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Chapter Two: Laying a Foundation

To Candace Flynn, it seemed to be the start of another ordinary day. She had gotten up, eaten breakfast, put on one of her many sets of red blouses and white skirts, and then called her best friend Stacy Hirano who would be picking her up for a trip to the mall shortly. Nonetheless, something about the morning seemed off to her. (After all, nothing was ever ordinary when it came to her family.) Candace hopped over to her bedroom window, where her suspicions were confirmed by what she saw in the Flynn-Fletcher backyard.

Namely, an empty backyard. No Phineas and Ferb, no blueprints, no delivery trucks, and no heavy construction equipment. Her brothers were obviously up to something, and she was determined to find out what. Racing downstairs, Candace came across a note on the kitchen counter, one which she had missed while fetching her breakfast. She quickly picked it up and read it.


Mom & Dad are at an antique convention all day today. We'll be over at Isabella's this morning. Don't forget to stay cool today! (But of course, you always are :))

Later, Phineas

The redhead couldn't help but crack a smile at the note. Figuring that she should let them know she got the note, Candace slipped her shoes on and set off for the house across the street.

Isabella stepped back outside with a smile on her face. Not only was her backyard going to be rebuilt, but she herself, along with two of her favorite people in the whole wide world, were going to get to do it. She gave Phineas a thumbs-up to signify her mother's preliminary approval, causing the boys to immediately pull out a sheet of blueprint paper with an outline of her backyard on it.

"You know, Phineas, we probably still have the plans from when we put the swimming pool in," she commented. The redhead turned towards his best friend and smiled.

"I figured that as long as we're tearing everything up anyways, instead of just fixing up your backyard, we might as well make it the best, most fun backyard ever!" he responded with a grin on his face. "Well, at least by your definition – since it is your backyard and all. But it's up to you to tell us what that is. And then me, Ferb and Perry will figure out how to make it happen." Phineas glanced around in a futile attempt to locate the aforementioned platypus.

"Hey, where's Perry?" said Phineas. Isabella started giggling as Ferb let out a small smile. "And what's so funny about that?" he continued, shooting a glare at his friends in the process.

"Phin," responded Ferb, putting an arm on his brother's shoulder, "he hasn't been over here since I got here. And you just noticed this now."

The redhead could only shake his head. "No problem, then it'll just be me and Ferb. So Isabella," said Phineas, grinning once again, "whatcha thinkin'?"

Isabella scratched her chin in deep thought. This was, after all, a very important decision – no matter what she could come up with, she had no doubt in her mind that Phineas and Ferb would be able to make it happen. "Well," she began, "I did enjoy having a swimming pool in my backyard." Phineas smiled at her, causing his neighbor to squeal inwardly. Meanwhile, Ferb began to draw on the blueprint.

"But that bouncy castle you guys made was really fun too." Isabella lit up as memories of many of the group's project began to flood back in. "Ooh, and remember when we had S'Winter? 'Well, there's snow on the ground…'" Phineas quickly joined in, humming the instrumental parts as Isabella continued to sing.

At the conclusion of the song, Isabella continued thinking out loud. "Ah, that was fun. But everything you guys do is really fun! How I am supposed to pick just one?" Catching his brother's eye, Ferb beckoned Phineas to come over by him. The redhead scanned his brother's completed blueprint, processing its many details, and then broke out into a huge grin.

"That's a great idea, Ferb!" said Phineas, and his brother responded with a thumbs-up.

"Isabella? We never said you had to pick just one."

Agent P kicked the door open and strode with purpose into the darkened main lab of Doofenshmirtz Evil Incorporated. An array of candles was set up in the center of the room, allowing the evil scientist to work on his latest dastardly device. Observing the situation, Perry slowly crept towards the corner, only to be surprised as an empty concrete box slammed down around him! Hearing the jangle of the doctor's stuck keys, he couldn't help but crack a smirk.

Taking in the low light provided by a candle mounted to the box, the agent saw Doofenshmirtz come towards him and stick his face right next to the viewport, covered by thick steel bars. "Aha! I knew it was you, Perry the Platypus!" taunted his nemesis. "Bet you wish you had a Concrete Melt-inator right about now, Perry the Platypus? Then you'd be out of this trap just like that!" Agent P merely shrugged his shoulders – it's not like I could get to it from inside the trap, he thought.

