Brothers and Sister

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Btw Bella is 18 just turned and Edward is around 20 and Mason is 1 1/2 year old. Brady and Collin are both 15.

Bella's Pov

I saw Mike and he looked from me to Mason, "is he mine?" his voice sounded…nice; "you're a vampire" I whispered. Mason saw Mike and reached out to him, Mike looked pretty cute he lost some of his baby face though.

Grams pushed us behind her which seemed to anger Mike; he growled and scared Mason who started to cry. I tried to calm him down when I saw a bronze colored huge ass wolf.

I backed up but I knew I was safe with them; someone else stood next to Mike, she spoke to him really fast and were off.

More wolfs followed them, the bronze wolf stayed where he was and looked at us, "go" Grams told him and he whined but followed her order.

"Grams?" I was confused, where the legends real?

"What is going on?" I demanded to know as she grabbed my hand and led me to the house, "why didn't my brothers come with us?" I asked desperate to know what was going on.

"I will explain when we get home

"So the legends are true!" I screamed at Grams, she looked concern. "Grams!" I screamed.

"Yes they are true" she said in a hurried tone as if we didn't have much time, "why…why didn't you tell me?" I asked in a sigh.

"One reason is your brothers" she confessed, I was confused, "other than my brothers are wolves why can they know that we do magic?"

Mason began to cry so I made him a bottle as Grams tried to calm him down, "for one the wolves have tried to kill us"

I stopped making the bottle and sunk in what she had told me, "what?"

"the wolves killed many of us back when they first became shape shifters out of control and hurting our families….we had to do something" Grams explained. I fed Mason as I let everything she mention sink in.

"So what do we do know?" I asked on the verge of crying…and I don't know why.

"Now we wait for your brothers to come back safely"

My brothers arrived at around 2 am in the morning, I didn't wake grams but I knew she must have sense it; I fed them before sending them off to bed.

"What happened?" I asked the moment Grams left early for a teacher's meeting.

"Nothing, we just stayed until Billy told us it was safe to leave" Brady explained, I put my hands on my hips, "at 2am?" I challenged.

"Why do make things so complicated" another voice came into the room, the front door opened and Edward came in, in all his glory.

"Unbelievable" I muttered. I heard Mason scream loudly, "this isn't over" I said pointing the three gentlemen and hurried upstairs.

When I came down my brothers were gone and Edward sat in a chair as if waiting for me, we talked random things as I fed Mason, and followed me upstairs to my room as I changed Mason for today, "care to go for a walk with me" he asked me.

"Sure" I smiled "just let me change" I said he nodded, "can you watch him for just a minute" I asked blushing, and he smiled and lifted Mason up high and giggled.

"What to wear…what to wear" why can't there be a spell for that?

I put on some comfy skinny jeans, a long sleeve black V-neck and some black vans.

"Let's go"

We walked along a trail, I set Mason down and he walked tripping a few times but other than that he was okay.

"Bella I imprinted on you" Edward confessed, "what?" I asked confused.

"Those legends from yesterday, them were true" Edward explained that he was a wolf and that he imprinted on me who meant I was his soul mate.

I would have thought he was crazy if weren't a witch but I wasn't about to tell him that, "that is…" h waited for my responds, "so cool"

He sighed in relief, "So you believe me"

I nodded while laughing; "yeah" we smiled at each other. He leaned in to kiss me and just like in the movies Sparks and fireworks blew out.

We separated and I was blushing, Mason looked at us confused but then Smile and laughed loud. Edward bent down and picked up Mason who started to play with his hair.

I had the urge to tell my soul mate that I was a witch, and felt as if I were betraying him

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