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"I'll be on the next flight out." Kyoya said dryly. He heard Akito chuckle on the other side.

"Next flight out? Don't you have four more weeks in America with father?" Kyoya was silent, internally arguing with himself a mile a minute. He couldn't just leave, yet Haruhi was sick. She obviously was at an Ootori hospital under his brother's care, but anything could go wrong. The host club was going to be with her, except him. The conditions of her hospitalization could be fatal, but they also couldn't. Kyoya couldn't really calculate any outcome with such little information.

"Why is she in the hospital?"

"She is being tested for leukemia. Your friend Suoh had told me that she had told them there was a possibility she had leukemia but didn't want to go to the hospital." Kyoya clenched his phone, thinking to himself that he would like to kill Tamaki and his forgetful brain, and give a good scolding to Haruhi for being so stubborn and forgetting to take care of herself again. How could she pass off a disease like leukemia? He could only imagine how the others reacted to her news.

"I'll be going now brother. I will be attending to your friend-"

"Akito, I will be coming." Akito scoffed.

"See you then." Kyoya hung up his phone and turned on the light to his room, cursing the light that burned his retinas. Squinting, he blindly searched his bag for some jeans and a sweater before heading to the bathroom to shower. Five minutes later, he began packing up his suitcase, practically throwing things in. As he began packing his carry-on backpack, he noticed the dark purple notebook that hadn't been written in yet. He decided now would be a good time to keep track of events and took out the notebook and a pen. He began thumbing through the pages to reach the beginning of the book when a sudden flash of words on the corner of a miscellaneous page before it disappeared among the other pages flipping past. He paused and flipped back eight pages to find the words he caught sight of earlier. It was a quote that read "Insanity in individuals is something rare- but in groups, parties, nations, and epochs, it is the rule," by Friedrich Nietzsche. Next to it was an annotation he assumed was from Haruhi that read, "Groups, parties, nations, epochs, or a host club". He looked at it curiously before smirking at her comment. He slowly began turning pages again to catch anything else that Haruhi may have left for him. But she didn't. It was just a sporadic quote in the midst of other pages. At least that's how it seemed. Maybe something just for fun, critical thinking, decoration? Maybe even because she just wrote it down so she had it for any future reference. However, there was evidence that pointed out how she was always thinking about her friends in the host club.

"She is indeed a fascinating young woman." He said to himself. He shut the notebook and put it in the backpack, not writing anything in it. He wasted too much time. Once he finished packing, he scribbled a note to his dad, slipped it under his dad's hotel room door, and left for the airport. Once he was in a cab, he pulled out his phone and told Tachibana to meet him at the airport when he got back in approximately 14 hours. Then he called Tamaki.



"Oh Kyoya! Did Akito-san call you? Did he tell you the horrible news?"

"Why yes he did Tamaki. However, why did you neglect to tell me if you knew?" He asked icily. Tamaki whimpered on the other side.

"It slipped my mind." Kyoya's eye twitched. How does something like a friend being told they might have a deadly disease just "slip from a person's mind"? How does that just bounce around in someone's head like it's nothing?

"She's just getting tested. But she had been getting tired each day until she finally collapsed and we took her to the hospital. She's sleeping right now."

"I see." The two were quiet for a minute, not sure what else to say. But eventually Tamaki did.

"Say Kyoya…do you like Haruhi?"

"She proves to be interesting." He answered without hesitation as to not cause suspicion.

"I think I do Kyoya." Kyoya rolled his eyes, obviously knowing this since he was already involved with her. Or at least, that's what he thought.

"I told her that too, Kyoya, but she rejected me." That came as a shock to Kyoya, but he'd berate himself later.

"Is that so?" He answered.

"But I'm determined not to give up on her just yet. I just… need to make sure she'll wake up so I can tell her that." Kyoya pinched the bridge of his nose and sighed deeply. All this time, she had rejected him. All this time he failed to obtain information just because he had a gut suspicion. All this time…all this time he was stuck in America because of a freaking inference. He might as well just throw the rest of his dignity away.

"When did she reject you?" Although Kyoya already knew the answer.

"She was coming to visit you, I think, right after I left your house that one night. You were still disabled I believe." Right on the dot. Everything became so clear to him and it took him a pointless trip to another country to realize it. Tamaki had been muttering about something to do with "weird thoughts", which were most likely about Haruhi, and when Kyoya didn't have the answer, he went to mope in the limo for the longest time. That's when he saw Haruhi. He saw Haruhi and since his mind was still focused on his topic with Kyoya, the idiot went ahead to project his feelings. But, she rejected him because…why? What was her reason? Kyoya could only pinpoint three. The first was that she was just as confused as Tamaki was (or had been). He noticed that when it came to others, she knew almost everything about someone even if they just met; at least that was how it seemed. A good example would be the incident at the beach house or when they had found themselves at the commoner's mall together. She found him out in the blink of an eye in both occasions when they were together, not that he admitted to it. But pertaining to herself, it was almost like she needed counseling. It was like she was in a world where everyone else mattered except her. That was just how she was. Another reason was that, since she came to his house in the first place, she was simply too distracted by her goal to really listen to Tamaki's love confession. He had learned from Ranka that once she set her mind to something there was no going back. The third was that she really just wasn't interested. There are factors that either support or go against this conclusion. Kyoya laid them out in front of him in his mind. Tamaki Suoh is about the nicest guy out there. There was no reason not to like him. He does whatever he can to help out others, benefit or not, and make them happy. And, for the crème de la crème, he knew how to treat women right. He knew just what to say to get girls swooning. Oh sure, Kyoya could sweet talk just as well as any of the other hosts, but only if it was convenient for him, and he honestly didn't find the need to treat Haruhi like a customer anyway. However, there is the fact that Haruhi always seems annoyed by him and just tolerates his over exuberant personality. And the most crucial part that really stood out was that Haruhi had been acting strange around Kyoya. Nothing really noticeable but definitely different from how she's acted toward him months ago. It was very strange.