"But you don't. And you know why, Perry the Platypus? Because you broke it!" Doofenshmirtz paused to let the latest revelation sink in. "So while you come to terms with your doom, I'll tell you today's backstory. And it's a pretty quick one." Noticing Heinz's nose sticking through the bars, Perry quickly socked his nemesis, causing Doofenshmirtz to jump away in shock. "Ow! That hurt! What was that for?"

"Anyways, after you thwarted my scheme yesterday, all of my lights went out, and they haven't come back on yet. Those cretins at Danville Power and Light had the audacity to shut me off!" Doofenshmirtz paused to take a breath and calm himself back down. "But I will show them. Behold, Perry the Platypus, the Power Drain-inator!"

"This will turn my lights back on, Perry the Platypus, because I'm going to use it to collect all the electricity in the ENTIRE TRI-STATE AREA!" Doofenshmirtz paused for effect. "That way, everyone else will suffer like I have since yesterday." His face suddenly lit up with inspiration. "And while they wallow in a cloud of self-pity, I'll be able to waltz right into City Hall and become the new ruler!"

Rounding the corner into the Garcia-Shapiro backyard, Candace did a double-take as she saw what had become of it. After taking a second to process the destruction, her course of action became clear.

"Phineas and Ferb! What did you guys do?" she demanded, marching toward the boys with a purpose.

"Well, we didn't do anything. Well, yet," responded Phineas.

"Then how do you explain this?"

"In this town," said Ferb, "many things defy rational explanation."

Candace thought over the many things she had seen over the course of the summer. "Touché. Well then, what you are up to?"

"Well, first we're going to clean this mess up," said Phineas, gesturing towards the destroyed backyard, "and then we're going to make this the coolest backyard ever!" Ferb confirmed his brother's observation with a thumbs-up. Suddenly, the screen door behind the boys slid open as Isabella popped back outside.

"Alright, she said we can go ahead!" Phineas and Isabella both grinned as they picked up their cell phones.

"Wait a second," demanded Candace, cutting off both youngsters in mid-dial. "Mrs. Garcia-Shapiro knows about this?" Isabella nodded her head in response. "I'm going to have a chat with her, and then the only thing you'll be is SOOOO BUSTED." Not waiting for any further response, she quickly marched into the adjacent home.

"Hola, Candace! Great to see you again! Can you believe how tall your brothers are getting? Soon they'll be taller than me!" said the ever-chipper Vivian Garcia-Shapiro.

"Yes, yes they will," responded Candace. Not wasting any time, she went straight to her point. "So you know what Isabella and my brothers are up to?"

"Si! And it'll work out great for me! Now I won't have to pay to get our backyard cleaned up, I won't have to mow the back anymore, because the whole thing hides in the ground when it's not in use, and it has some real-looking artificial grass on the roof so it'll look just like nothing is there, and-"

"And you're OK with this?" interjected the redhead. Vivian stopped to catch a breath before continuing.

"Why wouldn't I be? I know what your brothers are capable of."

Candace was momentarily stunned by this as it sunk in. "You've seen what Phineas and Ferb do?"

"Of course I have," said Vivian as she chuckled lightly. "Everyone in the Tri-State Area has probably seen what Phineas and Ferb do. Except su mama, of course," she added after noticing the glare Candace directed at her.

"Then why you don't tell my mom? I try to tell her, but she thinks I'm crazy! You're her best friend, so I'm sure she'll listen to you."

"Candace, she doesn't believe you, and she doesn't believe Phineas and Ferb when they tell her themselves. What makes you think she would listen to me?"

Candace sighed and plopped down into one of the dining room chairs. "I'm just concerned about them, Mrs. Garcia-Shapiro. What if something goes wrong during one of their projects?"

The older woman took a seat across from her neighbor. "I worry too, Candace. I worry about my Isa all the time. I'm a mother, that's what we're supposed to do." Vivian chuckled before continuing. "But accidents can happen no matter what you do. And I know your brothers would never do anything to hurt my Isa. Especially Pheeneas."

"What's that supposed to mean?" interjected a voice from the backyard. Candace facepalmed as both she as Vivian quickly dissolved into fits of laughter. Once they settled back down, Mrs. Garcia-Shapiro continued.

"Candace, your brothers have a special gift. And because of that gift, every time Isa comes home from playing with your brothers, she has the biggest smile on her face, and she goes on and on about how she got to do or see something amazing. Why on Earth would I ever take that away from her?"

"Now it's a nice summer day – go out and enjoy it." Vivian got up and walked away from the table, while Candace stayed sitting to process what she had just been told. She then got up, and glanced at a clock. Seeing what time it was, a look of horror developed on her face as she sprinted back towards her home.

End of Chapter