I stared into the dark for what seemed like forever, trying to make out where Lissa was. There was a dim light in the corner near me, and she finally moved as far away from her seat so I could see her. She was chained by the wrists to the wall, in some tight cuff. She looked... horrible. For only being captured what, a day or two now? Her lips were cracked, bruises covered her- well, everything. Anywhere you looked there was a purplish dot to greet.

"Oh God, what did they do to you?", I whispered, moving forward.

"Don't I haven't drank in a while.", she warned in a raspy voice. "I would ask for... help but I can smell Adrain's mark on you."

-And there we go. Blushing in the worst place possible, at the complete worst time ever. The door opened, cutting off the awkward moment. I wasn't sure if I wanted it to be cut off though, considering Lissa's state. Whoever walked in could possibly harm her again.

A blonde haired boy was pushed into the room, bloodied mouth and a black eye.

"Eddie!", Lissa exclaimed. "What are you doing here?", she rasped out.

"I came after you, Christian did too, but he got himself pretty dinged up.", Eddie took a seat next to me. "Don't worry, he's okay he just needs rest from all of that ass-kicking.", He assured her. Lissa eased up from her tense posture. His eyes settled on me finally. "But, what are you doing here? I don't think I recognize you."

"As far as they're concerned..", I nodded my head towards the door. "I'm Jill. Some guy jumped us in the hotel asking which was her, and here we are.", I got a grateful look from the dying queen across from me.

"Alyssa thank you.", she whispered. "I can't believe you did this for her."

Eddie gulped. The news was particularly bad for him, or maybe it was just Lissa's weakness growing. "Liss you need to feed. Look I'm more than willing to help but it's got to be fast before they get back. Don't try and tell me you're fine because you look... bad. And that's sugar coating it.", he said and rushed over, crawling as silently as possible to her. They repeated Adrian and I's acts on the plane, except less sexually and more needy. It wasn't long after that the whatever-the-fuck-they-are's were back. One grabbed hold of me and I thrashed desperately, another taking Lissa who didn't even fight back, and another going straight to Eddie to use him as a punching bag again.

They separated us. I was thrown into another room, one with a bed this time. According to them I had about fifteen minutes to nap, eat, pee.. girl stuff I guess. I laid on the hard mattress presented, wondering if maybe Adrian could read my mind from here. (I don't know if mind reading was like actually a vampire thing but it was worth the shot.) Adrian... uh I don't know if you can hear me but help. I waited. My eyelids were droopy, and I wasn't getting a reply like I thought I would. I fell asleep ten minutes later. I was in another of those weird dreams, this time I was back at my hotel, wearing Adrian's shirt again. With no bra. Which I noticed right away and covered the err... important parts. Just as I covered them Adrian came in, in his normal rich apparel. I buttoned one button near the middle of the shirt so I wouldn't have to hold it closed.

Adrian groaned when he saw me. "Did you have to wear that.", he shook his head. "Alyssa listen this is important, where are you?", he asked frantically. I didn't see how this would matter.

"I'm... in our hotel room?", I questioned.

"Not in the dream Alyssa, in real life. Where are you right now?", He asked slower.

"I'm.. I'm in a room alone and Lissa's here and some guy Eddie and they've hurt her so, so bad, Adrian.", I whispered, putting a hand over my mouth.

He frowned. "Jill told me what happened. We need to know where you actually are so we can come find you. Is there anything there you've seen that would hint at where you are?"

"I-I don't think so but it doesn't matter. This is just a dream, and I'm just scar-"

The picture cut out suddenly as I was grabbed by my hair and thrown against a wall.

"You little bitch! You're not Jill Dragomir!", The man snarled. His eyes glowed red. This was probably one of those bad vampires I forgot the name of. My memory was as good as a goldfish's. I didn't know what to say. I said nothing and was rewarded by a punch so hard in the stomach I nearly passed out. The air was knocked out of me, but he wasn't done. The.. thing, threw me to the ground and stomped on my arm so hard it snapped. Now I would really pass out, my head hurt from the slam on the ground and was probably bleeding. He grinned at my state, and left. I heard Lissa's screams down the hall and some rustling, which were silenced seconds later. I heard Eddie's scream a mile away.

"You bastards!", He yelled in pure rage. The pain of my arm was really getting to me, I fought to stay conscious. Before I knew it I was pulled back into my dreams. Adrian was there again. I wasn't dressed in my outfit from the hotel this time. This time I laid in the grass as I was now, and it was raining.

Adrian gasped when he saw me. "Alyssa! What happened.", he dropped down beside me, there was no use healing me if this was a dream.

"They found out I wasn't Jill.", I wheezed. Pretty sure one of my ribs was crunched too. "A-And I think they killed her.", I whispered, the effort to talk was greater than it should have been. Adrian froze.

"Killed... who Alyssa?", he asked cautiously.

"Lissa. I think they killed Lissa.. and they're going to kill me too I know it.", I whimpered, blinking back tears.