Haruhi found herself in a strange room. It was no place she recognized but she knew that she was in a bedroom, considering she was under the covers in a bed. She turned her head to look around but as she did, her eyesight wavered; her surroundings blurred. When her vision cleared she noticed that something had changed. She was no longer alone.

He seemed to have suddenly appeared right next to her, opening a bottle of something pink. At this point she was confused. She had no idea why he was with her considering she had just been with the host club and especially so since he was supposed to be in America. And it wasn't helping that her vision kept coming back in flashes rather than in a clear image. It was sort of like watching a movie in fast forward or a light was flickering on and off in the surroundings and each time the light turned on, something different was going on. Right now, she was watching him as he began pouring a strange liquid into a small cup. And suddenly, she had a wave of déjà vu. But it seemed more like a memory than a current event. But that didn't explain why he was currently on top of her now. That could never happen. Not even in a dream, so most certainly not a memory either.

Haruhi's eyes widened but she had no time to react, for a pair of soft lips pressed against hers. Haruhi started struggling under him but found that to be futile. Soon after Haruhi could feel something enter her mouth. The acrid taste of fake bubblegum touched her tongue and soon she realized that what he had was medicine. Damn him. She tried to move her head, shift her body, trying anything to keep the cursed medicated sludge from going down her throat. But as she hopelessly thrashed once more, the vision transitioned again.

She suddenly went from a weak struggling mess, to a weak wanton mess. Her arms were around his neck and her fingers curled around the black tresses of his hair. And she was very much kissing him back. There was no way she was going to defend herself on that. There was no way she could…because she found that she was enjoying it. But as quickly as their actions progressed, she saw him exit the room, leaving her almost passed out from exhaustion. She saw who it was and couldn't believe her eyes.



It was safe to assume that the host club was in a full panic mode when Haruhi keeled over. After all, it wasn't a normal thing for their precious Haruhi to suddenly collapse on the floor. If it hadn't been for Mori, the host club would still be in shambles and running around the Fujioka apartment. But he took initiative. He promptly calmed the four men and arranged for them all to take Haruhi to the nearest hospital which was, big surprise, an Ootori hospital. Now, the five men were waiting impatiently in the lobby, hoping for any news on Haruhi.

All of them refused to sit down and chose to seek comfort in standing or in some cases( Tamaki and Hikaru) pacing back and forth. But that didn't do much good either in placating their nerves. Not only were they concerned for Haruhi, but they also had another hurdle to conquer. Ranka had no idea that Haruhi was here and they all knew how worried he had been about her. But they also knew that Haruhi once compared her dad to Tamaki once…meaning that his reaction to her being in the hospital might not be as calm as they hoped. They knew it was the right thing to do, to call Ranka and tell him what happened, but no one made a move to bring out their phones just yet. Each person was waiting for the other to do something. And Tamaki finally did.

"Well men, I guess we should call Ranka-san then." He said quietly. The other four crowded around Tamaki and his phone as he dialed the Fujioka household number and brought it to his ear. They all waited with bated breath for Ranka to pick up. But instead of an answer, all that could be heard was the sound of a pre-recorded message of the answering machine.

'Sorry, but your call could not be completed. Please try again or leave a message. Thank you!'

The five members looked at the phone with grim faces.

"Ranka-san is probably at work." Tamaki told them, pocketing his phone. The twins looked at each other once before Hikaru brought out his own cell and began scrolling through his contacts.

"We're gonna try." Kaoru told them. Once Hikaru reached the contact name, his eyes briefly scanned the number where he noticed something rather odd. He took the chance to take a closer look before he snickered loudly. Kaoru turned to him where Hikaru was already holding up the phone to show his brother. Soon both brothers were snickering.

"What is so funny?" Tamaki asked impatiently. The twins walked up to the host club king and gave him an evil grin.

"You don't even have the right number Tono." They told him in sync. Tamaki's face turned red. He gave them a hard frown.

"Well how do you know you have the right number?!" He screeched. Before the twins could respond, both Honey and Mori showed him their phones too.

"Look Tama-chan. Our phone numbers match the one on Hika-chan's phone too!" He told Tamaki cutely. Tamaki let out a desperate wail and retreated to a quiet corner to pout. The twins only laughed at his antics.

"I will call Ranka-san." Honey said.

"That won't be necessary Mitskuni." Everyone turned at the sound of another voice. Taking his winter jacket off and in his full feminine glory was Ranka. At the sight of him, Tamaki's previous gloom disappeared and he launched himself in the tranny's direction.

"Oh Ranka-san! Thank goodness you are here! There seems to be a mistake, the number you gave me for your apartment is-" Suddenly, the rest of Tamaki's words were drowned out by incoherent mumbles instead. Ranka's foot was properly placed on Tamaki's head.

