I woke up with a start that morning, not expecting anything that was to happen later. My dream the previous night had been about my parents, as was this one. My parents died when I was pretty young, a home invasion. They were both shot before me, and as a 7 year old I couldn't do anything but cry, and run. I later regretted that. I should have stayed with them. I ran as fast as I could, my mother helped me out of the bedroom window. I didn't know where to go, I had no where to go but to the police. After the incident I was put in multiple foster families, each would give me to another because I wouldn't talk to anyone. Eventually at the age of sixteen I ran away, and I've been living on my own since.

Today was my 17th birthday, I didn't think much of it. Instead I thought of the rent I owed. I'd recently lost my job at a fast food joint of all places, for yelling at a customer bringing a 'guest' into the bathrooms. They wrote a complaint, I got fired. Funny how the world works, isn't it? For the longest time as a kid, I thought I was going insane. I saw colors around people, everyone had a different mix. I could never explain it, but I managed to ignore it all of these years, passing it off as a result from my parent's death.

I opened my door to check the mail, but stopped when a bright green letter greeted me at the door.

"Eviction Notice"

Lovely. I was utterly and completely screwed, and I had to leave by tomorrow.

Snatching the stupid note off of my front door, I ran back to my room, grabbing a couple suitcases with wheels on them. I packed up the little belongings I had. Unlike the movies, I had nothing to remind me of my parents. No locket with their faces in it, no pictures, nothing. It was sad I guess, but I wasn't generally a sad person. I liked it here, I lived in this place for two years, even if my landlord was an ass. What was I going to do next? Stay on the streets? I tried that two years ago and it didn't go so well. Hell I didn't even have a bed, just a blow up mattress and some sheets. I left those behind, except for a single pillow which I took with. Non-refrigerator items went into a backpack for a snack along the way. . . to wherever I was going. A couple months ago I'd bought a bike with the small amount of money I had left over at the end of the year, so at least I had some transportation. One of the tires was flat but it would do. The second year I lived here I'd dreamed about going off and living in the woods, the one place you could escape from bills and all of the other 'adult' things I'd newly discovered. I could hunt squirrels or something, or maybe fish. I stuffed as much of the stuff in my suitcases into my backpack, it was mostly clothing so it fit nicely. And by nicely I mean I couldn't close the bag.

"Shit.", I cursed to myself, pushing the fabric around in different ways as I tried to force the zipper closed. It was the small blanket I put in last minute that took up so much room, but I'd need that for later. A couple minutes later I got it closed! Except for the fact one of the zipper handles snapped. It was a cheap backpack anyway. I slipped my arms into the straps, putting on my worn out tennis shoes and jogged downstairs. I got to my bike, entering the combination and slinging a leg over to the appropriate pedal on the opposite side of the bike in which I was standing. I put on my headphones, taking my mp3 player out of my bag and pressing play. Sticking that into the pocket of my jeans I rode off, an hour later stopping at a gas station for a large atlas which also included maps of Montana and it's surrounding states. The lady at the counter kindly pointed out where I was, and I handed over the two dollars and fifty cents I owed. Grabbing a couple bottles of water I also put those on the counter, four more dollars going towards that. It was only 4pm and my little trip was taking a toll on me. I rode off into the forest a little while later, enjoying the creepy look the woods gave off. A few hours in and I noticed something weird- a dirt rode. It was clearly a path, nothing grew around it or in it except for a few blades of grass. I decided it was best to follow that, maybe some old lady making fabulous pies lived in a house out here. Or an ax murderer... my subconscious reminded me. I watched a lot of horror shows back when I had cable, and with my mom when I was younger. She was a pretty cool lady, even if I only got to spend 7 years with her.

After a mile or two it began getting very dark, and I reached a large building, with high gates for protection. Was it a jail? A mansion? It didn't look like a mansion.

I'd been thinking so long I hadn't realized I stopped in front of those gates, and that there were multiple people outside guarding the perimeters.

"Who are you?!", A voice boomed from beyond the gate. Two men rushed over looking alarmed.

