Melanie's Point of View

This morning, I woke up in Jared's arms. I could hear him quietly snoring next to me soothing me. I was glad to be me again and in control of my body. Though at times, I missed Wanda's company, it felt good to have nobody else listening to my thoughts but me.

"Good morning, Melanie," Jared spoke sleepily.

He sat up and stretched out his arms and back. I smiled at him knowing I was the luckiest girl in the world. All I wanted to do was be with him no matter where we were. He looked at me and smiled back.

"I'm never letting you go ever again," I said with a smile.

He leaned in and kissed me on the lips softly.

"Are you hungry?" He asked me.

"I think I smell eggs cooking?" I reply bubbly.

We jump out of bed and hurry to the main area to see what breakfast was this morning. In the kitchen, Jamie sits with Wanda and Ian scarfing down a "Kyle size" batch of eggs. We walk over to get some eggs than sat down at the table, with Ian, Wanda, and Jamie.

"Are you guys ready for the raid?" Jared asked.

Everybody nodded in agreement, except Jamie.

"Why can't I go on a raid with you guys?" Jamie whined.

"Do you remember what happened last time?" Wanda reminded him.

"I could have happened to anybody," he pleaded, "and why does Melanie get to go?"

All eyes turned to me.

"Because I'm in love with her and I'm never letting her go ever again," said Jared.

"So as usual, I never get to do anything?" He said pouting.

"We should leave now to get a head start," I said trying to change the topic.

"I'll get Aaron and Bandt," added Jeb eavesdropping.

Wanda and Ian cleaned up the table while Jared and I got the car ready. I always loved going on raids. Being crammed inside a house with thirty-three people can get tiring. After about an hour, we headed out into the lonely desert. Jared and I were in the front and Bandt, Ian, Wanda, and Aaron were in the back seats. Our first stop was an old convenient store about twenty-five miles from town. Wanda, Ian, Jared, and I went inside while the others kept watch in the car. My job was to get all the clothes we needed. The more I looked around the harder it was to find clothes. There was nothing. The racks were full of old, ratty clothes. They looked like they could be from someone's garage or maybe from the 60's.

About twenty minutes later, we all met up. The only clothes I found were some sweatpants and a pink shirt. We were over at checkout when Aaron and Bandt walked in with two men following behind.

"Um, guys I think we need to go?" Aaron said warily.

We quickly grabbed out stuff and ran out. We hopped into the car and drove off. The two men followed closely behind. Jared pressed down on the pedal. We were trying to get to town as fast as we could. Once we got into ongoing traffic, we could lose them. We drove around the city for half an hour, until we were finally sure we'd lost them. We turned an old, worn down Wal-Mart and decided to go inside. When we got out of the car, Jared grabbed my hand. He pulled me in close and kissed me.

"I'm never going to lose you again," he warned me.

The two men followed us into the store. I stood near Jared worried I might lose him. He put his arm around me pulling me close. I felt safe. We tried to hurry around Wal-Mart to get whatever we needed fast. Jared went to catch up with the head of the group to make sure everyone was still there. Suddenly, something hard was touching my left shoulder. My arms were pulled and duct taped, around my back, and a hand covered my mouth.

"Jared!" I screamed, muffled by the hand over my mouth.

I twisted and turned trying to break free, but the man's grip never loosened.

"Don't do that again, or I will shoot," the man warned.

Suddenly, my legs went limp. I dropped to the floor and kicked the man in the shin.

"Jared! Help!" I screamed using the last of the air I had in me.

Jared turned around stunned by what he saw. The man grabbed me again. He shoved the tip of the gun into my shoulder-blade. I winced in pain. Jared was already running after me when the men took off with me. I wasn't going to lose Jared again, but if I moved I would be shot. I was suddenly shoved into a car door and driven down the road. Tears started rolling down my face.

"Who are you?" I screamed.

"We are acquaintances of your friend Jared. You are Melanie?" They asked.

"Are you still human?" I questioned.

"Affirmative," they said.

After this, I was quiet. All I could think about was Jared.

Jared. Jared. Jared.

Jared's Point of View

Melanie. Melanie. Melanie. Where is Melanie? How could I lose her again? She trusted me and all I did was let her down.

"Jared? Who's driving?" Ian asked worriedly.

"I am," I answered.

"Are you sure you can handle-?" Ian wondered.

"I'm fine!" I screamed.

I quickly felt bad for yelling at Ian, but he of all people understood how much I loved Melanie.

"Hurry! They're getting away!" Wanda said sobbing.

I could tell Ian's heart was breaking over her constant, sad crying, but I couldn't handle it.

"Quiet!" I screamed angry as hell, "We have to find Melanie, and if you people don't shut up we won't get there!"

I was on the edge of breaking. I drove on getting faster and faster getting in front of any car that wasn't going fast enough. I couldn't imagine what Melanie must have thought right then. She must have been worried sick about what might happen. We pulled in to the abandoned Twinkie factory parking lot. One man had Melanie and was shoving her to the nearest door while the other man kept look out walking backwards to get a better eye on things. Anger flowed through me. I wanted to burst out in rage, but thankfully Ian caught me before I did.

"Jared, be careful. Melanie would die if anything happened to you," he reminded me.

"Wanda and Ian come with me, and Aaron and Bandt keep watch for when we get Melanie and keep the car running," I demanded.

We grabbed our guns and quickly got out of the car. Ian kept Wanda close making sure nothing happened to her. As we came to the door, we saw you needed an eye scan to get in. We both looked at Wanda knowing she was our only hope. She moved up and stood in front of the scanner. A red line ran across her face that made Ian flinch. The door slid open. We quietly slipped inside.