Brothers and Sisters.

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Collin's POV.

"And where do you think you both are going?" we turned around to find grams sitting in the kitchen table.

"Grams," I said in a nervous laugh, "We didn't see you there"

"Mmmumm hum" she said getting up, "Its past midnight, now I repeat where were you two going?"

I looked over to Brady and he was looking at me. "Out…for…a…walk?" I said testing her if it worked.

"Would you mind if I come along." It wasn't a question more like a statement.

I opened my mouth to speak but Brady beat me too it, "You know we'd love that but…we need some brother bonding time…you know alone brother bonding time…so see you after our run…I mean walk grams… don't wait up," he said in a fast voice. We were out before she could say another word.

"That was close" he said.

"No duh," I replied. We made it towards the woods where we saw Jacob, Sam, and Edward ready for patrol.

We changed out of our clothes and turned.

They saw the images of what happened and laughed.

"Yeah laugh it up" Brady scowled.

"Come on lets run our patrol, so you two won't get into trouble." Edward said.

"Too late," Jacob teased showing us the face grams made when she saw us. They laughed again.

"Sam why can't we just tell her?" I asked.

"It would make it so much easier" Brady agreed.

Sam shook his head, "She choose not to believe our legends,"

"We'll now we have proof," Brady pressured pointing his noise in my direction.

"Sam's right" said Edward, we looked at him, he's like our older brother…he kinds of is well since were the youngest they kind of are "she could freak out or something," he reasoned.

"Fine," we muttered, and started running on patrol.

Edward's POV

We laughed at the night the twins had. They tried to talk Sam into letting them tell their Grams, but I disagreed. She could seriously have some sort of heart attack in her old age.

We ran patrol; when we finished running patrol we went to Emily's to eat. She had made a buffet. We all digged in.

The twins talked among themselves and kept trying to coming up with excuse into telling there Grams why they were late form there 'Walk' and it was driving not only me but everyone crazy.

The guys looked at Sam and Sam looked at me. I knew what they wanted me to do, fuck.

"Alright, alright already, I'll go with you guys and tell her you'd been hangout with me, just stop." I whined.

They laughed…but it sounded more like a howl.

"Thanks Eddie,"

I growled "Don't call me that…and im not going alone" I told them, Grams may be old but she's scary.

Sam laughed, "Try not to get killed Edward," and turned to Jacob, Embry and, Quil "Go with him,"

They nodded and followed.

The sun started coming up; the six of us walked over to their house.

"You know she's gonna be pissed that we lied just to go 'hang out' with you," Brady said using air quotes. I shook my head and laughed.

"Yeah, we know" We all responded once we got there, the twins opened the door and the six of us went inside, I heard voices coming from the kitchen.

"Grams, Im sure they'll be alright," said a musical voice. We walked towards the kitchen and instantly smelled Strawberries and Freesias. "Just go upstairs, I'll take care of it," the voice whispered, we hurt footsteps going upstairs, and footsteps coming our way.

"Where the hell have you two been!" said the musical voice. A girl…more like woman, came from around the corner.

She was beautiful, she had long brown hair flowing down her back in waves, her lips were full, her skin was pale like mine, but what caught me the most where her eyes…beautiful chocolate brown eyes.

We locked eyes, and suddenly it wasn't the earth holding me it was her…SHIT I just imprinted on the twins sister.

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