"Oh my dear boy, there has been no mistake, I assure you." He said not so sweetly. With strained speech, Tamaki replied.

"But the numbers are-"

"Now why would I give my apartment's real number to a foreign pest?" Tamaki soon returned to his corner. Ranka huffed then smiled, turning to the other hosts.

"Hello boys."

"Hey Ranka-san, how did you know to come here?"

"Akito-san called me and told me about Haruhi. Is she okay?"

"We don't know." Mori replied monotonously. Ranka figured as much. Doctors liked to take their dear sweet old time.

"But you are allowed to see her if you like." Kaoru told him.

"They are allowing immediate family in right now." Hikaru said. Ranka nodded and went to the receptionist desk to ask for directions.

After talking with the receptionist, Ranka walked down the hall and into the fourth room on the left. Truth be told that Ranka was actually a little nervous about walking in there. He knew that it was imperative that she sought out medical attention even if it was just a moderate risk of the disease, but her previous illness made her weaker to the symptoms and most likely escalated her chances of being completely diagnosed. But he let her refuse. He knew she was scared so he only made her promise to go to the hospital soon, but as a responsible parent, he knew he should have known better. And now, he felt ashamed. Ashamed that had he been more persistent on the matter, he could have prevented her symptoms from getting worse. And now she was in the hospital due to his negligence.

As he entered the white hospital room, Ranka's gaze immediately fell onto the bed where his daughter lay. She never looked so vulnerable before. He was used to her being so strong and lively. But now, she was reduced to a weak state in a matter of months.

"Ah Fujioka-san." Ranka turned to see a dark haired Kyoya look alike standing up to greet him. He assumed this was Kyoya's brother. Ranka extended his hand and grasped Akito's.

"I'm glad you could make it." He told Ranka. Ranka nodded and then went to sit next to Haruhi. Akito sat back down on the office chair and began sifting through some papers.

All was quiet with the exception of Haruhi's hear monitor. Ranka wanted to say something to his daughter, but he felt it would be irrelevant if she couldn't hear him. His apology wouldn't count. So he chose to sit with her quietly and stroke her hair.

Several minutes passed before Haruhi's hear monitor began to beat faster than it had originally. This startled Ranka and he looked down at Haruhi with sudden worry. When the beeping didn't slow, Ranka looked to Akito, wondering why he wasn't doing anything. But when Akito made eye contact with him, Akito suddenly had a wave of realization.

"Oh, Fujioka-san, my apologies. Please don't worry about it. You can blame my brother for it though." Ranka gave him a confused look and wondered what Kyoya had to do with the change in her heartbeat. But he didn't have to wonder long before Haruhi stirred.

"Kyoya…" It was barely a whisper but Ranka caught the words. Ranka looked at his daughter incredulously. Was she really…dreaming about Kyoya Ootori?

"That would be the third time she's done that." Akito told him. Ranka finally understood. There was no way that when Haruhi woke up could she ignore her dreams, or possibly even her memories. Though, knowing his daughter, she would probably forget by the time she was awake. Then again, he could see the chemistry between the two.

"That's some dream she must be having." Ranka said quietly. There was no mistaking it now. Ranka had known for a while but now it was completely clear.


When Ranka came back, there was nothing left to do but wait. Tamaki, Hikaru and Kaoru sojourned over to the kid's area and indulged themselves in the colorful bead slides. Honey had acquired a small snack from the hospital's cafeteria and was happily eating in one of the waiting chairs. Mori was next to him browsing through one of the magazines and Ranka was sitting on the chair adjacent to him, waiting patiently. It was until Kyoya walked in did they cease their idle distractions. He looked somewhat annoyed as he shook the snow from his hair and wiped the small droplets from his glasses. But, he seemed relieved to have gotten to the hospital. It was once he placed his glasses back on the bridge of his nose did he look over at them. His eyes swept over to the corner where Tamaki and the twins were playing. He sighed.

"Honestly, Tamaki, that is for patients 6 and under."

"Kyoya! You're back!"

"What an incredible observation." Kyoya responded. Tamaki got off the floor and ran up to Kyoya. He looked like he was running in slow motion considering how he was flailing his arms dramatically. But when Tamaki got close enough to wrap his arms around Kyoya, he put up a hand and Tamaki halted. Kyoya looked him in the eye and smiled sinisterly.
"Do NOT think for a second that I've forgotten that you neglected to inform me of Haruhi's condition." Tamaki's eyes widened and he shrieked, backing away from his friend. The twins got up from the floor too and stood next to Tamaki. They wore fake reprimanding expressions and crossed their arms.

"Wow, I didn't know Haruhi meant that little to you Tono." Started Hikaru.

"Yeah, you don't even care enough to tell Kyoya-senpai about it. Must not be that important." Added Kaoru. Tamaki kept loosing color in his face as the twins spoke. Though it was funny to watch, Kyoya figured he'd stop it before the King started whining.

"That's enough you too. Leave him alone or he won't shut up for the rest of the night." But this only made Tamaki get even more upset, which was Kyoya's secret intention. The twins snickered quietly and Kyoya went to greet his senpais and Ranka.

"I can't say I'm surprised to see you here Kyoya-kun." Ranka said thoughtfully.

"Well I thought it was important enough to come since Akito nii-san called me." Ranka secretly rolled his eyes and thought to himself, 'Yeah, because that's the only reason you came.'

