Whats Up My Lady Loves? My Words Live here witha new STORY! Yea buddy! We start the Hunger GAMES! Yeah buddy with an extra twist to it? NINJA! That will be a surprise.

60.59.58 Jack looked around for his sword, he saw it to his far right.

57.56.55 Kim looked to find a dagger and swallowed her fear.

54.53.52 Casey looked to his right and saw her and wondered if she would make it.

51.50.49 Jessica got ready to grab a backpack and run.

48.47.46 Luke was ready... Kinda.

45.44.43 "I wonder if they would sponsor me a horse?" Samantha thought.

42.41.40 José wanted for this to be over.

39.38.37 Peter felt a breeze and swore he heard something roar in the distance.

36.35.34 Mark was ready to be the youngest victor ever!

33.32.31 Ellianna was between Chase and Noah not good...

30.29.28 Sam was doing math, he figured he would get past the bloodbath.

27.26.25 Talanna wondered if smashing someone with a chair would work here.

24.23.22 Jordan eyed an axe and wondered if it would work.

21.20.19 Sophie saw some spiked gloves. PERFECT!

18.17.16 Noah was ready to tackle some tributes!

15.14 Abigail was ready to grab and go.

13.12 Hannah saw a saxe knife and smiled.

11.10 When Daniel saw his chance he would go...Fast.

9. 8 Jayden saw what she wanted a backpack with essentials.

7.6 Erin glared at Chase.

5.4 Chase started to sweat.

3.2 Nils wanted to win, but he wondered if he could.

1.0 Lydia wondered if her surprise was ready.


They tributes started for the Cornucopia and Jordan got there first and grabbed a spear and threw it at someone.

BOOM The victim was a boy wearing a white tee shirt.

Noah grabbed a sword and Chase a grabbed a bow. Chase caught someone out of the corner and shot. He realized too late it was Mark. He was supposed to have an alliance with them, he took one final glance at his shooting buddy and he whispered,

"I'm so, so sorry."


Chase had to be shaken out of surprise at what he did. Lydia and Nils took off for the jungle together.

Ok I have the sword now what? Jack had felt like nothing else. Then he saw it. The strike came at an awkward angle and he deflected it. More strikes came and Jack deflected them all. Luke was good, but not good enough.

I've got no chance! I better run! Jack could of killed him, but decided not to. Thomas grabbed a sledgehammer and started to swing. SMASH! he hit the Cornucopia and part of it shattered. Sophie grabbed her gloves and punched Sammy in the gut as she was running by and she fell.

Jessica stopped to stare and Hannah took that moment to throw her knife.

"WATCH OUT! JESSICA!" Sammy screamed and pushed Jessica out of the way. Sammy got hit and fell for the final time.


Jessica started to cry and Thomas grabbed her hand and said,

"Come on!" They ran away from the Cornucopia.

Elianna was running and grabbed Jordan and Sophie and they went into the jungle. Abigail was looking around and saw Kim and grabbed her around the waist. She picked her up and threw her at Noah. Noah saw it coming and slashed her.


By then everyone had run away from the Cornucopia, There were alliances made, they were Thomas and Jessica, The Career pack, Jack, José, Peter, and Talanna.

Another alliance was Abigail, Noah, Casey, and Chase. Elianna, Jordan, and Sophie. Nils and Lydia then Hannah, Daniel, and Jayden. Erin was on her own, so was Luke.

Hannah was trekking through the jungle shivering. The fog had made the weather cold. Hannah saw a clearing right in front of her.

"Come on guys lets..." she couldn't finish her sentence because something grabbed her around her waist and held her in the air. Daniel and Jayden could just watch helplessly as Hannah was spit on by the monster. It was a giant venus flytrap with vines to grab hold of people. The vines had thorns so it hurt to be grabbed, the spit was an acid of some sort.

