Chapter 4

"Mirror, Mirror which hangs there, tell me of the boy with snow white hair." The Queen ordered.

The mirror woke, "Snow White is safe, hidden in a cottage far, far away."


"The swordsman is with him, he did not kill the prince as you wished."

She huffed, " I guess the saying is right, if you want something right done right, you have to do it yourself. I know the perfect spell for him." She said, collecting her gown up and walking to her room.


Allen insisted on helping the girls around the cottage, cleaning and cooking while the boys were out hunting.

Miranda and Lenalee both were enchanted by Allen's looks, he was absolutely beautiful.

"What else do you need done?" Allen asked.

"Nothing. Thank you my Prince."

"Are you certain?" Allen asked.

"We are sure."

"Okay." Allen said, "I'm going to go fetch the laundry."

"You don't have to my Prince."

"But I want to." Allen picked up the basket and walked out. He walked to the river a little beyond the cottage to retrieve the clothes that had been left to hang to dry. He took the clothes off the wire and set them in the basket.

A golden ball flew over and nestled in Allen's white hair.

Allen chuckled. "Hey, what are you doing?" He picked up the little ball "You're the one that led me to the order."

The ball nodded.

"Thank you."

The ball nodded and flew in a circle around Allen before landing on his head. Allen chuckled and picked up his laundry basket before walking to the Order. As he walked, he ran into the other men. Allen smiled. "Hello."

The men bowed, Kanda was even forced into a bow.

"Why are you out here alone your Majesty?" Krory asked.

"I was fetching the laundry." Allen explained.

"You shouldn't be alone your highness."

"Everything is fine. Just relax. I didn't go further than 20 feet from the cottage."

"But still." Lavi said.

"I'm sorry; I will bring a babysitter with me next time." Allen smiled.

"Good." The men escorted Allen back to the cottage.

Allen walked into the cottage with the men and was greeted with the smell of dinner.

"Wash up and come eat," the girls announced.

The boys washed up and sat at the table as the girls set the table.

"It looks delicious." Lavi complimented.

Lenalee giggled. "Thank you."

They all sat down for dinner.

Komui stood as everyone made a plate. "Let's make a toast."

"Yeah!" Lavi cheered. "May the Queen be cursed by her own witchcraft! Long live Prince Allen!"

"The symbol of freedom!" Krory cheered.

"The voice of the beaten down kingdom!" Marie said.

"The last hope of the Walker line!" Komui added with a smile.

Everyone laughed and clinked their glasses together.

"The fairest in all of the lands." Kanda said softly to himself.

They drank and ate, after dinner, Marie played a small stringed instrument, and Allen played piano as a dance floor was made in the living room by Reever clearing away all the furniture. Lenalee danced with Lavi and Miranda dance with Krory. They switched out and Allen danced with each girl as Lavi played a harmonica and Krory played piano.

Kanda watched the scene from afar.

Allen walked over and offered his hand. "Want to dance?"


"Come on, please?"

Kanda sighed.

Allen took Kanda's hand and dragged Kanda onto the dance floor. Kanda danced with Allen, unsure of how to dance.

"I don't know how to dance."

"Yes you do, just go with the music."

Kanda danced with Allen, watching how Marie and Miranda danced.

"You are doing good." Allen smiled as they danced.


The song ended with Kanda spinning Allen. Allen laughed and bowed to Kanda as Kanda bowed in return.

"Alright. Time for bed." Komui cut in. "Prince Allen, you may have Lavi's bed. Lavi and Kanda will sleep in here."

Lavi sighed. "Fine. Good night Lenalee."

Lenalee giggled. "Good night."

"Good night Kanda." Allen smiled.

Kanda looked at Allen surprised.

Allen walked with Lenalee so she could show him to his bed.

"Good night, I guess." Kanda mumbled to himself.

Allen wished them all goodnight and they did the same as they walked to their bedrooms.

Lavi tossed Kanda a pillow. "You get the floor."

"Oh no, you'll get the floor." Kanda growled.

Lavi sat on the only couch and laid down.

Kanda walked over and snatched the covers off Lavi.

"That is cruel."

Kanda huffed and curled up on the floor with a pillow and blanket before slowly falling asleep.