"Welcome back Kyo-chan!"

"Thank you Honey-senpai." He smiled slightly and then turned his head to look down the hallway.

"Fourth door on the left." Mori told him. Kyoya nodded in response and went down the hallway.


Haruhi woke to the sound of a machine whirring around her loudly. She looked around the room but couldn't comprehend as to where she was. Her vision was too foggy, but from the sound of the machine next to her, she could tell she was in a hospital. Haruhi brought her hands to her face and rubbed her eyes, clearing away the blurriness. As she looked around a second time, she tried to remember why she was there. She had been in her apartment with the host club and then suddenly she was in a room with Kyoya.

"Oh wait, he's been in America…" The words began to sink in, her memories flooding back in. Haruhi felt her face go hot. She very much remembered what she had seen as she slept. All of it had been about Kyoya and all of it had reflected topics that she rather not dwell on. They were embarrassing. They were embarrassing in that everything she dreamt were actually memories. All of them. After her memory of Kyoya taking care of her while she was sick, more memories began to reveal themselves like a slide show. She saw, from her point of view, her hand reaching out to touch his black hair, she saw them talking to each other, she saw them exchanging gifts; nice little moments between them. Even ones during the host club. But, because they were memories, it meant that she and Kyoya had kissed…quite passionately.

She gasped and sat up abruptly which she found to be a terrible idea. Her head throbbed. She knew she ought to lie back down but she was too anxious and the heart monitor could vouch for her. A part of her just thought that she was going crazy, that Kyoya could never allow himself to do what he supposedly did. But on the other hand, it seemed as though it reflected hidden feelings on both sides. This was only judging from what she remembered since some things were still fuzzy. But from what she did remember, part of Kyoya's intention was the 'Take the damn medicine!' part, and the other was…

Haruhi's face went red and her eyes glazed over as if she was about to cry from embarrassment. The whole idea that anything happened was too overwhelming. Farfetched. Impossible. And yet, there was the doubt, after considering the way they had been acting toward each other.

She heard the door to her room begin to open and she laid herself back down on the bed and closed her eyes. She didn't want the others bothering her just yet, as she assumed they were all here. She had too much to think about and the Host club would prove to be a distraction. So pretending to sleep would assure her privacy for a while longer. She calmed down her breathing and stayed absolutely still, concentrating on the footsteps coming toward the bed. They stopped at the end of the mattress and then all was silent, save for her erratically beating heart monitor. The person didn't move and for a while, Haruhi thought she was fooling whoever was there. That was, until he spoke.

"Nice try Haruhi. I know you're awake." Haruhi's eyes popped open in surprise at the voice. His voice. She looked over to her right, but she saw nothing. No one was next to her, no one was on the chair. Although confused, Haruhi closed her eyes again. She thought that if she was hearing voices, she ought to get more sleep. But she didn't really need to. She just forgot to check the left side of her as well.

"My my, your heart rate went up a little bit. Did I startle you?" Haruhi opened her eyes again and twisted her head to the left with such a force, she thought she was close to snapping her spine. And there he was, standing next to her, looking at her heart monitor. He looked the same as he had when he left which was a comforting thought for Haruhi. Yet, when he stood next to her, there seemed to be a new atmosphere to him. But him being there alone was surprising enough.


"I guess I should get my brother since you are awake…" He commented blankly. He wasn't expecting her awake just yet, but in return, Haruhi wasn't expecting Kyoya to be back either.

"Senpai, what are you doing back so-"

"Oh, he's already got everything ready." He added looking at the papers on the counter.


"He must've known you'd be waking up soon."

"Kyoya, will you be quiet for a second!" Kyoya finally looked over at her incredulously as he did not really "see" her when he walked in. He was trying to avoid her eyes but she was having none of that. She went as far as to call him by his name without the honorific. Haruhi could see she had surprised him as he was just looking at her quizzically. She sighed.

"Hello." She tried her greeting once again. The point of her interruption was to, for once, take away his focus from something other than the thought that he was having a reunion with someone equivalent to a business partner. He was her friend and she was sure that she was his too. And she wanted to catch up with her friend and not her humble peer or a doctor. Considering her newfound memories, they were way beyond formalities anyway.

"Hello Haruhi." His voice broke her from her thoughts and she looked up at him.

"I hope you rested well." She nodded and smiled up at him. But when she did, his face turned dark and harsh eyes looked upon her.

"Then I guess you'll have no qualms with me scolding you." He said icily. Haruhi's back went frigid and she looked back him with wide eyes.

"Had I stayed a while longer, you would have been at the hospital a long time ago."

"Why does it matter to you?"

"It's not just me, Haruhi, all of them would be worried. Haven't you learned this in Okinawa? Really, this is troublesome."

"I have my reasons for not going senpai."

"Oh I know. But like I said, had I been here, I would have forced you to go to the hospital." Haruhi could tell he was frustrated with her. She could relate to where he stood in the predicament. Kyoya was the most observative out of the 6 members and for him to suddenly be in the dark where he had no knowledge of what was going on (until recently she assumed) was without a doubt something he wasn't used to. She was positive that once he picked up on her symptoms, he would have insisted she see a doctor, for whatever reason he had for doing so. For whatever reason…

"The others respected my decision. Why can't you let it go?" His eyes narrowed as he looked at her dangerously. But she could see right through him.

