Chapter 1

Story Updated: 7/21/2013

This is meant to be just a DocXRose friendship, but I guess its slash if you squint. Idk.

Anywho, enjoy!

Why didn't she listen? Yeah, going off on her own was kind of her thing, and the Doctor knew that. So he should never be surprised to find that she's wondered off seconds after he told her to not. But this time, this one tine, why hadn't she listened to him? Just once!

But no. She just had to go off and wonder around the eerie abandoned temple on the long forgotten planet. And when I say forgotten, I mean forgotten. According to the Doctor, no one had lived on the small planet for decades.

So there they were, on some random lost planet, and Rose just had to go off on her own. She couldn't help it, she was a naturally curious person. So when she saw a big spooky temple she decided to explore it. It wasn't even a conscious decision really. She sees interesting things and her brain just automatically tells her to investigate.

She was perfectly fine, there were no monstrous alien species coming after her or anything. Just peaceful quietness and a warm breeze blowing through the temple.

She nearly jumped out of her skin when she suddenly felt a hand on her shoulder. She spun around to be face to face to none other than the brilliant face of the Doctor.

He briefly scolded at her in a firm but kind voice for wondering off like he always did before dragging her back to the TARDIS. And Rose had to admit, she was a bit taken back that the tone the Doctor used at her. She always went off. And sometimes he even went off, leaving her all alone to fend off the creepiest that lurked on the alien planets. But she brushed it off and decided it wasn't worth getting into.

It was a just few minutes later that they actually left, finding nothing of true interest on the forgotten planet. It was a bit disappointing. Usually when a planet claimed to be ancient and abandoned, there was some dramatic back story or a mutated humanoid alien species wandering around in search for it's next victim. But nope. Not with this planet.

Rose nearly fell over as she gripped the railing for dear life as the TARDIS jerked into a rough landing.

"Where are we?" Rose asked him bubbling with excitement for their next adventure.

The Doctor's only reply was a small smile and a gesture towards the doors. He found himself stifling a cough as he watched Rose. He was feeling odd, he had to admit. To himself anyway, definitely not out loud.

Rose grinned and sprung towards the newly painted white doors. Though her face fell almost comically as she took in their surroundings.

"Home." She said matter of factly. "Doctor, why are we back in London?" She asked glancing over at the Doctor as he waltzed up beside her. "On my street no less."

"Well," he started, tugging on his ear in that adorable way he did, "I figured since it's getting close to the holidays we could stop by for a bit. You know, see how your mum's doing." He lied coolly, whilst stretching out the soar limbs known as arms. There was no way he'd tell Rose how he was feeling. That he felt as though he could simply pass out any moment. Hell, he could pry just keel over right now.

Rose gave him a skeptical look. "Are you kidding me? You can't stand my mum." She scoffed.

"Oh come now I wouldn't say that." He said walking past her and stepping outside. The cool air nearly taking his breath away. It was chilly, he wasn't expecting that. Considering he very rarely actually got cold. Timelord and all. But he was feeling slightly ill at the moment.

"Fine then, let's get going."

The duo walked down the street side by side until they came to Jackie Tyler's front door. Rose quickly jammed the key in the lock and swung the door open. "Mum! We're home!" She announced, stepping through the door.

Before the Doctor could process what was actually happening to him, he and Rose were pulled into a tight hug. He gasped for breath as he was released, oddly resembling a puffer fish. He was surprised he hadn't broken in half by the sheer force of the grip. Or at least cracked a rib or two. Man! Them Tyler's had quite the hidden strength.

"Now you young man! Who do ya think you are taking my daughter off to your freakish little alien planets!?" Jackie scolded, giving him the momma finger. "It ain't natural ya know?!"

"Well Mrs. Ty-"

"Oh forget it! I'm just glad you two are home!" She exclaimed wrapping them both back into her death grip she liked to call a hug. Nearly knocking the Doctor clean off his feet.

"Gee, I missed you too mum." Rose sighed once they were released once more. "We weren't gone that long."

At least she thought they weren't.

"Oh I know, It just gets lonely round here sometimes. Being by myself and all."

The Doctor smiled. "Well Mrs. Tyler, Rose is back, safe and sound, just as promised." He said lightly. Though the cheery demeanour felt a bit forced at the moment. And he knew Rose was seeing through his façade, he could only hope Jackie wasn't. She'd go all mother hen on him. Either that or berate him for days, both options seemed particularly unpleasant. He blinked, his eyelids suddenly feeling rather heavy.

"Hay, Doctor, why don't you go sit down, you don't look so hot." Rose said ever so sweetly, her voice laden with concern as she urged him towards the coach. "Mum, could you get us some tea?"

Jackie threw her hands up. "Oh sure, you've been here, what? Five minutes? And you're already ordering me around." She grumbled as she stomped off into the kitchen. She acted as though it bothered her, but Rose knew her mother loved having someone to look after.

The Doctor sunk down into the plush couch with a sigh. Resting his head back into the plush cushions. He was really not feeling onehundred percent.

"What's the matter Doctor?" Rose asked. "You're not lookin' all that great. Bloody awful really." She said, urging him to open up to her.

He gave her a cheeky smile. "Oh Rose, just a small bug. Don't fuss over me, I just need some rest and I'll be perfectly fine sooner than you can say Raxacoricofallapatorius."

Rose smiled. "A bug," she asked clearly not believing him. "If that's so then why haven't i got it? And since when do you, the great Timelord, get sick?"

"Well, actually, since you asked Rose Tyler, it's a rather rare bug, that only affects Timelords. I picked it up on that pla-" He was cut off mid explanation by a series of painful coughs. He was hunched over himself hacking into his hands for roughly a minute before he calmed back down. Sinking deeper into the couch, utterly exhausted.

"You picked it up on that dumpy little planet we visited?" Rose finished for him. He only nodded in response. "That why we left so quickly?"

Another nod.

"He all right in there?" Jackie asked as she walked into the main room, two mugs of tea in her hands. She cautiously passed them over to Rose and the Doctor. Not wanting to get to close to him just in case.

Standing there, Jackie took in his ragged appearance. Wrinkled suit, puffy eyes, hair lightly dampened with sweat. He was an utter mess truly. It was very unlike him to not be neat and clean. The Doctor was an adventurer, but he didn't like to be dirty. Almost everything had it's place, even if it looked sort of cluttered. That went especially for his wardrobe as well.

"I'll be fine Jackie. Just a small cough," he attempted to assure her.

Jackie pulled a face and remarked, "thought aliens couldn't get sick."

The Doctor wrinkled his brow, that was just preposterous. "Well, actually-"

"Hush up boy, it's not important." Jackie effectively cut him off. "What is important is that you get better. Now drink your tea and get healthy. I don't want no freaky alien disease of yours lingering around my flat." Jackie's harsh façade was cracked, the genuine concern seeping through the gaping slivers.

"Actually mum its not contagious to humans. It's just a Timelord thing apparently." Rose told her mother, glancing at the Doctor to make sure she was correct. He bowed his head in confirmation.

The rest of the night dragged on rather slowly. They eventually settled for lounging around the living room watching late night reruns on the telly. The Doctor soon passed out on the couch. Plush blanket wrapped securely around his thin frame, head resting comfortably on his Rose's lap.

Rose couldn't help but worry for her Doctor. It was so odd to see the usually hyperactive man so bloody quiet, it was bizarre really.

So she held him tight, relishing in the closeness. She wasn't much of a cuddler, but with the Doctor it just felt right. It came so easy with him. But she knew it wouldn't last, it couldn't.

Not forever.

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