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"Is it ready?" asked a short man with squinty eyes.

"Almost sir," someone answered. It was a short man with crooked wire-rimmed glasses, his name was Beetee.

"Our final mutt, a SIGN of Asia and the rebels combining. The Dragonjay!" It was sleeping in a giant tube full of liquid and looked peaceful. The Dragonjay could mimic like a mockingjay and could breathe fire and had the body of a dragon it also had a Mockingjays feathered wings.

"This time the Capitol WILL fall!" someone behind him proclaimed. At the words of that the Dragonjay woke up. The man smiled and opened the giant tube and the Dragonjay slid out and rubbed against the man's face. The man smiled.

"Call Aspen! Tell him that we are ready for stage 2! Also tell him that plan 14 is working properly!"

District 4 Room

Aspen received his call. He smiled and said to Finnick,

"She's just about ready man!" At this Finnick jumped to his feet.

"Seriously? Then that means..." Finnick smiled.

Annie came into the room, "You both look as giddy as school boys," then a serious look came over her face, "Wait you mean..." then she broke out into a smile.

"Beetee really wanted this to work! I can't believe he did it!" Finnick yelled.

"I can finally see her again!" both Finnick and Aspen yelled.

The Arena

Thomas and Jessica were running from Bronze Bulls.

"They almost trampled everyone huff puff 10 HUFF PUFF years ago!" Thomas said.

"Yeah that Marcellus dude scorched them didn't he?" Jessica replied.

"That is the only way to stop them! We don't have matches!" Thomas said.

"Run for the mountain!" Jessica yelled. They ran and saw Noah and Talanna.

"Help!" Then Jessica saw everyone and she meant everyone Luke, Elianna, Jordan, Sophie, Thomas, Daniel, Jayden, Erin, Chase, Nils, Lydia, and Casey being chased by some form of mutt.

Gamemakers Room

"NNOOOO! THIS IS IMPOSSIBLE! WHAT DO YOU MEAN THEY HAVE ALL CONTROL OF OUR MUTTS?!" Shark yelled at the Gamemaker that gave him the bad news.

"Argh..." Shark grabbed a hammer that the President used against him and smashed the Gamemaker's head and killed him.

"Nooo what are they?... NO!"

It was too late for Shark to do anything.

The Arena

A hovercraft came over the base of the mountain where all the tributes were standing and picked all of them up. A roar came from the sky and they saw a dragon appear circle around and vanish.

"What where?" Thomas asked.

"I don't know..." Jessica replied.

Peter, Lydia, and Nils came out of the shadows.

"We're going to Asia," Lydia said cooly.

"We want you to fight in the Rebellion III," Peter said and Nils added, "Side by side."

They all looked at eachother then they all nodded.

"This all has to stop," all of them said.

"So you'll fight?" Nils asked.

The answer was the same, yes.

Gamemakers Room

Shark stopped the Live casting and went to commercial for the first time ever in Hunger Games history.

I've got to do something about this! I know!

Shark started to work on a fake Games video that he could show that had just as much betrayal, blood, and Mutts as usual.

After a time of thinking and planning. He made Thomas the winner. He put an imposter in for Thomas for his interviews with Caesar and Lauren. This went on air as it usually did and everyone fell for it. Shark was pleased with himself, but knew that THEY were rising up again. And this time they didn't have a mockingjay. They had a Dragonjay.


Every tribute that had survived was working on their skills under an avox named Sinatalla. He was one of the final 2 in the 68th Games. He had been teleported after his "death" to Asia where they had given him the ability to speak again . They had put a headband around his head so that whatever he wanted heard was heard, Sinatalla liked it immensely as he could shout at his trainees.


"Ah Sinatalla" Aspen smiled and put his arm around the bigger man, "You never slow down don't you?"

"Hahaha when I get to shout again...I LOVE THIS!" Sinatalla exclaimed and laughed and everyone laughed with him. An old lady came out of the training room and whacked Aspen on the head.

"Oh Mags you don't ever stop don't you?" Aspen smiled. Project 14 worked perfectly. Project 14 was an idea where if you had any DNA of any dead person you could bring them back to life. It happened to Casey, he was their test to see if it did work. As you can see it works. Project 14 could also age a person to whatever age.

"Ok lunchtime!" Aspen called and the tributes' lunches were passed around. Thomas and Jessica had brought Mikah over and she was now a trainee for the Rebels.

"So what do you think of Asia?" Mikah asked.

"It's great and pretty nice! Well the people are nice and..." Thomas said losing his train of thought.

"You know this isn't all of Asia!" A short man said.

"Ah president Li-wu! What do you mean only part of Asia?" Sabarina Emalock asked.

"We are in the place called Korenia, which is in Asia," President Li-wu said and continued, "Asia is large, but the main quarters are in Korenia which is where we are now."

"So what armies do you have?" Aspen asked moving over to Sabarina.

"Asia is mainly made of 4 nations, Korenia, Xhinan, Jpapam, and Ussiar. All have large armies and will help in the fight," Li-wu said.

"So what do we have to fear?" Marcellus asked.

Li-wu looked at them seriously, "We have everything to fear, for Romania they have more weapons than us and the Capitol will surely provide more,"

"All mentors have to go back to Panem for the 79th Games," Aspen said, "You guys will stay here," he was indicating to the tributes.

"We won't tell anyone what we are up to, and also to try to recruit if that is possible," Haymitch said.

"Achilles? What's... OH!" Achilles walked out hand in hand with Andi.

"We have found out about the Midnight Rose so our first objective is to destroy it," Elliott said.

"True, right now it is picking up the President of Romania," Sidniay said, "We don't know what he looks like so we may be in trouble if they trick us."

"Argh..." Peeta growled.

"Wait Li-wu?" Kale asked. Li-wu waited for the question.

"Well, why are you helping us?"

"I hate to see my own people suffer and when Kale told me about you I couldn't help, to not help you so I helped you!" Li-wu was still working on his English.

"Ok so who are we working on for Project 14?" Casey asked. They were working on finding traces of DNA from people who they wanted to revive.

"David from 76th Hunger Games, Boggs from District 13, and Jolan and Lynian from the 68th,"

"What...What about KATNISS?" Peeta asks worriedly. Then everyone starts asking names.

"STOP IT! WE CAN'T REVIVE KATNISS AND ALL OF YOU KNOW THAT!" Wiress shouts. They all stare at her Wiress NEVER shouts.

"They burned Katniss' body and we haven't found anything with a slight hint of DNA!" Cinna said a hint of sadness in his voice.

"Katniss couldn't control what she had to do!" Shaw-wi said. He was Chases shooting buddy and they had gotten along great and as for Erin and Chase all the things in the arena were fake they were going to hunt separately then join together.

"We need to do this right. The Final Rebellion has started." A voice out of the Dark said.