"You can try to scare me, but I know you're trying to get out of answering me." His expression never faltered but he knew he had been caught. It was the consequence of getting so close. She could always read him. And because of that, he couldn't really lie to her anymore…but he was going to try.

"I have my reasons for not answering kohai." He told her, mocking her previous answer to him from earlier.

"Oh I know," She raised an eyebrow, challenging him. ",But since it concerns me, I would still like to know."

"You would like to know, but it doesn't mean you have to." From her silence, Kyoya figured that he stumped her, but she was not done.

"Are you concerned about my health?" It seemed like a simple enough question.

"Well who wouldn't be when it comes to Leukemia?" But it wasn't just a simple question.

"Are you personally…troubled?" It was a complex personal question. Kyoya shut his mouth, absolutely refusing to answer. But Haruhi was waiting. She wanted an answer and she was going to get it. Kyoya wasn't the only one "suffering" in this situation. Just by asking these questions, Haruhi was flustering herself even more. She wanted clarification. But depending on the results she was predicting, she figured she wouldn't be able to handle it.

Haruhi continued to wait as patiently as she could, but the deafening silence was making her anxious and once again, the heart monitor began to pick up on her increasing heart rate and projected the sound for Kyoya to hear. Noticing this, Kyoya finally looked back at her.

"What are you expecting me to say?"

"Jeez, anything Kyoya-senpai. Just as long as it's the truth." She answered quietly. She knew he wouldn't be able to stall anymore. He had to answer. He hadto if she questioned him about her memories.

"Hey senpai, did you take me to your house that day I was sick?" He tensed up at her question and Haruhi pressed on.

"I …think I remember something from that time. I want to know if it's true." He looked at her suspiciously and took the chance to take a seat in one of the chairs. There was no way he could get out of this one. Haruhi watched his movements with great care and sighed.

"So it's true then?"

"I didn't say anything. Actually…you didn't say anything yet either." He wasn't looking at her anymore.

"I'm confident you know what I'm trying to imply. And your reaction just…confirmed it." She whispered the last phrase, now choosing to turn her gaze away from him as well. The atmosphere in the room grew tense, neither person spoke a word. Kyoya was thinking: He couldn't figure out how the rest of their "reunion" would turn out. Haruhi wanted to say something. Heck she had so many questions, but she settled with one.


"Why indeed Haruhi…" Haruhi looked back over at Kyoya who was now looking at her. He had taken off his glasses and was dangling them between his fingers. No longer behind his glasses, he was looking right at her.

"I'm done trying to get around this topic." He made it sound like it was truly bothersome in trying to avoid giving her a response by giving her cryptic answers. He stood up and walked to the foot of the bed.

"Yes Haruhi, I kissed you and though it was supposed to have good intentions, I overstepped my boundaries."

"By a lot." She stated a matter-of-factly. She really didn't sound mad at all. It sounded more like she was trying to confirm the facts. But that startled Kyoya more than consoled him. It wasn't the reaction he was expecting.

"What do you mean?" He questioned.

"Well ah…it kind of progressed further if I remember correctly…" Her face turned red, Kyoya noticed. He sighed and nodded in agreement. Haruhi nodded with him and watched him. He actually looked, in Haruhi's eyes, ashamed in himself. She decided to break the ice.

"Ya know senpai, if I did remember correctly, I responded to you as well. You are not the only guilty one here."

"You were sick Haruhi."

"And?" Kyoya placed his glasses back on his face and turned away, crossing his arms.

"Haruhi Fujioka, is it hard to understand that I ended up kissing you because I have strong feelings for you? And while you may have kissed back, you were most likely under the influence of your illness." The truth was finally out and once again all was silent…for a little while. Haruhi's ever annoying heart monitor began to go off again, going faster and faster. She thought her heart was going to burst. She had been confessed to before by Tamaki, but she felt completely different when Kyoya just told her how he felt. She felt embarrassed, excited, nervous, and…happy. She felt strange. She remembered that she had felt a trace of it when she was around Tamaki. But today, the feeling was amplified because of Kyoya.

"Well I guess…I eventually figured that." And she did. Her thoughts flashed back to her thoughts after Tamaki had kissed her along with their recent misadventures.

"If you knew then-"

"Oh, so she is awake. Really Kyoya, we could have begun her testing a long time ago." Kyoya shifted to see his brother Akito walking into the room.

"What are you doing to increase her heartbeat nii-chan? It's not nice to frighten your friends." Akito began to detach the I.V. drip from Haruhi's arm, but she paid no mind to him as she focused on Kyoya who sat back down. She tried to get him to look at her; to begin talking to her again. They were finally getting somewhere in revealing hidden secrets, but he let the excuse of his brother entering, to just drop the conversation. By then, it seemed there would be no hope in ever tying up their loose ends.

Akito asked Kyoya to leave before another doctor and two nurses walked in. They would begin drawing her blood.


As he expected, when he walked out of the room, Tamaki, Hikaru, and Kaoru were waiting for Kyoya. Hikaru looked beyond furious, Kaoru looked dejected and Tamaki looked completely heartbroken. Kyoya knew that someone would eventually come by the room since his conversation with Haruhi was taking so long. But he didn't think all three would come. So now, he was given the opportunity to explain what they had heard. They obviously wanted to know since they fetched Akito to kick him out. Yet it surprised him that Tamaki or Hikaru didn't just bust in.

