(This Pokecraft idea is NOT from the mod! I didn't steal the name but im using it! :

I woke up. Ever since Pokemon arrived in my world, things haven't been the same. Little creatures fought, alongside us, alongside mobs..

For months I lived with these little creatures around me. My whole life.. I was here with my village, my friends my family, no little Pokemon creatures.. I had to begin my Pokecraft adventure, I had to. It seemed right in this new world. Why else would these little animals be available for me?

"Yo! Raymen! Get your pokemon and we'll battle!" Even my friend, Jori had a pokemon, a little Turtwig he said it was called. I nodded. "Sure!" I shrugged. Why didn't we just get zombies to fight? I shrugged and went to the Pokemon Lab down the road, near my village, Stonelock. It was brand new and buzzing with scientists and Pokemon.
I went inside. Already, other kids like me had a pokemon. I gulped and walked up to an old guy, the Professor. "Hello! I'm Professor Blockx Who might you be young crafter?" I shifted my backpack. "Raymen.. Raymen Carter, sir." I nodded. "Yes yes.. You want a pokemon?" He was nice. I nodded. "Yes sir." He smiled. "Okay. We have a lot of Pokemon here.." He showed me to the back, where there were 3 doors, a green one with a leaf on it, a red one with a flame on it, and a light blue one with a water droplet on it. "Choose your type, Fire, Water, or Grass." I thought about it. I could get a water one... Maybe it could take me across rivers.. I could always make a boat, but it was cool that people could get whisked across water so easy... Grass.. I could tie up people with vines.. I shook my head. Flint and steel is hard to find. I could set stuff on fire. "Fire! Yes!" Prof. Blockx nodded and led me in. We were in a netherracked room, netherbricks holding little orbs.. Pokeballs! "You can choose from these little guys!" He pressed a button and the pokemon popped out of their pokeballs. There were five in all. A little monkey, a pig, a chicken, a.. Mole..and a lizard.. He pointed to them as he named them. "You can have.. Charmander, Chimchar, Tepig, Torchic, or Cyndaquil." I nodded. "Okay. Um.." The little guys all looked up at me with huge eyes. Hmmm... The little Monkey looked cool, but the lizard.. He looked greater. I choose the Charmander. "Char! Char!" The other pokemon were put back in there balls. "You have choosen Charmander!" He gave me a little electronic thing. "A Pokedex to know about pokemo, and here..." He gave me more of those Pokeballs. I left the lab with my little Charmander, off to start.. Something.. I don't know.. Maybe I would go off, travel around the village.. I had no idea what my life would be like with these things but.. They would be in my life for.. Ever maybe and I had to deal with it.

But it was pretty cool. :