I stumbled back to the village in pain. The nerve of that ranger, but then I rewound my thoughts, all rangers had nerve. As I walked into the village tons of boys stared at me as I walked by. I was used to it being the prettiest girl in our village. With dark brown wavy hair, blue eyes, and my curvy built I guess I stood out in front of everyone. I sighed as I came up to the steps to find yet another silver ring, and of course the long letter of asking to marry me. I sighed looking to see who sent it. The name Amon Payne stared up at me. I moaned hiding the scroll in my dress. Amon Payne was a snotty kid whos dad was rich. We lived in Redmont Fief, Baron Arald was in charge, and I've been to his speeches, which were usually two hours. I raced up to my room, and grabbed my hunting bows. My dad gave it to me a week before he died. He was murderd by a man named Jacob Willis. I remember the dark eyes, Drilling into mine right before he took the final stroke, and the final breath of my father. I realized I was trembling with anger. I shoved the man out of my mind, and slipped on my hunting tunic. A belt with a small knife completed my outfit, besides my pony, and soft brown boots. I raced outside to grab my horse Phantom. Phantom was a white horse, but with a black star and mane. I learned to ride before I could walk, and Phantom and I have been together ever since I was four. I realized how much I was thinking today, and I shoved all thoughts out of my mind. I put the black saddle, bridle, and pad on Phantom. Then, a thought struck me, and I raced in the house to grab my cooking supplies. I had a little pack for small hunting trips such as these. Then, I left a note to my mother, saying I would be gone for on a trip, and would be back in a week. Then, with all the important things out of the way, I raced out the door to launch into Phantoms saddle. I stored the supplies into the saddle pack. I urged Phantom into a cantar as I charged out of town. But, I was stopped half-way by none other then Amon Payne. He grinned at me from the ground. "hello sweetie." I glared at him "What do you want Amon." He smiled at me as if we shared some sort of private joke. "I was wondering if you and your dear mother wanted to dine with my family tonight," he started "to discuss our upcoming marriage." I glanced at him coolly trying to regain my breath. "Sorry Amon I'm of on another hunting trip." His smiled faltered a quick second as he took in my hunting tunic, bow and arrow, and the food. He regained his posture quickly though, "I'll come with you, I'm sure some proper company, and some help on your missons must be tiring on such a girl like yourself." I glared at him defiantly. "no thanks Amon, I do great on my own, and such an idiot like yourself is going to slow me down." Before he could respond, I turned, and galloped out of the village. I only went five miles when a small noise got my attention. I knew that I should stay in the saddle and look unaware of the trouble. Then, a whistiling sound caught my attention. I jumped of Phantom and onto the groud=. A huge whistling blade passed inches above me. I cursed. Bandits.