"What the hell was that?" Kyoya assumed that it was Hikaru who asked.

"Which part?"

"All of it." It was Tamaki this time. His sad expression had changed to one of anger and hurt. Though the two had briefly went over their feelings for Haruhi over the phone, Tamaki only assumed that Kyoya's answer just meant that he thought of her as a true friend. But how could you be sure when Kyoya could cover up his true answers with an unrevealing tone and an already enigmatic personality.

"Well it's just like you heard. I kissed Haruhi."

"You say it so casually senpai." Kaoru said quietly.

"Well trying to ignore your accusations won't help any." Hikaru looked like he wanted to say something but Tamaki beat him to it.

"It's one thing to acknowledge your feelings but it's a completely different story when you try to take advantage of that person." Kyoya almost called Tamaki out on his words since he himself had "taken advantage of Haruhi" after he confessed to her as well. But instead he leaned against the wall and sighed.

"I'm only going to explain this whole thing once. Yes, I realize I shouldn't have kissed Haruhi even if it had good intentions. It was out of line. However, regardless of how I may feel, I doubt anything else will happen. We can barely look each other in the eye right now. So whatever you're probably thinking can be put at ease."

"I'm not convinced that what you say is true." Hikaru was still glowering at him.

"Try not to worry about it too much Hikaru. We're here for Haruhi's sake anyway." Kyoya excused himself, leaving the three to think over Kyoya's words. But it was Tamaki who thought the hardest.

He wanted to believe that what Kyoya said about nothing progressing in their relationship was true. He wanted to think that any more competition would not be a problem. But no matter how convincing Kyoya voiced his words, how much he insisted nothing was wrong, Tamaki wasn't believing much of it. He was there. He was listening to their words. He was taking note of their reactions towards each other. Like Hikaru and Kaoru, Tamaki was seething as well once Kyoya admitted that he had kissed Haruhi. He felt betrayed, especially since it had been not too long ago that he told Kyoya that he was in love with Haruhi. He might've bust right in had he not heard Haruhi's response. Not just the answer, but also her tone. She seemed none at all perturbed by his statement. Not in the least. She wasn't even shocked, which prevented him from a rash decision. Her answer put him at a standstill. It didn't make sense. He didn't know what to make of it. But he didn't really want to find out.

The three stood outside in the hallway solemnly. They really didn't want to go back to the waiting room just yet, but it would be a while before Haruhi could come out. Kaoru left first, going to the break room for a coffee. Hikaru went next followed by Tamaki who found their own seats. All they could do was wait. Kyoya knew the actual procedure wouldn't take too long. They would draw her blood to look at the number of white blood cells and then they would check for swollen lymph nodes, spleen, or liver. But getting the results was another story. Who knows how long they would take? Kyoya did some extensive research on Leukemia. He knew a fair amount about the disease already, but if things took a turn for the worse, he wanted to be well informed.

Leukemia is a cancer of the blood and bone marrow where blood is produced. Kyoya knew that much. He also knew that it could be treated and permanently cured depending on age and the overall health of the person. But other factors of treatment depend on the type of leukemia as well along with classifications. One classification is acute leukemia, which involves abnormal blood cells and requires aggressive and timed treatment. Chronic leukemia is another classification that involves blood cells replicating more slowly and can go unnoticed for years. Then there is lymphocytic leukemia which deals with mutations in the lymphoid cells that make up the immune system and the last is Myelogenous leukemia that affects myeloid cells that give rise to red blood cells. These classifications identify the types of leukemia a person could have. But two stood out to Kyoya in particular.

Chronic lymphocytic leukemia and Chronic myelogenous leukemia. Both are known not to particularly show symptoms until much later in a person's life which sounded much like Haruhi's case. Considering she only started showing symptoms now (fevers, fatigue, severe illnesses, etc.), it seemed to be most likely.

Haruhi's treatment on the other hand isn't simply given as easily as a classification. Kyoya saw somewhere in the article that he read that children are more likely to be permanently cure than adults. However, that was only if Haruhi was diagnosed.

Doctors weren't completely sure if leukemia was hereditary or not. The general cause was thought that mutations are acquired in blood cells' DNA which allow them to live longer when other cells would die. The unhealthy cells eventually overcrowd the healthy ones and cause leukemia. However, it was a great possibility for leukemia to be hereditary as well. After all, Haruhi's mother did die from an illness, though Ranka didn't specify from what.

Long story short, there were a couple different routes it could go for Haruhi not to have the disease. If the disease was hereditary, it would have to be heterozygous dominant or homozygous dominant for her to be completely fine. And since Ranka was not affiliated with the disease, there was no way it could be homozygous. There was just a slim chance that she could be diagnosed. However, this was only depending on the fact that she got the disease from her mother…

Kyoya shut his laptop and put it to the side. There were so many things he'd rather not think about at this point and there were so many paths this could go. None of them were even completely liable since there wasn't enough information to go on. For now, like everyone else, all he could do right now was wait. He'd figure something out for what ever played out. He always did.


No one was really willing to let Haruhi up and about after what happened three weeks ago. But like always, she put up a fight, arguing with each of them that she wasn't going to sit around for the whole party. Tamaki's Christmas party did end up getting put together. He was dead set on it since it would be a good distraction from everything that was going on. So today, December 24th, everything was set up.