"EEEEEEEKKKKKK! HELP!" Hannah screamed thrashing her hair burnt and the side of her face burnt. Then it ate her.


Daniel and Jayden ran for everything they had in them. They sat down and Jayden started to feel sick. They didn't want to see one of those again.
"That was disgusting!" Daniel said with a sad tone in his voice.
"Poor Hannah, Poor Hannah," Jayden kept murmuring.

The pack of Careers were going hunting, but little did they know that it was THEY who were getting hunted.

"So where are we going to search first?" Talanna asked.

"Well I don't...? WHAT WAS THAT?" José yelled. They all looked around and saw nothing. Then Peter disappeared.

"Where did Peter go?" Jack asked.

"BOO!" Noah yelled in Jack's face.

"ARGH!" All of them ran except for Peter who was hanging from a tree gagged. BANG BANG BANG!

There was more rumbling and the group looked around worriedly. They saw it, the creature. It was a large ape like creature with a venus flytrap head and an ape's body.

"RAAAAARRGGGHHH!" the creature screamed. It came over to Peter and started to choke him and spit on him, like the flytrap it's spit was poisonous.

"EEEEKK HELP AAARRRGHGH! IT BURNS!" Peter screamed in agony. The group wanted to help, but couldn't. They ran for the clearing they found earlier. Peter was taken away by the monster.

"So what are we going to do?" Jordan asked, looking at the starry sky.

"Wait, then watch." Sophie said. The anthem played, then the faces showed the girl from District 1, the girl from 3, the boy from 5, the boy from 6, and the girl from 9.

"Five deaths 17 more to go," Ellianna commented.

"So what is District 2 like?" Thomas asked Jessica. They were laying in a meadow surrounded by the screams of Nightlock Hawks.

"BORING!" they both laughed, "Seriously! I have a couple of friends! Mikah, Sidney, Sammy..."

"You knew Sammy before the Games?" Thomas asked surprised.

"Yeah she lived in District 2 then to 10 then to 3." she quickly changed the subject, "I think you and my friend would be cute together!"

"What?!" Thomas asked sitting up.

"Hahaha don't answer a question with a question! Yeah you and Mikah would be cute together."

District 2

"WHAT? ME HIM CUTE?! YOU HAVE SOME NERVE JESSICA THOMAS!" Mikah screamed in the middle of detention. They had been allowed to watch the Games in detention. The teacher sighed and gave Mikah another pink slip.

"Ugh... Jessie why? Why did you volunteer for me?" Mikah sat back down and started to cry, "Sammy's gone too!"

The Arena

"You both get a ton of detentions so you could sit together in detention!" Jessica said cheerfully.

"Sooo... is she cute?" Thomas asked tentatively.

"I can't decide if she's cute man!" Jessica said.

"Ohh..." They fell asleep.

The next morning Abby's gang which they called themselves took of for a hunt.

"What are we going to catch?" Abby shouted.

"TRIBUTES!" they all yelled.

They ran through the jungle and ran to the clearing where Jessica and Thomas were.

"We gott'em BOYS!" Abby yelled.

Thomas jumped to his feet and grabbed his hammer. He swung at Chase midsection and one of Chase's ribs.

"OOOFFF! ARGH!" Chase grunted, he threw threw a knife at Thomas and grabbed his bow. Thomas swung again at Chase and misses and the hammer crashes into the side of Noah's head. Noah staggered around a bit and fell. Chase and Casey pick him up and run away.

Jessica is struggling with Abby when Thomas comes behind Abby.

"You have the choice to run or die, Abigail Hennen!" Thomas shouted brandishing the giant hammer over Abby. Abby decided to run.

Thomas helped Jessica to her feet.

"I didn't need help!" Jessica brushed dirt off of her pant legs.

Thomas smiled and said, "Liar."

Sophie, Jordan, and Ellie were going off to find food and they ran into him, Luke.

"He's my kill!" Sophie hissed and tip-toed away.

