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Once upon a time there lived a beautiful Queen who wanted nothing more than to have a baby of her own. But she was infertile. She prayed every night for God to give her the gift of a child. One day, she conceived a child, a little boy. King Mana and his wife were so proud of their son and together they named him Allen, but the Queen gave Allen the title of Snow White since his hair was the color of freshly fallen snow.

As Allen grew up, the Queen became weak. Allen loved his mother; he was a good boy, he would always bring her fresh flowers and tell her stories as she lay in bed ill. But one day, when Allen was bringing her an apple from the apple tree in the palace courtyard, he found her sleeping and she wouldn't wake up.

Everyone in the kingdom mourned for the loose. But as time went one, Allen grew up and the King accepted the Queen's death. He eventually fell in love with a beautiful maiden he had rescued from a group of soldiers. He brought the woman back home to his kingdom and married her the next day.

Allen was hurt by the news, thinking that his father betrayed his late mother by marrying the maiden named Lulu Bell.

Lulu Bell made it very clear to Allen that she did not like him. One day, the King mysteriously died in his sleep. The royal crown was supposed to go to the next heir. But Allen was only 11 at the time, too young to be a King, so Lulu Bell took over. She ruled the land with fear. She loathed all beauty and ordered for anything that she considered more beautiful than her to be changed. She used a magic mirror that served her to report if there was anything more fair than the Queen herself. The mirror would always answer her no.

But one day, Lulu Bell chanted, "Mirror, mirror on the wall. Who is the fairest of them all?" She said to wake the servant within the mirror.

"The fairest in the land is the fair Snow White."

The Queen was baffled by what the mirror meant. She had no clue who this 'Snow White' was. It took her many days to figure out that Snow White was the son of the late King, the prince. Angered, she ordered for one of her most trusted guards and ordered him to go into the prince's room, while he was sleeping, and disfigure his face.

The next morning, the Queen checked on her stepson pretending to be concerned, but she was pleased with the results of her guard. The guard had cut in as an upside down pentagram with a jagged line down the left side of his face. It made the Queen shiver in delight as she heard Allen's screams of pain. She made her way back to her throne room and asked the mirror who was the fairest in the land?

He responded by declaring her name.

Every day she would ask and every day he would give her the same answer, until one day…