Chapter 1

My arms ached as I lifted up the big bucket of water. A small groan wretched itself out of me as my foot caught on the large roots of the big tree, and I watched the bucket fall. But, I didn't have much time to spare as I fell down smashing against the ground, and skinning my knee. A scream escaped my lips, and I laid there shivering and bleeding. "I do say, I hope you not planning to stay there all night,' said a dreary and sarcastic voice behind me. I turned, annoyed, at the person who had spoken to me in such a manner. My breath caught as I found myself staring into the docile eyes of a Ranger. His eyes bore into mine, and deep down I saw a small hint of amusement. I grew angry, very angry. Like most people I was weary of Rangers. But, unlike most people, I found myself wrapped up in amazement at their mystery and adventure that they endured. I almost let a sigh escape me as I thought how amazing it would be to be a Ranger, to fight warriors, and to save townsfolk. But, I thought my face getting red. Girls were not allowed to be part of any "warrior" associated sport or hobby of any kind. Of course we were allowed to learn how to use the saber, but to actually have a job in the world other than knitting and sewing was so- "Do you need help or do I need to pick you up." The dreary and dull voice jerked me back to the present. I now noticed that my blood was coming faster and faster. I stared defiantly at the hooded figure. I bet he thought I was going to beg for help or sway and pretend to faint. Well I thought, I wasn't going to give him one inch! "I'm fine," I said as I glared at him, "and I'd be better once you left." The cloak hid most of his face, but I had an impression he was raising his eyebrows at me. "I'd think you would be nicer to talk to me, girl," he said in that dull tone. I stared at him and mimicked the tone he used," I'd think that you would find it well to do the same." I saw a flash of, impressment? No, I shook my head to get rid of the weird thought. I realized I was in a very akward situation. I was bleeding and arguing, while on the ground with a highly qualified warrior, who had dealt with bigger opponents then a small and stubborn village girl. I wanted to get out, so I did the reasonable thing any person would do. I tried to get up and run. But, I soon fell and skinned it harder. The Ranger sat through all of this with his eyebrows raised. His shaggy little pony even looked like he was saying seriously you actually just tripped a second time. I took a deep breath trying to ease the pain in my leg. I saw the water on the ground and poured it onto the cuts, wincing at the stinging sensation. I saw a huge vine and rapped around my leg. Tight enough to ease the blood, but NOT cut of circulation. I started turning around and began to say my line I'd rehearsed in my head when I'd looked into the mirror everyday. "See, girls have much as much brains as boys do, so why don't you just-" I stopped in surprise. The figure and horse were gone. Nothing was left in their place except a faint smell of horse. I sat there a few more minutes staring at the spot that the Ranger had been. I realized my mouth had been open, and I turned around, wavering slightly, and made my way back to the safety of the village. The girl was not aware however of the two eyes drowned In thought as a man as silent as a shadow crept his way back the way he came. "well," the man said "That was interesting."