Oh no what's edible? Is this? He looked at a leaf of poison ivy. Mmmm looks good! Wait a sec I hear someone! Luke looks around and throws his knife at the rustling it hits.

"OWWWW!" Sophie yells then throws a wild punch at him. Luke dodges and tries to attack with his sword, but Ellianna shoves him from behind and he trips.

I'm outnumbered 10-1! I gotta...Wait! Luke slashes with his sword and cuts Jordan in his foot and throws a rock into the trees.

"What is that rock going to do?" She punches Luke straight across his face making his eye swell shut and giving him a long cut.

"We'll see Sophie! That rock is your demise!" Luke yells and then they hear it. Sophie spins around and sees the Nightlock Hawks.

Gamemakers Room!

"Ah my Nightlock Hawks... My greatest mutt! They will slice you to pieces and surround you with poisonous gasses!" Shark smiled triumphantly.

"Sir they are coming in fast!" one of the Gamemakers said.

"Good let them run if they can, but they can't!" Shark laughed.


The hawks WERE closing in fast. While Sophie was preoccupied Luke took his chance to slip away.

Sophie punched 2 hawks and they fell dead.

"Sophie get away! You can't get that close to them! They have poisonous gasses the can shoot out!" Ellianna yelled.

"Are they as bad as my gasses?" Jordan asked.

"Shut up!" Elianna said trying not to laugh or smile. Sophie knew that she couldn't get any closer so they ran.

What a day! I get thrown into this mess and get manhandled by a monster! Peter couldn't scream for help because he was still gagged. The monster was holding on to him by it's vines. It took him to a cave where there was 2 piles of leaves that looked like beds. The monster roared again and Peter flinched. It swiped a paw at him.

Then Peter realized it wasn't a paw it was a sharp blade-like leaf!

It's going to cut me in half! Oh no! Peter winced at the thought, but it didn't cut him. It cut his gag nearly chopping off his nose. It stared at Peter, tilted his head, and roared. Peter winced and was about to run for it when a little nudge from behind stopped him and Peter whirled around and saw a little version of the monster poking at him and jumping around him.

"Oh hi!" Peter said picking up the little guy, "Guess the little one is yours! How bout I call you... Vinean!" Vinean jumped up and down obviously liking his new name. Peter smiled and later found himself in front of a pile of exotic fruits. After doing the plants test a couple of times he knew that all of these were edible and dug in.

Abby's gang was walking back through the woods to the cornucopia. They plan on capturing the cornucopia from the Career pack.

"So we just charge?" Casey asked. The last attack didn't go so well.

"The Career pack isn't even a pack!" Abigail said chopping down a vine with her sword. They saw the Cornucopia and she nodded at it. Jack, José, and Talanna were sitting there counting out what they had from the bloodbath.

They charged and Talanna grabbed a club and Abby threw a jagged knife and it lodged in Talanna's side. Noah was fighting Jack and José couldn't fight and was overwhelmed by Chase and Casey who were fighting side by side.



It was Chase's kill. He had smashed an arrow in José's throat and blood was gushing everywhere. Jack got a stab at Noah and cut his arm. Jack squirmed out from under and Noah tried to attack, but was in a hold from Chase. Chase had Jack in a chokehold and Jack dropped his sword and Chase shoved him and Casey checked him from behind. Jack fell to the ground and ran away. Abigail was trying to get a swipe in at Talanna, but Talanna was too fast and too good. Every swipe and every slash was blocked. Talanna saw the others coming and ran.

District 4

Tasha started to cry, José was gone and she would never see him again. Her dad had gone into her room to tell her, but he didn't care. She could tell. Her Dad never like José and was probably grateful to see him gone.

"Go away!" she whimpered.

"Now honey it's just ONE boyfriend there are other boys!" her dad said hopefully.

Tasha had then broken his nose in 7 different places. Her dad never got it, sure there were other boys, but there was only 1 José.