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Chapter 3


"You know what I just realized about you, Jack?"

The question disrupted the peaceful silence the two youngest members of the Guardians had going between them in the library of Santoff Claussen. Rue was sitting on the red felt couch, her cloak was folded up on the arm of the sofa that was closest to her, showing off her small, acrobatic figure in her black tunic, red belt, red leggings, and black boots; her scythe was leaning up against the back of the couch. Her black swing bob hairstyle swung to frame her face as she read the book she had placed in her lap.

Jack, who never changed anything about his appearance let alone placed his staff anywhere other than his hand, was perched on the back of the couch, trying to peek over her shoulder at the words on the page, but she kept moving her head into his view and he had to move around multiple times. He raised a silver eyebrow at the red eyed girl, "What would that be?" he asked, trying to look at the book again, only to glare at the back of her head when she moved again.

She turned the page and continued reading, "Your Peter Pan." she said simply before turning the page again; no, she wasn't doing that to spite Jack, she really read that fast.

Jack's attention had been on the fast turning pages, then he finally registered what exactly the scythe wielding girl had said, "...I'm who?" he asked as he abandoned the book to stare down at her head with wide, curiosity filled blue eyes.

Rue still didn't look up as she answered, "Peter Pan." another page was turned just as swiftly as the last while she waited for her companion to make a snide comment on the comparison, but he was uncharacteristically silent crouched behind her.

She paused in her last sentence of the second page and turned her head around to look at Jack, he looked like he was struggling with something that he couldn't comprehend, "What?" Rue asked, starting to grow slightly alarmed when he still didn't say anything after another ten seconds passed by.

"Who's Peter Pan?" he finally asked after another five milliseconds more of silence.

Rue stared up at him as she slowly closed her book, keeping her right thumb in the place she was at after she turned the page again, "...Your kidding, right? You don't know who Peter Pan is?" she asked in disbelief when he shook his head, "You never heard about him over the three centuries you were a spirit? Surely, you would have overheard someone mentioning the name at some point?" she asked for clarification.

Jack merely shook his head, "Nope, never heard of him. Is he cool and collected like someone I know?" he made gestures to himself as he struck a cocky pose on the back of the sofa.

Rue rolled her eyes and turned back tot he book, turning the page again, "Like Bunnymund? No, the complete opposite of that." she said, another page was turned as she continued, "Peter Pan is the boy who never grew up. He stayed a child, immature and somewhat cocky, he never grew up mentally or physically; and he always hung out with a fairy named Tinkerbell." another page turned, she was going slower because she was reading and talking to Jack at the same time.

Jack had taken a little offense at what she said, "What are you talking about, I grew up. I've been around now for three hundred and seventeen years haven't I?" he said proudly, puffing out his chest to show how he had grown old.

Rue marked her page and looked at him again, "Jack, your the Guardian of Fun. You died playing a game that little boys played. I don't even have to see your memories to know that while you were alive, you still acted like a little boy. To me, you sound almost exactly like Peter Pan." she said.

"Almost? What's different?" Jack asked her with a raised eyebrow.

"Peter's not a spirit of Winter, and you didn't stay in a faraway place called Neverland." she said simply.

Jack pouted exactly like a child as he stubbornly stared at her, "Well maybe I think your like Peter Pan." he said it, and Rue had to raise an eyebrow because it had just about absolutely nothing to do with what she had just told him.

Rue looked unamused, "Not likely. It's a known fact that girls mature faster than boys, I matured when I was about ten, and then I died six years after that." she said.

"You died too? So, I wasn't the only one then.. Hey, I'm older than you are! I died when I was seventeen, and you when you were sixteen!" he said happily, glad he wasn't the youngest.

His happiness was crushed when she shook her head at him, "Sorry, Jack. I died four hundred and sixteen years ago. You died three hundred and seventeen years. I'm older than you are by at least a hundred and one years." she said, ending the conversation.

