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Ian and Wanda came in the room. I could tell Wanda had been crying and gave her a comforting smile. I hated being stuck in this bed and not being able to move. I was uncomfortable and couldn't move easily.

"Melanie, how did we all get out alive?" I wondered.

"Ian shot the men and Wanda helped me get down. I thought we were all going to die," Melanie told me, "I'm not leaving your side until you are all better."

That night was the hardest night for me. I couldn't have had a worse dream.

*Jared's Dream Begins

Melanie's hanging from the wall. She's bleeding. She's crying. All I can do is stand there watching her. I'm trying to move but there's an invisible wall. Suddenly, Ian and Wanda and hanging with her. They're bleeding. I try pushing harder against the wall but nothing works. The hideous and disgusting sound of laughter fills my ears. I start hitting the invisible wall, punching it. It's not hard, but it's soft. It's feels like chewy candy or a Tempur Pedic mattress. I can't beat it. A gun pops into my hands. I lose control. The gun forces my hands to move up aiming for Ian. I hear Wanda scream, but I can't control anything I do. I shoot the gun killing Ian. Next, the gun moves my hands to Wanda. I can't shoot Wanda, but I do. I killed Wanda. Finally, my hands move to Melanie. No. I'm not shooting her. I pull away hard. I will not shoot. Never. Cold air circles around me, closing in, suffocating me. The gun pulled up using the wind to distract me. I pull it down, but the wind comes in closer cutting off my air supplies. I don't have enough strength to pull back the gun. It sets itself up, and pulls its own trigger.

*Jared's Dream Ends

My eyes flashed open. I was covered in sweat from head to toe. I looked around and Melanie was sleeping soundly beside me. Her eyes fluttered open and she flashed her gorgeous smile at me. My breathing slowed down, realizing it was just a dream. Melanie's hand was wrapped around mine.

"What's wrong?" She said worriedly.

"Nothing. Everything is perfect," I said

I painfully lifted myself up to hug her. She laughed at my attempt.

"We're playing soccer in the morning, if you want to watch?" She said.

"To cheer you on?" I laughed.

"Always," she whispered.

She leaned in a kissed me.

"Come on!" Jeb complained.

Melanie wheeled me outside to watch the game. As we walked through the house, everybody smiled at me. I felt like they were pitying me. I knew I could walk but it would be painful.

"Melanie, I think I'm okay to walk," I state.

"I'm not taking any chances, no matter how much you beg and plead," I reply.

She could be so stubborn at times, but that was one of the reasons I loved her. She pushed open the door to get to the outside. The sun was so bright that I could feel myself getting sun burned. I had to squint to see.

"I think Ian should be team captain!" shouted Wanda.

"I nominate Kyle, then," said Sunny.

"Kyle can pick first," Ian said smoothly.

"I pick Brandt," Kyle starts.




Jamie, as always, stood up trying to look tall.








Finally, the teams were set and the game began. Melanie got to kick off because her team won the last time. It reminded me of us playing soccer before we came here.

*Flashback Begins

The trees shook in the wind like the waves of the sea. The sun was shining brighter than it had before. It was the first sunny day this month and the perfect time to try out our new soccer ball.

"There is no way you're going to beat me this, Howe," she warned.

"Just watch me," I told her.

Jamie was watching from the side. He was supposed to be keeping score of the game, but instead stood there watching our every move. Melanie could kick harder than any girl I'd seen play and could keep up with the running involved in soccer. I loved the way her hair looked in the sun and how she ran when the wind was blowing. The sun beaming down on her made her look even more gorgeous than normal. Her smile lit up my world. The game was tied at game point. Melanie stole the ball from me and kicked it half way down the field into the goal winning the game. She jumped up and down in glory.

"I told you I'd win!" She cheers.

She runs and jumps on me. She kisses me and smiles, and I smile back.

*Flashback Ends