Everyone agreed that it would be fun to have it at the Fujioka apartment, including Ranka. So Haruhi reluctantly prepared the apartment with the help from the host club. But it was mostly Kyoya, Mori, and Honey who pitched in the most. Tamaki, Hikaru, and Kaoru spent their time "wisely" by rummaging through old family albums and having water wars while washing dishes. After that, Kyoya told them to go shop for snacks, effectively kicking them out so the rest could clean properly. Originally, after the twins and Tamaki had their fun in the kitchen, Haruhi wanted to kick them all out so she could do the rest of the chores on her own. Luckily, Kyoya was able to persuade her out of it. No one wanted her exerting too much energy just yet.

"Haruhi you know that if you do this on your own," he said ", It's going to take you the whole day."

She wanted to argue back, but the look on Honey and Mori's face, one of concern, made her give in. By the time Tamaki and the twins returned, the apartment was completely clean and could be properly decorated. Haruhi left the host club to do that while she went to the kitchen to make some food. This was something she wanted to do herself that she brought up specifically with everyone. Though they all agreed, Kyoya didn't look very up to par with the idea. She knew that he was still worried about her condition.

After her tests, Akito had told them that the results would come as soon as possible and until then, Haruhi was to take it easy. But she was set on acting like everything was normal and in her mind, until she got her results, everything would remain normal. Or as normal as possible. After her conversation with Kyoya, she didn't know what was going to happen between them. He didn't look like he wanted to talk about it either. In fact, he seemed hesitant about talking to her at all, which upset Haruhi a little bit. But for the sake of some relaxation, she put it out of her mind for the time being.

And by 4, the apartment was party ready. There was tinsel hanging all over the ceiling and white Christmas lights were hanging around the kotatsu. Haruhi set out small snacks along with tea and two cakes for Honey. Along with the decorations, Haruhi noticed a small pile of presents in the far corner. She sighed and lightly hit her head with her fist.

"I didn't even get anything for you guys." She said, slightly ashamed in herself. Tamaki bounded over to her and put an arm over her shoulder.

"Not to worry dear Haruhi, we know that you weren't exactly able to anyway."

"Besides, you are letting us stay her at your apartment to have the party." Hikaru said putting down his own wrapped present.

"And also, we're doing secret Santa, so you wouldn't know who you were giving your gift to in the first place." Kaoru concluded.

Kyoya watched Hikaru put down his gift and sighed. He, too, was part of the secret Santa. Just yesterday, Tamaki caught him, saying that he still has to choose a name (or the remaining name) from the box to see who he was getting a gift for. And by chance, he happened to have chosen Haruhi. Tamaki also told him to keep the name a secret as to not spoil any surprises which meant that no one knew who the other person had to give a gift to. But he wasn't annoyed at the fact that he had to give a gift to Haruhi, actually he was pleasantly surprised, but he was annoyed that Tamaki once again waited last minute to tell him that he still needed to give a secret Santa gift, leaving him completely unprepared. He had no idea what to give Haruhi. At all. And so, he had come to the party with no gift. He knew Haruhi would understand but the others would be completely upset, saying that giving no gift was inconsiderate. However, even if Haruhi understood, he would feel guilty and Kyoya never liked that feeling. Unless he was granted some sort of miracle, Haruhi would receive nothing.

"Since everything is all set up, let's begin opening presents!" Honey suggested. Everyone happily agreed and gathered into the living room.

"I want to go first!" Kaoru jumped up from the floor and headed to the pile of presents in front of them. He picked up a flat rectangular box wrapped with red, green, and gold stripes and handed it to Tamaki.

"For you Tono." Tamaki looked at the box with glee and began to tear at the wrapping paper. He lifted the lid from the card board box and found a pink t-shirt with his face on the front and the words "Call Me King!" on the bottom. Everyone laughed as Tamaki turned red.

"You are all rude! This is a lovely gift! Kaoru only had my best interests at heart!" Everyone's laughs turned to giggles including Kaoru. That shirt was exactly what Tamaki needed.

"All right, my turn!" Honey bounded happily over to the pile and picked up a small rectangular box wrapped with frosted sugar plums. He walked over to the twins.

"This is for both Hika-chan and Kao-chan!" The twins both took off the wrapping paper to find a PlayStation game.

"Left 4 Dead." They both admired. Hikaru and Kaoru both liked video games but had a bad habit of getting bored with them too quickly. And so, Honey set out to find one that would be fun and would continue to be fun.

"Thank you Honey-senpai." They said together. Honey smiled and sat back down. Haruhi watched with a happy expression as all her friends were having a good time. Though she was limited to sitting down at this point in the party, her dad insisted, she found herself having fun. Even Kyoya, though there was still a lingering worry in his expression, would smile once in while and chuckle at what was going on.

As the hour went on, almost everyone had received a gift. Ranka gave Mori a book on Perfecting and Studying Kendo which Mori greatly appreciated…though all that was given was a "Thanks". Hikaru had given Honey a two tiered strawberry cake with matching cupcakes and even a new pink bunny blanket. Mori had just finished giving Kyoya a huge pack of ear plugs (so he could sleep in peace without having to hear Tamaki in the morning; Kyoya smirked and chuckled at the gift and thanked Mori) when Tamaki finally decided he wanted to give his gift.

