hurt you again."

Sandrine, who hadn't dared to intervene in the brutal murder of Jubilee, let out a small sob.

37 students remaining

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