"Dimitri and I are trying to find you. We really are, we have guardians with us for back up and we'll find you soon I promise. I have to go but.. stay alive. Please.", he whispered the last part and the dream faded to black. I really hoped he would. Damn I was desperate for a savior at the moment but I knew it was all a dream. It felt real though, but hey, at least if I died tonight I can say my last moments were with someone I somewhat liked.

Next thing I woke up to was Adrian carrying me. I screamed in pain. My whole body twitched in pure agony. Next thing I knew, Adrian stuck me in the back seat of a car, yelling at the driver to go. He hovered his hands over my ribs first. I felt the tingly warmness again, he then moved to my arm which dangled at an inhuman looking angle off of the seat, and any other place I had gotten hurt. Slowly, I felt no pain and everything worked again.

:"Adrian how...", I stopped. He looked grim. I knew what happened. I knew very well what happened. "I'm so sorry.", I grabbed him and pulled him into a hug, but he was stiff in my arms. The sobs of a passenger up front made my eyes flick to them.

Christian. AKA, Lissa's boyfriend. He looked utterly destructed, not that Adrian looked any better. Adrian sobbed silently into my shoulder as I made soothing noises. He wasn't crying just yet, but breathing very uneven. My fingers passed through his hair to comfort him. We arrived back at the hotel shortly, Adrian and I climbed out. We practically dragged Christian out of the car, and it was a pain to get him to the room. All he wanted to do was sit on the ground. Once we were in, Christian abruptly collapsed to his knees. He stared at the ground for a while.

"Why.", he said in a barely audible tone. "Why her and not you.", he whispered. I didn't blame him. He had a good point. He was quiet for a couple of minutes until he barely spoke again.

"No..", his voice cracked. He wasn't stable. He curled up into a ball, head on his knees and arms resting on the ground lifelessly. Out of the corner of my eye, I saw Adrian sit on the edge of the bed and stare down at his hands. He had no input on the matter.

I sat down beside Christian, grabbing one of his hands.

"I'm sorry Christian. I really am.", I murmured in a soft tone. "If there's anything I can do to help just let me know.", I whispered afterwords. My hand became uncomfortably hot all of a sudden, I eventually had to remove it from his it was so scolding.

The green eyed other wreck of a boy snapped his head up. "Christian don't start.", he said shooting a glare in his direction. Adrian got to his knees beside me, inspecting my hand. He sighed, and the tingly warm feeling was now in my hand. It was weird, I could feel the sadness radiating from Adrian like an emotional space heater. I felt terrible for him, yet there wasn't much I could do for him at all.

Instead, I got up and poured all three of us a tall glass of whatever sounded good in the bar. They didn't care I was underage, in fact they didn't even mention it. Christian finished his drink first in under thirty seconds, followed by me, then Adrian only moments behind. I poured us all another. This time I took Adrian's hand instead. He didn't fight it, he only loosely held it. When I glanced to his sad eyes, I squeezed his hand and held his gaze for a second trying to pass another apology to him through my expression.

All three of us sat on the floor for a while, Christian's sobs filled the silence. All of a sudden he was quiet. He picked his head up. Christian's eyes were red, tears stained his pale face and his hands shook worse than Michael J. Fox. A flame started on him, a blue flame. Slowly he made a fist, staring at the flames that were slowly burning his skin.

"Christian stop.", Adrian warned.

"Make me.", He rasped out. Adrian sighed, staring into Christian's eyes as fast as possible.

"Don't do this.", He said in a soothing tone that even I would listen to. "Put the flames out, go to bed. Don't hurt yourself.", he added in afterwords. Christian's flames went out, and his eyelids drooped. A couple minutes later he was out cold. Adrian stood up, going back to the bar to get himself a drink. I followed. When I tried to pour myself another drink, he stopped me.

"You're underage.", He said bluntly, but never made eye contact. I let go of the glass.

"Adrian..", I sighed, resting my hand on his cheek. He was way taller than me, but I guess that's part of the vampire thing. He half-turned towards me, staring at his feet. It gave me enough space to slip between the drink table and him. I got on my tip-toes and wrapped my arms around his neck in a tight hug. His face found a place between my neck and shoulder, and his arms loosely went around my waist. It took me a second to realize he was crying.

"I'm so sorry.", I whispered in his ear, rubbing his back gently with my right hand. He gently pulled away from my neck, and sucked in some air.

"It wasn't your fault. The guardian's should have been on duty and I should have been with her that night instead of the academy.", he whispered, tearing up again. It was shocking how beautiful he was, even when crying. Beautiful wasn't even a good word to use for this, and it was a terrible moment to be thinking it but hey, can't help the hormones.

"You couldn't have done anything to change it Adrian, don't blame yourself for this.", I said back. He reached for a drink but I grabbed his wrist. "Don't.", I said. "You'll only make things worse for yourself in the morning. Get some sleep alright?" It was a rhetorical question. I dragged him by the wrist to the hotel room bed, and pushed him down onto it. He laid back immediately. I climbed in beside him seeing as this was the only place I could sleep besides the floor. He hugged me although we were laying down, and we stayed that way for a while.

"I'm happy you're alive again.", He whispered, kissing my forehead.


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