"This is for Ranka!" The twins were snickering at the look on Ranka's face. Just as Tamaki was giving Ranka his gift, Kyoya felt his phone go off. He reached into his pocket and looked at the screen to find that a message had come in from Tachibana. He took one glace at it before silently backing out of the living room and leaving the apartment. Tachibana was waiting outside on the balcony.

"Do you have them?" Kyoya asked. Tachibana swiftly handed Kyoya the manila folder and smiled. Kyoya gave him a skeptical look.

"What does that mean?" Kyoya asked, regarding his body guard's expression.

"Akito-sama just told me to tell you that there was nothing to worry about." Kyoya froze at Tachibana's words and then looked down at the folder in his hands.

"You mean-" Tachibana just smiled slightly then shrugged, before heading down the stairs. Kyoya stayed put. Tachibana hadn't really answered his question, but from the looks of it, there seemed to be good news. And this good news was going to be the best Christmas gift Haruhi has ever received. Kyoya took a deep breath and walked back into the apartment to find Ranka's arms full of expensive nail polishes. No one seemed to notice his sudden disappearance which made everything a lot easier. He took the position he was in earlier and waited a few more seconds before speaking up.

"I believe it's my turn now." Kyoya brought out the folder and began making his way to the couch where Haruhi was sitting. Everyone seemed confused by the folder that Kyoya was holding, but as Kyoya got closer, Haruhi recognized the Ootori hospital symbol on the top left corner and gasped. Once Kyoya reached her, he held out the folder.

"For you." He said. The others scooted in closer and eventually recognized the symbol as well. Everyone looked at it with bated breath and waited for Haruhi to open it. But Haruhi just looked at it uncertainly. She was afraid of what was going to be on it. She wanted to give it to her father so he could read it. She wanted someone else to look inside the folder. She didn't want to have to read it by herself.

Then, a warm hand covered hers. She looked up to see that the hand was attached to Kyoya, who was looking at her with a gentle expression.

"It will be fine." Haruhi looked away, a slight blush adorning her cheeks, to which only Ranka caught. Haruhi turned her attention back to the folder in her hands and opened it up, lifting it so only she could see what was written in it. They all waited as she read, each second passing agonizingly slow. They watched her reaction; they watched her eyes as they flitted back and forth reading the words. And suddenly she closed the folder and put her head down. Everyone waited for her to say something. But it only took her another second to lift her head up and display a smile on her face and tears in her eyes. She looked over to Kyoya and grinned, tears running down her cheeks at a rapid place.

"I'm going to be fine." She agreed.

It would be an understatement to say that the host club was ecstatic at the news. The whole apartment erupted into jovial merriment all around. The twins hugged each other and smiled happily. Ranka had rushed over to his daughter and hugged her tightly not letting go until Haruhi had finished crying. Honey and Tamaki also had tears in their eyes and rejoiced. And Mori smiled happily. The party that had already been full of fun and happiness just became one celebrating the true holiday spirit. Family.


The plan was originally going to involve staying up until 12, Christmas Day, before everyone would begin heading home. But everyone had passed out around 10 before they could. Everyone spent a lot of energy celebrating Haruhi's good news. And so they all found themselves crashing in random places at Haruhi's place. Well, all except for two.

"They are quite a handful." Haruhi commented, pulling her coat closer around her. The two teens decided to get some much needed fresh air and were out on the balcony, talking.

"Indeed. But they were excited. After all, their worries can be put at ease." Haruhi smiled up at Kyoya.

"You can be put at ease too you know."

"Yes, that's true." Kyoya looked up at the sky just as snow began to fall. One flake hit the tip of his nose and he sighed. Snow wasn't really his forte.

Haruhi looked over at Kyoya. She wanted to say so much to him and she wanted to do it now. She was no longer facing away from him and glancing at him from her peripheral vision. Rather, she was looking at him hoping he would look at her. If they needed to talk, now was the perfect time to do it. However, in that moment, Haruhi had no words to say. Her mind was completely blank in terms of how to bring up what needed to be said. She had no words. But she knew that what needed to be said didn't need words. What needed to be said could be expressed instead.

When Kyoya noticed Haruhi had gone quiet, he finally turned to face her and was taken aback to see that she was looking at him. But he just smiled. And Haruhi smiled back. Both stood there for a while just watching the other before Haruhi took a step closer to him. She put her head down, feeling nervous about looking him in the eye. Kyoya watched her, wondering what she was doing. But he didn't wonder long. When Haruhi reached him, she hesitantly reached for his winter jacket and pulled weakly. Kyoya took one step closer and when he did, Haruhi stood on her toes and met his lips. Kyoya didn't need to be persuaded to slowly wrap his arms around her waist and kiss her back.

And Haruhi had been right. No words were required. Everything that needed to be revealed was now out in the open for each other. Their feelings of affection, of admiration, of close companionship and trust were there for them to see. There was no reason to hide and conceal their feelings for the other. Now without hesitation Haruhi could say,

"I believe I am in love with you."

And just as easily, Kyoya could respond.

"I believe I am too."

A/N: I had originally planned to include X-chromosome and pedigrees in here but I didn't want to bore you too much. So yay for KyoyaXHaruhi huh? Finally. I was very reluctant about this because I didn't want to mess it up but I told myself "Self...it's time." So there will probably be one or two more chapters left and they will basically wrap up a couple of things. Thanks for your patience!