It was silent again as Rue turned back to her book and continued to flip through the pages while still reading every word of the story, then Jack realized something; Everyone knew how he had died to become what he was now, but no one knew how Rue became the Guardian of Bravery, she had never spoken about what happened to her besides that one time, Bunny told him she had let a small something slip out during a conversation.

Would she tell him if he asked her about it?

'You never know unless you try.' Jack told himself as he watched another two pages get turned again, "Hey, Rue? I was just wondering," he started as she nodded at him from behind to get him to continue, another page turned, "how did you die?" he asked.

It was a simple question, but she stilled her movements between turning pages as sudden, unwanted memories clouded her mind at the word 'die'.

Sharp, painful, canine teeth tearing her flesh. Blood coming from her wounds and mouth, spattering the ground and painting it red as she cried out desperately and struggled under the massive weight of the monster to grab her father's scythe she had taken before running out the door with her brother. The pain was impossible to go through, something she never would have thought she would experience in her entire life, and she hated it. All she wanted at that moment was to curl into a ball around herself and go to sleep for all eternity, "RUENEY!" she heard her brother scream-

Rue shook her head sharply when the book slipped from her grasp as the pain came back to her abdomen as if it had just happened again, she wouldn't let it happen again, especially not when she has become a skilled hunter of the great beasts that had killed her all those years ago.

"Rue..?" Jack asked cautiously, his companion had been quiet for a good minute and a half, her eyes had had that strange glassy look to them as if she were stuck in a memory of some sort, "Are you okay?" he asked her.

Rue took a deep breath to steady her nerves, and after telling herself silently that she wouldn't have to see the monsters until the next full moon, turned and looked up at Jack, "I'm fine, Jack. I don't want to say what happened to me just yet, okay? It brings back memories." was all she said in response before she turned back and picked the book off the ground, looking at the cover for a moment, "I used to have a little brother. He acted like Peter Pan as well, so when I say your like Peter, I don't mean it to be an insult." she said before she stood up after marking her place properly, and went over to put it back where she found it.

Jack seemed to think to himself about something. Rue acted a little bit like his younger sister, Samantha. When something was bothering Sam but she didn't wanna say what it was, she would change the subject pretty fast and go to something that was farther away from the original topic. He always hated it. But, if she didn't want to talk about it just yet, then he wouldn't push it; he knew when to stop talking about something, and that was now.

He looked at her with her back turned to him, "I didn't take it as one... What happened to your brother?" he asked her.

He watched Rue take in a deep breath and look straight ahead at the book shelf in front of her, "He grew up." she said simply, "I've never had a little brother since Scout...passed away all those years ago. It's just been me." she said, starting to thumb through the books for something new to read.

The Winter Spirit pursed his lips as he thought to himself, he hadn't had a sister since Sam died, and even then, he hadn't known he had a sister until the battle with Pitch. Rue obviously remembered everything about her brother, and she missed him dearly. Jack looked up at her, "Um, Rue? I have a question.." he started.

Rue didn't turn around, her thumb continuing to touch the binders of the books, but she nodded to indicate she acknowledged him.

He took a deep breath, "Can I be your little brother?" he asked in one breath, it was so fast that he was afraid she hadn't heard him.

Rue on the other hand, had stilled in her movements, after hundreds of years of chasing down her murderers before they could kill another person like her, was able to hear what he had asked as if he had said it slowly. She turned her head around to look at him, he looked a little embarrassed to ask her something like that, his blue eyes had moved to study the material of the red couch and he shifted uneasily as he got his feet to grip another part of the back of the couch. It reminded her of when Scout used to stand in the doorway to the bathroom and try to blame himself for something they're father had done, and she found herself smiling.

"Of course, Jack. You can be my little brother." she found herself laughing at his suddenly ecstatic face as she grabbed a random book and went to sit down in her original seat, annoying Jack to no end when she turned the pages faster than he could read through a single sentence.

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