Chapter 2

Allen and Kanda rode on horseback out to the forest.

Kanda was surprised. He had never seen the prince in person, but he was just as the stories said. For a guy, he was beautiful. Allen's white hair glistened in the sunlight as his silver eyes examined his surroundings. Allen dismounted his white and grey spotted horse and walked through the field.

Kanda followed the prince on his black horse.

"What is your name?" Allen asked and offered a smile.

Kanda looked at Allen. "Kanda."

"Just Kanda?"

"Yes." Kanda said bluntly.

"How long have you been in the kingdom's army?" Allen asked, still not knowing that Kanda was just a simple swordsman from the village. Allen found some daisies and sat down to examine them.

Kand got off his horse. The prince was asking too many questions. If he was going to kill him he needed to do it now. Kanda drew his sword, he was poor, but he could care less about the money. He just didn't want to end up like her. Kanda pushed the thought away, he had no desire for riches and glory, but he knew when to be afraid and he feared the Queen. You had to be a fool not to. There were rumors that she was a witch and that she had the ability to change her form and curse her enemies. There was a rumor that the prince's disease is a curse inflicted upon him by the Queen to turn his arm red as blood.

"Kanda?" Allen asked, looking up at the swordsman.

Kanda had been lost in thought. "What?"

"You never answered me." Aleln said looking up at the man with his silver eyes. Kanda could see no hate or fear in Allen's eyes, only pure intent and some pain. Kanda raised his sword, the deed needed to be done.

"Kanda?" Allen asked, stumbling back frightened. "What is happening?"

"I am sorry your majesty." Kanda apologized and tried to run Allen through, but stopped before piercing the prince's chest. Allen was frozen with fear, when Kanda paused Allen scrambled for the Dark Forest.

Kanda sighed, kicking himself for not just finishing the prince off. If Allen went into the forest he might as well be dead. Everyone who goes in never comes out. Kanda ran after the prince needing to kill him before he ran into the forest.

Allen was fast, he ran into the forest as fast as he could trying to lose Kanda. As he ran the forest got darker and scarier. Allen ran into spider webs, tripped on raised roots, and wadded through swamps. He was going everything almost completely blind. Allen tripped from a hole in the ground and twisted his ankle. A few tears fell down his cheeks; he was hurt and scared of the forest and of the man chasing him with the only intent of killing him. Allen heard a crash in the bushes and forced himself to keep running, but Allen's luck was as it always was, horrible. The little light illuminating the forest made Allen's hair shine in the darkness.

Kanda tackled Allen. Scared, Allen kicked, screamed, and punched Kanda trying to get free. Kanda drew a dagger from a strap on his leg and held it to Allen's throat.

"Please, I will go away. I will disappear. Just please… I don't want to die." Allen begged.

Kanda watched as those silver pools overflowed with tears.

"Kanda, please…"

Kanda dug the knife into Allen's throat; beads of blood came up and dripped down his neck.

"Allen stopped struggling and gave in. "I hope you get a good reward." Allen said and closed his eyes, not wanting to watch his death.

Kanda sighed, he couldn't do it. He got off of Allen and forced the prince to his feet and helped support him. "I can't believe you ran into the Dark Forest. You are such an idiot."

Allen was confused. "Why didn't you…?"

Kanda rolled his eyes. "I can't kill whimpering, helpless prey."

"What about your reward?"

"I won't need it if we die in here."

"Where are we?"

"We are in the Dark Forest." Kanda growled, tired of Allen's questions.

"Sorry, I didn't know, I'm sorry." Allen said, still scared of Kanda.

Kanda growled. "Shut up. I will kill you now if you don't stop apologizing. I don't care that you are a prince. You are just a dumb, spoiled brat."

Allen was quiet for a while as they walked. "… To be outside of the castle."


"That's all I ever wanted." Allen explained. "I just wanted to go outside. I haven't been outside of the castle since I was little."

Kanda snorted. "What a sob story."

Allen pushed Kanda away. "If you are going to do nothing but ridicule me then please leave me alone, I can make it on my own."

Kanda ched, "You won't make it five minutes Moyashi."

Allen held his head high, "it has been a pleasure. Nice meeting you Sir Kanda." Allen turned and limped away.

Kanda shook his head. The prince was going to kill himself. He followed close behind Allen, needing to keep an eye on him.

Kanda followed Allen and paused when he saw an amazing scene before him, light.

Allen limped out into a huge prairie. Allen smiled and turned to Kanda. "What did you say about five minutes?"

Kanda was surprised.

"Were you too scared to go alone?"

"As if. I needed to make sure you didn't fall into quicksand or something."

Allen rolled his eyes and looked up. "The sky is so blue."

"So what?"

"The sky was never this blue in the castle, it was always and eerie grey."

Kanda huffed. "Let's go. We need to search for a village." He said grabbing Allen's hand and pulling him along. "I swear, you are so annoying."

"You don't have to be so mean."

"I am not." Kanda growled.

"You act like you are running from someone."

"I'm not running. I don't care if I die anymore."

Allen looked up. "What do you mean?"

"You are the same as me; you know what it feels like."

"What? I don't understand."

Kanda let go of Allen. "You are so pathetic!"

Unprepared to be let go, Allen fell into the grass.

Kanda continued to walk, not looking back.

Allen laid down in the grass and looked up at the sky. "Mom… Dad… What am I supposed to do?" Allen closed his eyes and listened as the wind blew over him. Allen opened his eyes when something hit him. He looked to see something yellow flitter out of the corner of his vision. Allen sat up and saw a little yellow ball with wings. He had never seen anything like it before. Allen stood up and walked over; as he got within reach it would fly to a different spot. "Am I supposed to follow you?"

It bobbed.

Allen followed it across the prairie and it led Allen to another forest. He followed it through the forest and emptied into a clearing where there was a cabin nestled safely by a little stream. Allen walked over a little bridge and followed the ball to the cabin. Allen knocked on the door.

There was no answer.

Allen knocked again and got no reply. Allen walked to a window and looked in, it was dark inside. Allen walked back to the door and entered. "Hello?" Allen light a lamp with a match and carried it. "Hello? Anyone here?" Allen noticed he was in a living room area. He explored the house and eventually came to a bedroom. Exhausted, he figured that a quick nap wouldn't hurt and laid down.


Kanda grumbled to himself as he walked in the opposite direction. "Damn kid is going to die out here." Kanda walked to a forest beyond the prairie and entered, hearing the sound of rushing water. He smirked and walked, he heard a sound in the bush but he pushed it off as a squirrel or a rabbit. He walked a little further and felt something strike him and his world went black.