"Alyssa.", I responded slowly, cautious of the situation I was in. They eyed me suspiciously, looking at my bike, which now had a very flat back tire, and to my backpack. Eventually their eyes settled on me again.

"Species?", The other demanded, a few flicks of red in the colors around him. What the hell? Did I just stumble upon Area 51 or something?

"Isn't it rude to ask a girl something like that?", I responded sarcastically, only making more red spots appear in the man's colors. Suddenly another man approached. He had stylishly messy brown hair, and deep emerald eyes. He was dressed in fancy clothing by the looks of it, some popular designer. He motioned for them to open the gate, and when they protested he gave them a look that said I clearly didn't seem like a threat. Slowly I got off of my bike, a little hesitant to be around all of these people- especially since the guards had hand guns strapped to their side. I'd obviously been staring at the guns, because the green eyed guy spoke up.

"They're not going to hurt you.", he said in a comforting tone that made me want to listen. "Come on in.", he said and I did as told, even if mentally I wasn't sure about it. I looked back at the guy and noticed something- he had tons of gold surrounding him. He eyed me for a moment, unsure as to what I was looking at. I snapped my eyes back down to the ground so it wouldn't be obvious I was some mental freak. The man in front of me, after he finished studying me, spoke.

"I'm going to go call Vasilisa.", He said and abruptly walked away.

"Queen Vasilisa, Adrian!", The older looking guard corrected, yelling after him.

"Above the rules!", The messy haired boy called back. The younger guard turned to me.

"Are you a feeder?", he asked, crossing his arms with an annoyed expression.

"A what?", I replied, furrowing my brows and frowning. He instead shut up, grabbed me by the wrists, and tied them up in some sort of plastic serving as handcuffs. They lead me to some building, putting me in a room that had a couch and table, almost like a living room. I sat down on the velvet couch, shocked that a simple day could have gone so badly. All of these people were going to kill me and no one would care I was gone. Suddenly the door opened, I stood so I could run. Adrian walked in, which caught me off guard. Maybe he would be the one to kill me, no one was that stylishly handsome in movies without turning into ax murderers. I doubt they had axes here, so maybe he'd just be a murderer. One glance at me, and he could clearly tell I was freaked.

"She's human clearly, and we're all trained. Is it necessary to handcuff her?", He said, looking at the men behind me.

"If you're going to question our security then you deal with it.", the older man said.

"Oh I'd be happy to.", Adrian countered flashing a wink in my direction.

The older guardian gave him a warning look. He clearly didn't like Adrian, and walked out of the door leaving the younger one alone with me and him. A long look between him and the younger guard and the other left, too. Adrian held up a pair of pliers, coming over to me.

"Don't run or we're both in big trouble.", he murmured, reaching behind me and snapping the plastic from my wrists.

Instead of running, like I wanted, I stayed put and rubbed my wrists where they'd previously been bound.

"Normally I wouldn't object to being left alone in a room with a woman tied up", Adrian began. "but two in a room with a woman tied up just isn't fair."


"Who are you?", I asked, ignoring his sick fantasies.

"Adrian Ivashkov.", He said with a charming smile, sticking his hand out for me to shake. I stared at it until he put it away. "And you?", he added in a moment later.

"Alyssa.", I responded.

"No last name?"


"I find that hard to believe."

"It's none of your business.", we bantered.

"How did you get here?"

"You saw how.", I replied in the same sarcastic tone.

"Why were you in the woods alone? Doesn't your family miss you?", Green-eyes pressed on.

"I had no where else to go.", I replied. "Yet I stumbled upon Area 51.", I said and rolled my eyes. A bark of laughter from Adrian followed. I caught a glimpse of his teeth, which were pointy like a vampire's.

"This isn't Area 51.", He mused after he composed himself.

"What is it then?", I said in a weary tone, annoyed by this drawn out conversation.

"Lissa will explain, she's here now.", He replied, opening the door for the 'Lissa' person. Behind that door was a girl seemingly around my age, long blonde hair and a full length gown. She had a small crown on her head. As if this day could get any more confusing, it did.

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